Green Fragrances

7 Delicious Herbal Green Fragrances For Your Home

Check out our most popular green fragrances, refills and diffuser oils and transform your home or office with the delicious scents of herbs, crushed leaves, cut grass and other fragrant notes!

Green is a powerhouse word in the world of nature, and it uniquely falls into two separate realms; namely, color and fragrance.

Green is mellow, smooth and symbolic of a sustainable planet Earth and peaceful coexistence.

The word derives from the old English grene, and it shares the same linguistic origins as grass and grow.

It has many hues, ranging from bold neon with yellow highlights to the dazzling, lustrous shades of emeralds and the deep, dark greens of forest and jungle foliage.

Ferns Green Fragrances

In Western culture, green symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth, health, youth and the color of permission and environmental concerns.

Sayings and expressions such as:’green thumb’ ‘green light’ or ‘greener pastures’ cement these associations.

Lighter greens most often allude to youth, fresh grass and spring, while darker greenery signifies harmony and the eternal balance of nature.

In China, jade is a precious symbol of youth and beauty; for the Japanese, it is the color of eternal life. In ancient Persia, greens mixed with blue represented paradise. 

We often rely on the green note for many of their fragrance refill formulations.

Specifically, this includes: the distinct scent of crushed leaves, cut stems and newly mown, fresh grass laden with morning dew.

Green Fragrances Cut Grass

Their traditional placement within the top or heart notes of a particular fragrance renders a streaming bouquet of freshness, elegance and timelessness. 

Green notes evoke memories and olfactory sensations more potently that any other types because of their nitrogen-bearing compounds known as pyrazines, which are naturally occurring substances with low odor thresholds that are renowned for their extremely powerful aromas.

These notes are also most commonly encountered in sporty fragrances and summertime versions of popular perfumes.

They are usually top or middle notes, and they serve to purify perfumes, rendering them bright, fresh and brimming with softness and a dash of panache.

Inspired by nature’s diversity, these facets can be aromatic, herbaceous or powdery.

A Bit About Air-Scent Diffusers

We specialize in fragrances and diffusers designed for both home and commercial applications and provide the best of the best when it comes to fragrance options and cutting edge diffusers.

We are built on the accumulated knowledge, expertise and business acumen of two pioneers and leaders within the perfume industry; namely, Air-Scent International and Alpha Aromatics.

These two ambient air-care giants have been in continuous operation since the 1940s, and theirs is a family tradition of superior perfume formulation and customer service.

Our mission is not only to build upon the expertise and experience of its founders, but also to become, thanks to dedication and cutting edge patented diffusion technologies, the best ambient scent branding and refined air care company found anywhere.

According to President and CEO, Arnold Zlotnik:

“We enrich the environment with some of the most respected, innovative and prestigious scented product brands in the market place. We strive to inspire artistic and scientific creativity while priding ourselves on adhering to the highest levels of perfumery ethics and regulatory standards in the world.”

Roger Howell, Vice President and Chief Perfumer of Alpha Aromatics, is the compelling force behind the success of our many unforgettable fragrances.

Every day finds hm in the lab tweaking formulas and testing results.

This graduate chemist, who once designed fragrances for Victoria’s Secret, is no ordinary perfumer.

He wears many, many hats, and it is he who handles all aspects of scent composition, creativity and regulatory matters.

His incredible expertise has been profiled in many industry magazines.

Our Most Popular Green Herbal Fragrances

The following list features some of our favorite green fragrances that are featured in their many refill selections.

Black Bamboo Diffuser Oil 

Exotic gardens bursting with blooms of every imaginable hue and pristine white beaches with shimmering sands come alive with one whiff of this glorious scent.

Air Wisp Barrel Black Bamboo

A top note of juicy, redolent citron flows into a heart note bouquet brimming with facets of creamy, sugary gardenia, fragile, fresh and sultry pikake, fruity, tropical plumeria, bright lily and earthy, aromatic star anise.

These aspects drift into a base note featuring sensual, musky patchouli, soft, smooth bamboo and rich, woody and buttery sandalwood.

This scent is designed for use with the Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser.

Lemongrass Sage Diffuser Oil

This Air Wisp fragrance refill is recommended for use with the Aroma Styler diffuser, which is available in three different sizes.

Lemongrass Sage Home Freshener

It brings a little sunshine to whoever inhales its wondrous essence of clean, crisp, calming and gingery lemongrass that is gently fused with facets of earthy, nutty and warm sage.

These aspects, so lovingly formulated by Air Scent Diffusers, meld to create an uplifting mood and ambiance that polarizes the senses.

While Tea And Thyme Diffuser Oil

Created with the highest quality of raw and natural ingredients, this crisp, green and woodsy scent flows with opening facets of potent herbs that are mellowed by a heart note bouquet featuring exotic white tea melded with intoxicating night-blooming jasmine, velvety, musky rose petals and earthy, nutty sage.

White Tea and Thyme Aroma Oil

A base note of potent, spicy and unexpectedly leather-nuanced thyme, bright lily pad, warm, dark amber and balsamic and woodsy cedar completes this exquisite mysterious amalgam so reminiscent of far away places with strange sounding names.

Coconut Lemongrass Dry Scentsia Cartridge Refill

This lemongrass, coconut blend bursts with introductory notes of complex, spicy bergamot, milky coconut and crisp, citrusy litsea cubeba.

Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Refill

These aspects soon drift into a heart note marked by facets of potent, fresh and gingery lemongrass and light, floral and bitter neroli.

The fragrance completes with a base note marked by elements of sweet nectar, lush, elegant vanilla and balsamic, minty and refreshing pine.

This particular cartridge refill is uniquely designed for our Aroma Beam.

Freesia Dry Wafer Fragrance Refill

Each of the many colors embodied in this South African flower has a different meaning.

These blooms are often found in wedding bouquets because they symbolize both the purity of the bride and the trust between the couple.

Specifically designed for use with the Aroma One Smart Air Freshener Diffuser, this fragrance streams with a top note streaming with radiant, invigorating citrus, crunchy, refreshing red apple, fleshy, peachy nectarine; smooth and fruity apricot and potent, spicy and peppery green.

These facets soon flow into a heart note bouquet featuring dry granny smith apple, soft, floral and somewhat musky hibiscus; fresh honeyed, and powdery freesia and juicy, green and spicy strawberry.

This scent completes with a base note of warm, woody and dry cedar wood and almond-nuanced, sugary and fruity acacia honey.

Lilac Dry Wafer Fragrance Refill With Citrus

This exotic scent streams with a sparkling top note of sharp, energizing citrus that soon surrenders to a floral heart note bouquet hallmarked by redolent facets of haunting, rich and intense jasmine, blushing, dreamy and musky rose, spicy and waxy lily, piquant, vivid carnation and milky, almond-tinged and green lilac.

Lilac Eliminate Old Home Smell

This tropical fragrance finishes with a base note of warm, sugary and dry cedar wood and dark, intoxicating and sensual patchouli. 

Spa Renewal Dry Scentsia Cartridge Refill

Top notes of salty, marine ocean air, clean, crisp and meaty almond kernel and tones of tropical fruit open this rejuvenating fragrance.

Spa Renewal Home Fragrance

These aspects soon fold into a floral middle note streaming with aspects of dreamy, musky rose, clear, leafy and shimmering water lily, musty, floral cyclamen, sensual, slightly sweet sea kelp and intense, gingery lemongrass.

A base note characterized by smoky, rich and wild blue sage completes this enchanting scent.

The Spa Renewal cartridge refill is uniquely designed for the Aroma Beam home diffuser.

If you are homeowner or manager of a commercial space that could benefit from a fragrance composed of green elements, try a few of our most popular green herbal fragrance refills!

Photo Credits: Pixabay


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