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Santal Diffuser Oil – 4 New Luxuriously Fragrant Blends

Explore our new Santal diffuser oil collection, including our original Santal, Santal White Tea, Santal Lavender Sage and Santal Black Currant!

Although Santal diffuser oil is laden with ingredients that have been known since the world was young, and is the essence of exotic allure and mystery, it does not have a long and colorful past.

It actually only dates back a mere decade to 2011, and yet today this fragrance has reached cult status.

Originally produced by Estée Lauder Companies-owned perfume brand, Le Labo, under the name Santal 33, it was inspired as a welcome respite from years of saturation with the perfume industry’s reliance on celebrity scents that glutted the market of the day.

Warm Woody Fragrance Santal

Santal’s success lay in in its very lack of precise definition; it is an elusive whisper in the dark between intimates.

According to perfumer, Fabrice Penot, formerly of L’Oreal, who founded Le Labo in 2006 with his business partner, Edouard Roschi: “We are lucky to have a few ‘cults’ in our collection…But Santal 33 is another level of success; … As a perfumer, you always secretly hope, but you never expect, such an impact. It happens once in a lifetime — if you are very, very lucky.”

When the company launched its original collection, it included ten fragrances and one sandalwood candle named Santal, which they didn’t believe was potent enough to succeed as a perfume.

In fact at first, the candle was not received well.

Ironically, The Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City bought the entire stock and found it to be highly sought after by their patrons.

Soon the Santal candle became an item that Le Labo was constantly refilling, and Penot, estimates that this single candle represented 70% of their turnover in the first few years of the business.

The perfumer who created the original fragrance slightly adjusted the bold and intoxicating aroma so that it was “a little deeper and more comfortable,” 

It launched amid fears that despite its known popularity as a candle scent, it might not fare well as a stand-alone perfume because its composition promoted synthetics when the current trend was towards natural fragrances.

It took about four years for the scent of that one candle to be formulated for a wearable, personal fragrance.

In its own way, this marked the bellwether of a new trend that replaced an older marketing stance, which approached fragrances created for people and for rooms differently.

Today, we have developed our own Santal fragrance collection which is comprised of five distinct scents.

Santal Collection Diffuser Oil

More on our five new luxurious Santal-based fragrances below!

Characteristics And Elements of Santal Diffuser Oil

The unique blend of exotic, creamy and warm Australian sandalwood, slightly sweet and woody cardamom, dry, woody and leathery papyrus, fruity iris, and musky, amber-like ambrox is almost, if not entirely, impossible to imitate.

This is vital to the cult like status that Santal has achieved.

While its magic is inhaled everywhere, it woodsy, smoky formula is elusive and only known to a privileged few.

It is by far the most pervasive signature scent within the fashion world; so much so that it is recognized in almost every city in the world.

According to Santal’s original creator: “There are many other things going on in Santal apart from sandalwood. A lot of strong, powerful, impactful notes in there are sort of fighting and smoothing each other out. It’s complex and simple at the same time.”

He goes on to claim that understanding Santal’s success lies in its bitterness, which is likely the result of the tart and sour edge that defines the scent’s top notes with their facets of dry earthy and leathery papyrus, and woody violet.

But sales were steady from its many devoted users and became even more so in 2014 with Ester Lauder’s acquisition of Le Labo, which increased distribution of all of their fragrances and transformed Santal 33 into a “beauty-counter mainstay.”

Santal Fragrance Ingredients

This fragrance evolves on each person’s skin differently as all fragrances do, but this iconic creamy woodsy blend of sandalwood is composed of 33 separate ingredients (hence its moniker) and is unique in the sense that it evokes a feeling of power and self assurance to its wearers. 

Santal epitomizes the concept of the potency of scent association. 

In the words of John Demsey, executive group president of the Estée Lauder Companies, “Santal 33 is the icon fragrance of an entire generation, male and female.”

Our Santal Collection weaves an olfactory tale of freshness without an abundance of fresh elements (more on our new collection below!)

It is tangy, sharp and extremely dry, mysteriously balancing the harsh introductory notes with the mellow, creamy richness of sandalwood, iris and amber elements and seamlessly transforming the scent into an olfactory force that is simultaneously intense, alluring and captivating.

With just a touch of imagination, one can envision the grandeur of the Renaissance or the gilded splendor of Egypt’s Age of Pharaohs.

Our Santal Diffuser Oil Collection

Developed by master perfumer and chemist, Roger Howell of Alpha Aromatics, we have launched some exciting new scents that together comprise the Santal Connection. 

Their descriptions are noted below. 

Our Classic Santal Aroma Diffuser Oil

This captivating fragrance evokes the eternal majesty of the deep, dark and mystical woods blended with the seductive warmth of a crackling open fire.

Santal Aroma Oil For Aroma Diffusers

Melding aspects of slightly sugary, piquant and woody cardamom oil, dry, sensual and leathery papyrus, and sensual and intense musk, this passionate and luxurious amalgam whispers of the lost world of ancient Egypt where papyrus thrived in wild profusion along the banks of The Nile River and was incorporated into every day rituals and ceremonies. 

The end result is a stunning, bold, aristocratic and utterly unforgettable perfume.

Santal Black Currant Diffuser Oil

Streams of sugary, slightly pungent banana, resinous and spicy cardamom, dusty, woody violet, subtle, raspberry-tinged iris, and fresh, peppery leafy green initiate this bold Santal-based fragrance.

Santal Black Currant 120 Milliliter Bottle

A fruity heart note bouquet of wild berries soon takes hold, marked by facets of nippy black currant, warm, fruity and comforting cinnamon and crunchy apple. Aspects of inviting, dry cedar wood, dark musky and sensual patchouli and creamy sandalwood complete this robust scent.

Santal Lavender Sage Diffuser Oil

The fragrant essence of sweet and spicy cardamom, heady, green and soothing lavender, fruity iris and minty, pine eucalyptus form the top notes of this engaging, delightful scent.

120ml Bottle Santal Lavender Sage

A heart note of steamy, piquant and nutty sage, floral, sensual cashmere and fine, powdery violet soon flows into finishing base notes of earthy, musk, elegant and sugary vanilla and creamy, warm sandalwood.

Santal White Tea Diffuser Oil

This redolent fragrance whispers of enticing, far away kingdoms and unfolds with a top note streaming with facets of clean, fruity and aromatic bergamot, slightly sweet and spicy cardamom, raspberry-nuanced iris and honeyed, sharp and green eucalyptus.

Santal White Tea 120ml Bottle

A heart note of green and sugary white tea, dusty floral violet, musky, passionate rose and sweet, exotic and lush vanilla soon pervades, only to succumb to base notes tinged with sensual musk, cozy, spicy and floral cashmere, warm, dry cedar wood and buttery sandalwood.

All of our diffuser oils work in their 100% form within nebulizers, atomizers, reed diffusers and aroma oil diffusers to create a rich, luxurious mood and ambience. They also work effectively in diluted form within water-containing diffusers.

Additionally, for larger spaces, all of our aroma oils work perfectly in our very own Aroma Styler diffusers, which come in three different sizes. The mid-sized Beta is perfect for any sized interior, with the larger Gamma being highly effective for larger interiors.

Aroma Styler Alpha Home Diffuser

This air-freshening system is perfect for ambient scenting in both large and small environments including but not limited to: HOA meeting rooms, social areas, entrances and hallways, just to name a handful. 

Also known as The Scent Styler, this system has the reputation for being one of the most powerful, easy-to-use HVAC atomizing diffuser systems available today. It is very effective in improving indoor air quality for residential environments as well. 

This scent machine is the epitome of innovation within the field of industrial science. 

It is cutting edge technology that converts liquid scent into dry, micro-particles, which in turn creates an imperceptible vapor that drifts across any open space.

This system is available in three applications (Gamma, Beta and Alpha), which makes it adaptable for use in co ops and condos. 

The Gamma covers up to 63,000 cubic feet, and can either stand alone or connect to an HVAC cold, ultra vapor mist. 

Its options include: controllable output settings and three distinct programmable phases per day. 

The Beta size is best utilized for areas up to 21,000 cubic square feet and the Alpha option is even smaller, covering residential areas up to 10,500 cubic feet.

In Conclusion

Order our Santal diffuser oil today!

Any one from our collection is certain to transform your mind, body and soul!

Photo Credits: Pixabay and Air-Scent Diffusers

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