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Diffusing Fragrances Benefits

6 Key Benefits Of Diffusing Fragrances In Your Home

While a home should always be sweet as that old saying goes, in truth, that is only half a word. Sweet-smelling is more correct. Malodors affect homeowner happiness and they can also be precursors to emerging problems. The diffusion of a superior scent using the …

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Buy Santal Diffuser Oil For Aroma Diffusers

Santal Diffuser Oil – 5 New Luxuriously Fragrant Blends

Although Santal diffuser oil is laden with ingredients that have been known since the world was young, and is the essence of exotic allure and mystery, it does not have a long and colorful past. It actually only dates back a mere decade to 2011, and yet today this fragrance has reached cult status …

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Eliminate Home Gym Odors

Home Gym Odors – The Key To Effectively Eliminate Them

How do you effectively eliminate smelly vaporous odors emanating from your home gym? Well, there are a number of actions you can take to maintain an odor-free home and home gym, but the real answer lies in the ongoing use of our highly-effective …

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Scenting Diffuser Versus Candles

9 Ways Scenting Diffusers Are Better Than Burning Candles

The power of fragrance permeates the atmosphere of a room and affects the moods of all who experience it. Since man’s early history, candles have led the way through the darkness and scented varieties have provided a fragrant path. The modern age and all its innovations however, have brought …

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Scents To Help Sleep

Sleepy Fragrances – 7 Scents To Help You Rest Better

Sleepless nights can be debilitating and sap us of our energy and ability to perform both as workers contributing to society and as humans dealing with other humans. Sleep deprivation drains our mental abilities, causes difficulty concentrating, memory problems, mood swings, and low energy …

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Spring Scents For Your Home

Spring And Summer Scents For Your Home and Office

Spring is well upon us, its gentle presence marked by wisps of green and colorful blooms scalloping driveways, malls, homes and office buildings, and the fragrant notes of summer are not far behind it. Fragrances help to define each of Mother Nature’s passing seasons, and they leave their mark …

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Airbnb Smell Like Hotel

How To Make Your Airbnb Smell Like A Famous Hotel

For those of you who may wonder what an Airbnb is, what it wants, if the spelling is correct, and/or how one pronounces it, some of the answers are below. Despite seeming violations in grammatical protocol, the spelling is correct and is pronounced as the word, air, and the separate mention of the letters …

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Eliminate Old Home Smell

How To Eliminate That Old Home Smell Syndrome

This Old House was a popular song from decades ago. Its catchy melody and lyrics captured the colorful past of a family and an old home. It was a big hit for Rosemary Clooney at the time, but today owners of older homes face severe odor problems that are not so sweet and popular …

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Workplace Pet Odor Control

Pet Odor Control Products For The Workplace

When Woody Allen once mused that life is a distraction from death, he was being truthful, but not specific enough. Sure, movies, vacations at the shore and tender moments at home all contribute to human warmth and well-being, but there is nothing that can compare to the joy of an animal’s unconditional …

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Fruit Inspired Ambient Scents

Our Most Popular Fruit-Inspired Home Fragrances

Do images of Carmen Miranda wearing every fruit in the world on her head or Chiquita Banana extolling her many charms and benefits flash before your eyes whenever you think of fruit? Or do you secretly resent and/or talk back to the lyrics of Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries? If you do, you may have problems …

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Tropical Fragrances For Home

6 Tropical Fragrances To Transform Your Home This Winter

It is often said that home is where the heart is. In the darker months of the year however, especially during these bleak pandemic times, home can feel more like a prison, where everyone is innocent, but doing time nevertheless. We all need to get away, even if only in our dreams …

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Ambient Winter Scents For The Home

5 Favorite Ambient Winter Scents To Warm Up Your Home

Snow can be pretty and fun for playful children, but the colder months of the year can be very long for many adults bucking hazardous driving conditions to and from work while bundled to the hilt with overcoats, sweaters, gloves, mufflers and hats. Winter is the time to hunker down …

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Home Smell Like Spa

How To Make Your Home Or Business Smell Like a Spa

The dynamic nature of the modern consumer demands products and services that coincide with healthier lifestyles. The awareness of health and well-being as integral to a life-long journey has inspired the customization of the contemporary spa, which is marked by an increase in the establishment of medical spas …

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Romantic Fragrances For Home

7 Romantic Scents To Spice Up Your Bedroom

Romance blooms everywhere; it knows neither season nor clime. Since the dawn of time, love has inspired muses, humbled royal imperatives, captivated the hearts of plebeian humans and dictated instinctive impulses to Mother Nature’s creatures large and small. The peacock struts its glorious plumage and …

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Favorite Home Scent

How Finding Your Favorite Home Scent Will Improve Your Life

There is an old saying about home being where the heart is. While poetically and even literally so, there are elements unspoken that contribute to this sentiment. Apart from the obvious loving warmth of family and friends, a home is both many things to many people, and yet simultaneously, reflects the …

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Best Holiday Home Scents

9 Festive Holiday Scents You Can Buy For Your Home

The holiday season is probably the richest of all others in terms of sounds, pageantry, colorful imagery, and particularly, fragrances that spark the recall of memories long buried under the ashes of times past. The delectable aromas of pumpkin pie wafting from the kitchen, chestnuts roasting in a …

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Scenting For Business Settings

7 Scents That Will Brighten Up Any Business Or Home Office

The home office reflects both an individual’s professionalism and how their brain works in their particular space. Whether tidy or always in search of lost or misplaced papers and other bits of every day life, a work space shares certain features with all others. Both small brick and mortar …

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Relaxing Scents For Home

7 Ambient Scents To Instill A Sense Of Calm In Your Home

In today’s frenzied, fast paced cosmos, screaming children noisy pets, squabbling neighbors, loud radios and difficulties erupting within the work environment all combine to create potentially combustible situations. Sometimes, the only quiet places to be, or at least so it would seem, are the library and the …

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Ambient Scents Help Sell Homes

6 Air Freshener Scents That Will Help Sell Your Home

our master perfumers have created six ambient fragrance refills that work within our Aroma Beam diffuser, which are specifically designed to enhance a home and help the hapless homeowner in the selling process. From the scent of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, to the Far Eastern fragrant scent …

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Best Home Air Freshener Fragrance

6 Reasons We Have The Best Home Air Freshener Fragrances

Essential oils are the building blocks of perfume formulation and their levels of concentration determine the ultimate character and quality of any ambient scent. Put another way, a fine fragrance is a dynamic, stratified tapestry, which is only as good as the essential oils it contains. Ultimately …

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Cleaning Smoke Odors Furniture

The Ultimate Guide To Conquering Smoke Odors In The Home

During the course of a typical day, homeowners everywhere come in contact with all types of odors. Some are delightful such as coffee brewing, scrumptious apple pie baking in an oven or a fresh bouquet of fragrant blooms. But alas, other odors, such as smoke, tell a different, not so pleasant …

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Metazene Odor Neutralizer

Why Is Metazene The Most Effective Home Odor Neutralizer?

Vaporous odor neutralizers have come a long way down through the passage of time and modern thought assumes that for either a commercial or residential space to be deodorized it must also be clean and pure. Up until about two centuries ago, when garbage collection …

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Air Freshener Odor Control Products

How Do I Get Rid Of Musty Smells In My Home Basement?

There was once a horror flick entitled: Don’t Look In The Basement. While the plot, which barely thickened, concerned a young nurse and her terrifying experiences working in an isolated asylum, it should be noted that basements everywhere (finished and otherwise) can be …

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Hotel Scents Transform Home

9 Scents That Will Make Your Home Smell Like A Hotel Lobby

A hotel is more than just a building, and a successful patron experience is always marked by an amalgam of sensual delights that spin the unique narrative of a specific place at a certain moment in time. The power of scent, as well as decorative flourishes, such as an artfully….

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Pet Odor Control Products

How Do You Control Smelly Pet Odors In Your Home?

For all of us who know the joy and comfort of owning a pet, there is also that inevitable downside concerning pet accidents and the odors associated with them. It’s that moment in time when the family cat won’t look you in the face and the dog keeps smiling and backing away from whatever that steaming stink is …

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