Santal White Tea Diffuser Oil For Aroma Oil Diffusers


Tropical, far away kingdoms magically unfold across the all-seeing landscape of the mind’s eye in our sweet smelling, enticing Santal White Tea diffuser oil. A cornerstone of our Santal Collection, its head notes stream with facets of complex, pleasing and light bergamot, slightly sugary and piquant cardamom, fruity iris and honeyed green and minty eucalyptus. A heart note bouquet soon follows featuring soft, smooth and clean white tea, woody violet, passionate and musky rose and lush, sweet and noble vanilla. These elements finally drift into a dry down marked by earthy musk, cozy, spicy and floral cashmere, dry cedar and velvety sandalwood.

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Santal White Tea Key Ingredients

Sensual musk, white tea, woody, smoky cardamom, sandalwood and cedar, floral facets of iris, rose and violet, spicy vanilla and aspects of cashmere, eucalyptus and bergamot fuse to create this unique fragrance that is part of the Santal Diffuser Oil Collection.

A Powerful Mood Enhancer

While simultaneously intense, alluring and captivating, this fragrance’s affect on mood is distinct in character. To inhale this wondrous formulation is to experience mellow feelings of romance, desire and intimacy. 

Superior High Quality Clean Ingredients

All fragrances comprising the glorious Sandal Collection are made from the finest ingredients. Their aroma oils are always flawlessly fused with essential oils that are certified non GMO, vegan and free from harmful chemicals, DPG, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalate, artificial additives and synthetic colors.

Santal White Tea Historical Aspects

Although the ingredients in the Santal Collection are as old as time itself, the fragrance is fairly new and has been taken to new and exciting heights with the consummate skill and acumen of Roger Howell, chemist and chief perfumer at Alpha Aromatics.

Easy Universal Use Within All Oil Diffusers

Extremely versatile and easy to use, this Santal fragrance works at 100% capacity when applied in conjunction with aroma diffusers, atomizers, nebulizers, HVAC diffusers and reed diffusers, and results are guaranteed.

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