Ambient Wedding Scents

How To Choose The Perfect Ambient Wedding Scent

An ambient wedding scent is totally subjective, but they all require a sophisticated layering of scent and share the purpose of unifying the joy, harmony and splendor of the occasion.

Their affect instantly and seamlessly transforms a wedding into an unforgettable and highly personal olfactory experience for guests and family.

Whether bold or understated, green or bespoke, a wedding scent can be anything under the sun that fulfills the olfactory desires of the bride and groom.

Love and wedding scents

While understanding this concept is easy, picking the right signature scent takes time and serious consideration both due to the sanctity of the occasion and the vast selections that we offer.

What Is The True Purpose of A Wedding Scent?

While many may not consider a wedding day scent as a must-have item, it is actually the most creative and compelling way under the sun to both honor and recall all the minute details of the day.

Memories are guaranteed to return in a kaleidoscopic rush every time that chosen scent fills the air.

This intangible customization becomes part of an immersive olfactory narrative that will always remain pure and on the fringe of recall because of the power of scent to link fragrance to the limbic system in the human brain, which associates emotion and memory.

Fragrances for Weddings

In the words of Joe Malone’s London vice president of global education and service experience, Chris Wyatt: “It’s a deeply personal experience, choosing a fragrance for a wedding day. This scent is going to be something a couple remembers for a lifetime. Think about the amount of attention a bride places on selecting the individual blooms for a wedding bouquet. Tying a wedding scent into the flowers a bride carries or on her dress will give the impression that the bride is seated at every table with every guest.”

How a bride and groom want to feel on this most joyous and important day of their lives is a benchmark when selecting a wedding scent.

Some fragrances are pretty, soft and playful, while others are daring, sensual and luxurious.

The beauty and full affect of proper selection lies in its symbol of being true to oneself, which is a privilege that justifiably overflows on a wedding day.

How To Decide On A Wedding Scent

We understand that while tastes in perfume vary almost as much as the availability of fragrances, there are some considerations that can apply at least in part to any and all choices.

Most often brides lean toward notes of orange rind, orange blossom, (Kate Middleton chose this to scent Westminster Abbey for her wedding to Prince William in 2011), creamy sandalwood, dusty violet, and dreamy, romantic rose.

According to Emma South, Jo Malone London’s fragrance expert:

“When it comes to your…fragrance preferences, we recommend wearing something that is in line with what you love so you are comfortable, yet also, something you haven’t worn before. This means that what you choose to wear is not diluted with other memories, and instead, acts as a perfect time capsule of the day.”

A Few Key Tips To Scenting A Wedding

Wedding planner experts suggest that the best time to begin selecting a wedding fragrance can be as early as a few days after an engagement is formalized. 

Deciding that far in advance and incorporating it into every wedding-related event (showers, parties etc) widens the scope of recall and its power to excite and embrace the day of the nuptials over and over again. 

Once a selection is made, the fragrance can be used in a myriad of ways throughout the wedding day including: candles, diffusers, cologne, and lotions.

Going a fragrant step further, a really fine wedding favor could include a small bottle with a bride’s scent engraved with its new monogram.

Scented keepsakes could also include: herbal sachets; hand-made soaps or miniature candles infused with the wedding scent.

Many brides and grooms rely on fragrance experts to create “pop-up” wedding bars, that disperse the wedding fragrance as guests sip on their cocktails or mingle with others during the reception.

Some Of Our Most Popular Fragrances For Weddings

Santal Diffuser Oil

This bold, woody and luxurious blend evokes the eternal darkness of the forest primeval and the alluring, warm glow of an open fire.

Warm Woody Fragrance Santal

The splendor of ancient Egypt is captured in this passionate scent with its inclusion of dry, earthy papyrus, which flourished along the banks of the Nile River for centuries untold.

Other seductive and exciting elements include: somewhat sugary, piquant and woody cardamom and earthy, erotic musk.

Island Breeze

This fragrance evokes a dazzling, tropical paradise deep within the mind’s all-seeing eye.

Ideal for summer wedding venues, head notes stream with fruity facets of sugary strawberry, succulent pineapple, gingery, exotic mango and lush, milky and intensely tropical coconut.

These aspects soon acquiesce into a heart note bouquet featuring rich, intoxicating jasmine and sweet/tart anise.

A dry down of alluring, lush vanilla and fruity, slightly sugary and sensual nectar completes this beguiling fragrance. 

White Tea And Bamboo

The head notes of this classic delicate fragrance stream with citrus facets of sharp, slightly bitter lemon zest, luscious orange and aspects of fresh, bright melon.

White Tea Bamboo Warm Fragrance

A fragrant middle note soon follows, marked by soft, creamy white tea bud, woody, dry and green bamboo and romantic, musky rose.

A sensual dry down of sexy white musk and marine nuanced driftwood enfold the final aspects of this elegant fragrance.

Love Affair Diffuser Oil

Reflecting the depth, vulnerability and sheer exhilaration of new love, this intensely aromatic, rich and luxurious blend opens with a stream of spicy, tart and elegant bergamot and a spray of fresh, green and oceanic facets.

Love Affiar Wedding Fragrance

These elements seamlessly blend into a heart note bouquet featuring intense and exhilarating jasmine, smooth, fruity iris and vanilla-nuanced, powdery orchid.

A dry down of warm, rare and honey-like ambergris, dry cedar wood and creamy sandalwood.

We Offer An Array Of Other Wedding Scent Options

We offer many fragrances that have the power to capture wedding moments and implant memories that will last a lifetime.

For the sake of clarity, the many options are listed by category below and include which type of diffuser they work within:

Air Wisp Fragrances

This category works within most nebulizing diffusers, including our Aroma Styler HVAC diffusers. Fragrances include: Lemongrass and Sage; Fresh And Woody; Rain Shadow; Sea Water; Ocean Breeze; Citrus Vanilla; Miami Vibe; White Tea; Almond Biscotti; Apple Bake; Alma Flower and Honey; Genoa Lemon; Tahitian Sunrise; Barrel Aged Whiskey; Clean Cotton and Fresh Breeze.

Scentsia Cartridge Refills

These fragrances work within our Aroma Beam dry vapor diffuser. Options are: Cinnamon Buns; Coconut Lemongrass; Coffee; Fresh Breeze; Island Breeze; Passion Fruit and Melon; Sensational; Sweet Comfort;White Tea; Citrus; Fresh Mint; Neutral and Smoke End.

Dry Wafer Scent Block Refills

Our dry wafer fragrance refills work within our Aroma One smart air freshener diffusers. Fragrances include: Hope; Laundry Fresh; Apple; Berry Blast; Cherry; Cinnaspice; Cinnamon; Endless Summer; Endsmoke; Freesia; Golden Mango; Grapefruit; Home Sweet Home; Island Breeze and Jazzmania.

These fragrances appeal to a multitude of tastes and preferences. In their own unique way, they are all magical and have the unfettered power to make a wedding day as special, customized and deeply personal as it needs to be.’

Try any one of these fragrances and discover the many possibilities for the next wedding in your family!

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