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Our Most Popular Cinnamon-Infused Comfort Fragrances

Steeped in the rich and colorful age of antiquity, cinnamon is enmeshed in the ethos of numerous civilizations dating back to at least 2800 BC.

Chinese records from this time verify the presence of true cinnamon, which was known as kwai.

In 2000 BC, it was prized for its many medicinal, culinary and embalming properties that were used by the Egyptians, and the Roman emperor, Nero, (AD. 37-68) was said to have burned cinnamon for one year as a sign of remorse for murdering his wife.

Cinnamon is obtained from the inner bark of several species of trees known botanically as the genus, Cinnamomum, which are known to grow up to 60 feet in height.

Utilized mainly as an aromatic condiment and flavoring additive, this sweet, spicy and inviting essence is popular among perfume formulators and has also found a place in the practice of aromatherapy, where it is is said to induce relaxation, reduce stress and enhance mood.

The Scent Of Cinnamon

The 4 Diverse Species of Cinnamon

There are basically two main categories of cinnamon; namely, Ceylon and Cassia, and four separate species, which are further classified by their point of origin. More on each follows below.

Cinnamomum Verum aka Ceylon Cinnamon

Labor-intensive harvesting methods render this species extremely costly. The early rainy season in SriLanka is the only time in which harvesting can occur, as it is only then when its incredible aroma is the most concentrated.

The highest and most coveted calibre of Ceylon cinnamon takes four times longer to produce than other species. Nothing goes to waste in harvesting, and cracked and broken fragments are ground into a viable powder.

It is known for its light brown hue, which derives from the many, delicate layers of inner tree bark.

Cinnamomum Burmannii

Also known as Korintje or Indonesian Cinnamon and renown for its sweet and mellow character, this species retains a minimum essential oil content of 2.5 percent.

The fragrance profile is woodsy with streaming facets of biting pepper and hot, spicy clove.

Trees planted in sandy, rich loam soil and in locations yielding an average rainfall between 80 to 100 inches and a temperature range between 65 to 75 degrees yield the best quality of cinnamon bark.

Cinnamomum Cassia (Saigon or Chinese Cinnamon)

Sugary, spicy, smooth and warm, this is the most commonly used cinnamon in North America because harvesting is much less labor-intensive than other species.

It is often integrated into the many fine formulations. Dark brown in color and native to Sri Lanka, the neighboring Indian Malabara coast and Myanmar (Burma), this cinnamon is derived from the solid layer of the base of the tree, which is chiseled out and then left out in the sun to dry.

Cinnamomum loureiroi (Royal Cinnamon)

Wild, robust and sugary, this variety of cinnamon is indigenous to the mountain forests of Vietnam.

It is extracted from the Cinnamomum loureirol tree and is coveted because of its extremely high content of essential oil.

This species is also more potent in flavor and aroma because it contains more of the cinnamaldehyde substance than others types.

Cinnamon Spice Fragrance

6 Interesting Historical Facts

  1. The botanical name, cinnamon, derives from the Hebraic and Arabic words, amomon, meaning fragrant, spicy plant. 
  2. From the word for cannon, Italians referred to it as canella, meaning, little tube, which describes the shape of the cinnamon stick.
  3. While it does not have a sweet taste, it does enhance the sweetness of other ingredients.
  4. Cinnamon sticks are also known as quills
  5. Higher quality varieties are more fragile than others. 
  6. In The Middle Ages, cinnamon was treasured for its power as a preservative because it contained phenols, which prevent the growth of bacterial action that cause spoilage. It also offered a strong, pleasant aroma that disguised the foul smells emanating from aged meats.

Our Most Popular Cinnamon-Infused Fragrances

Dive into the autumnal beauty of cinnamon with the following scents, which include fragrances from our liquid diffuser oil and dry vapor options (infused wafers and cartridge refills).

Cinnamon Buns (Scentsia Dry Vapor Cartridge)

Beguiling and luscious, this delightful, gourmand fragrance streams with sugary head notes that soon fold into a warm, piquant heart of freshly ground, inviting cinnamon, potent, fiery clove and nutty, slightly sweet nutmeg.

Cinnamon Buns Fragrances Sells Homes

A dry down featuring facets of glazed, slightly fruity brown sugar and lush elegant vanilla completes this enticing fragrance.

Hot Apple Pie (Scentsia Dry Vapor Cartridge)

The delectable aroma of apple pie wafting from an oven and the warmth of family gatherings all coalesce in this inviting fragrance that symbolizes the joys of home and hearth.

Hot Apple Pie Home Holiday Scent

Head notes stream with dry, tart green apple and sweet creamy butter. These elements soon drift into a spicy heart of hot clove, warm, inviting cinnamon and soft, bittersweet almond.

A dry down of flaky, buttery and somewhat salty pie crust elegant, noble and lush vanilla and rich creamy caramel complete this mouth-watering fragrance.

Cinnaspice (Dry Wafer)

The smells and flavors of autumn proliferate in this aromatic scent that flows with opening facets of energizing and uplifting citrus.

Cinnaspice Holiday Home Fragrance

A spicy heart soon follows marked by cozy, inviting cinnamon that ultimately melds into a final dry down of earthy, passionate musk.

Gingerbread (Dry Wafer)

This delightful gourmand amalgam streams with head notes of citrus and pine that soon merge into a spicy heart of sweet, slightly caramel molasses, warm cinnamon, fiery clove, nutty, sugary nutmeg and rich, spicy ginger.

Gingerbread Holiday Home Fragrance

A dry down of lush, noble vanilla and sweet caramelized sugar completes this holiday scent.

Home Sweet Home (Dry Wafer)

This warm, poignant country blend streams with head notes of sugary, citrusy orange rind, fruity, aromatic peach and fresh, sharp apple.

These aspects soon fold seamlessly into a spicy heart of cozy, intimate cinnamon and hot, piquant clove and ultimately fuse into a dry down marked by sweet, lush vanilla and roasted, nutty nuances.

Apple Jack (Dry Wafer)

Combining the colors and flavors associated with autumn, this splendid fragrance melds sugary, tart Winesap apples with musky, earthy and neutral grain spirits.

Head notes stream with facets of fresh green menthol, potent, pungent apple cider and pleasing, cozy cinnamon stick.

Applejack Wafer Fragrance With Cinnamon

A spicy heart soon takes hold featuring warm, inviting cinnamon, fiery clove, way, herbal green, and fruity, tropical apple skins.

A final dry down marked by savory ground cinnamon, mildly acidic cream of tartar, and elegant, vanilla-nuanced cream cheese icing completes this potent fragrance.

Apple Bake (Diffuser Oil)

Top notes stream with facets of scrumptious baked apple pie and crunchy green apple that caress the long faded edges of recall associated with the joys and comforts of home and hearth.

Apple Bake Diffuser Oil

These elements soon drift into a spicy heart of cozy, warm and inviting cinnamon.

A dry down of earthly, nutty sage and noble, sugary and lush vanilla complete this glorious fragrance.

Santal Black Currant (Diffuser Oil)

This bold, intoxicating fragrance streams with opening notes of slightly sweet banana, spicy cardamom, powdery violet, subtle, fruity iris and fresh, peppery and leafy green.

A fruity heart note soon follows featuring biting black currant, crunchy apple and a touch of warm, inviting cinnamon.

A dry down of dry, somber cedar wood, dark, earthy and potent patchouli and creamy sandalwood complete this heady scent.

Fill Your Space With The Aromatic Allure Of Cinnamon!

Whether you are a retail owner or manager seeking to add some zesty appeal to your space or a homeowner in search of some gourmand refuge from humdrum chores and responsibilities, try one of our cinnamon-infused fragrances and let their fragrant notes envelope your mind and soul!

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