Santal Lavender Sage alchemy

The Aromatic Alchemy Of Santal Lavender and Sage

The deft blending of three primary and several secondary facets that enhance each other and fuse to become an incredibly beautiful and passionate scent represents the quintessence of intrigue, erotic love, forbidden paradise and the creative mastery of our perfumers.

Our newly-launched Santal Lavender Sage diffuser oil is no expectation.

Words often fall short when it comes to expressing the intricate and nuanced qualities of scents or fragrances, but we asked our perfumers to describe it in its simplest terms.

“Our Santal Lavender Sage composition opens with head notes laden with minty eucalyptus, iris, spicy sweet cardamom and mellow lavender. It’s floral/earthy heart features nutty sage, cashmere and woody violet, followed by a dry down of musk, vanilla and buttery sandalwood (Santal – below).”

Luxurious Diffuser Oils Santal

The grounding warmth of sandalwood coupled with rejuvenating sage and soothing lavender is unmatched in its aim to help the mind escape from any mundane troubles.

Lavender smoothly enhances warm, sweet clary sage and sandalwood, creating an aromatic union that is uniquely balanced and calming.

In the words of one Amazon customer, “The quality of this oil goes beyond expectations. A few drops goes a long way. I use it in my home diffuser and when all the water is done steaming, the next day I can just add some water without dropping any oil and the smell is still there. The smell is a mix of relaxing lavender, purifying sage and this enchanting sandalwood smell.”

Air-Scent Santal Lavender Sage

A Fragrance Is Always The Sum Of All Its Parts

This fragrance is as are all things, the sum of all its parts.

In this case, Santal offers mystery and intrigue; lavender a mellow harmony between the forces of nature and erotic allure, and sage presents a depth and richness to the dry down.

More on the three major notes follow below.

Why Is The Fragrance of Santal So Universally Liked?

Our Santal collection was developed by chemist supreme, Roger Howell, (Vice President and Chief Perfumer at Alpha Aromatics), and is comprised of four distinct scents of which Santal Lavender Sage is one.

Air-Scent Santal Diffuser Oil Collection

The spirit of its power lies in its intimacy; as one perfumer noted, “it is a furtive whisper in the dark among lovers.” Its dictionary meaning is synonymous with sandalwood, but its fragrance is mysteriously polarizing.

To some, Santal resembles creamy sandalwood and to others, the aroma of dry balsamic cedar wood.

Its one-of-a-kind inclusion in any fragrance is not easily duplicated — to put that poetically; its warm aromatic cloud is pervasive, but it’s always just out of reach.

Santal Lavender Sage Aromatic Alchemy

Similarly, Why Does Lavender Contain The Same Quality?

This ubiquitous fragrance will always be a favorite among perfumers and consumers.

Its popularity stems from the fact that it blends so effortlessly with other essential oils including: energizing grapefruit; woody rosemary, sugary, warm clary sage, fruity chamomile, and luscious orange.

Its unique and enduring fragrance is universally pleasing, and its rich and colorful history is laden with symbolism.

Santal Lav Sage with book and lavender

Lavender flowers represent chastity, silence, loyalty, harmony, dignity and serenity.

The smooth, mellow scent renders a unique dimension of harmony, enticement and sexual allure to the Santa Lavender and Sage formulation.

Sweet, beguiling and intense, lavender essential oil is the most widely used and recognized in the world today.

Its history is believed to date back to the cultures of ancient China and the Egypt.

In 1922, when archaeologist, Howard Carter and his team uncovered the golden tomb of King Tutankhamen, he reported that even after 3,000 years, the smell of lavender was still discernible from within the folds of the king’s golden casket!

Sage And Its Chypre Appeal

The fresh, firm, animal aspects of sage are often found in chypre fragrances and fern accords for both masculine and feminine formulations.

It is a potent perfume fixative with a vast number of species, but only two are utilized in perfumery; namely clary sage and officinalis sage.

The former is by far the mostly often utilized and is cultivated in France. Its character is floral with warm ambery, earthy, animal and soft lavender tones.

Clary sage blends perfectly with fresh and aromatic perfumes and renders any composition richer and deeper.

The latter species is mostly found in cosmetics, herbal teas and decoctions, which are fusions that are simmered rather than steeped into teas, and its character is herbaceous and resinous.

What A Few Others Are Saying

The following are just three of the many reviews you can find on Amazon.

Classic Scent Combo That Never Goes Out Of Style – “A scent combo as old as time. Still a viable option for a very good reason – it absolutely works. Lavender and Sage separately are nice. Mixed together, they are a greater than the sum of their parts. Something magical happens, and the scent becomes a super scent. Separately they might call for your attention, but together, they grab it! This essential oil is very pure and very strong. I found that just a tiny tiny amounts makes a big splash – both on my wrist, and later in an oil diffuser machine…”

Positive Vibes – “Lavender Sage is an instant stress reliever for me. I use this one mostly to dab on my wrists. Smelling it during my teaching allows me to keep my calm balance. I also use it in the diffuser in my class. I feel it helps with the bacteria in my class as well as calming of the behaviors. These oils are toxic free and vegan which allows me to feel safe using them in school as well as at home. I highly recommend.”

Fantastic scent, really appreciate dropper – “This is a fantastic combination of scents that combine to be absolutely wonderful. It’s not too floral, not too woodsy, but a delightful combination of the two. I appreciate that there’s both a standard and a dropper lid – such an easy thing to add that makes a big difference.”

In Conclusion

The aromatic alchemy of Santal Lavender and Sage is a memorable fusion of fantasy, passion, exotic splendor and beauty.

Experience it as well as many others in the our collection of luxurious diffuser oils!

Our Santal Lavender Sage diffuser oil comes in four sizes: 500ml, 120ml, 30ml and 10ml.

Also, an introductory 30 ml bottle comes free with a purchase of our Tower Nebulizing Aromatherapy diffuser on Amazon.

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