Bespoke fragrances for the home.

Bespoke Fragrances – Our Most Popular Home Fragrances

What exactly are bespoke fragrances, how are they made and why should you chose one over other fragrances? Our master perfumers explain and provide 9 of our most popular bespoke diffuser oils and fragrance refills.

While the word, bespoke, may seem like a mistaken grammatical past tense or spelling error, it is not.

It also suggests that it might mean something already stated or strangely promised such as in the sentences: She is bespoken to William or How dare you bespoke such a thing? When the word is used to refer to goods, it brings to mind elegant haute couture gowns or dress shirts and suits cut from the finest, most expensive cloth.

Yes, there is a price for extreme customization, and it is high because in terms of bespoke fragrance creation, discovering the right essential oil and floral combination is daunting and time-consuming even for our master perfumers for whom ambient fragrance is their only business. 

A bespoke fragrance does so much than whisper of elegance, luxury and opulence. Historically, these perfumes were the darlings of wealthy and royal European patrons.

Bespoke Home Fragrances

In England, their first use can be pinpointed to the year, 1730, with the London establishment of the FLORIS perfume house, whose unique and breathtaking formulations were cherished by the royal British family.

Today, there are several perfumeries, such as: Guerlain and Jean Patou in Paris and Kilian Hennesey in New York, that are renown for their bespoke fragrance formulations.

Why Choose A Bespoke Fragrance?

These type of perfumes are deeply rooted in the need to recapture the feelings of a softer time and place.

For some, this may be the recall of childhood emotions and the familiar aromas of home and hearth; for others perhaps it is the elusive fragrance of a place that left an indelible mark on individual memory.

The desire to own a bespoke fragrance can also arise from the need to distinguish oneself by setting oneself apart with a perfume no one else in the world has. Whatever be the case, these scents are unabashedly elitist, bold and beautiful.

Aroma Diffuser Oil And Home Air Freshener Products

How Are These Types of Fragrances Made?

The potency of a bespoke fragrance centers on its power to harness feelings, memories and almost forgotten desires from times long faded in the past.

They capture the essence of personal character and spirit in a way no other type of fragrance can. Bespoke fragrances are the ultimate luxury experience, and they require extreme patience to create.

If asked to pinpoint a specific amount of time one must wait to possess this new creation, the answer is however long it takes. 

According to Ben Krigler, of Krigler perfumes: “It’s like when you request an artist to create a painting or sculpture. You are working with the artist on a piece of art… The process can last up to two years…and can even take longer, depending on how much time it takes to nail down the scent. “

The very first step in bespoke fragrance formulation concerns filling out what is referred to as the Proust Questionnaire. This is a form that all his clients fill out, which details their likes and dislikes.

Clients are asked to provide information about which type of scent they are seeking and which ingredients they are most attracted to among other things.

Note testing then begins in a personalized perfume workshop, and as Kriger explains: “The first session lasts for several hours and is typically followed by subsequent meetings over the next few months that set the plans and inspire the process… Several meetings soon follow until the scent can be narrowed down and it can take four or five spread out every two to three months before the perfume is fully developed.”

We at Air-Scent Diffusers specialize in fragrances and diffusers designed for both home and commercial applications, and we provide superior fragrance options and cutting edge diffusers.

Dedication and cutting edge patented diffusion technologies have made them the best ambient scent branding and refined air care company found anywhere.

Our Most Popular Bespoke Fragrances

Diffuser Oils For Aroma Oil Diffusers

Santal Diffuser Oil

A  stunning, bold and captivating fragrance that is almost if not entirely impossible to recreate. It evokes the primeval aspects of the deep dark and eternal forest melded with the appealing smoky warmth and glow of an open fire.

Santal Diffuser Oil For Aroma Diffusers

This exotic, unforgettable amalgam is an olfactory wonderland of creamy, buttery Australian sandalwood, somewhat sugary and woody cardamom, dry, smoky and leathery papyrus, smooth, fruity iris, and earthy, amber-nuanced ambrox.

Sensual and intense aspects of papyrus whisper of ancient realms long faded into the mists of time.

Hotel Diffuser Oil

Top notes laden with citrus facets of clean, sharp lemon and lush orange create a joyful, sensual blend of aromas that soon surrender to a floral, fruity, heart note bouquet marked by velvety peach, passionate, musky rose, sensual, green geranium and mellow, woody and sugary lavender.

Hotel Aroma Oil For Aroma Diffusers

This scent completes with a base note featuring minty, honeyed, sharp and green eucalyptus and woody, cleansing pine.

Air Wisp Liquid Mist Fragrances

Lemongrass Sage 

Purifying, energizing and invigorating, this fragrance streams with an opening burst of citrus  that fuses with heavier elements of intense, gingery fresh crisp, and green lemongrass.

Lemongrass Sage Home Freshener

These aspects soon fade into a heart note brimming with warm, earthy sage, which combines with base notes of sensual, herbal geranium and passionate musk to complete this memorable fragrance.

White Tea And Fig

Remote, sweet smelling landscapes come alive in the mind’s eye with the opening notes of this fruity, citrusy and exotic fragrance which feature facets of fruity, very sweet  fig.

White-Tea Fig Home Fragrance

These elements soon drift into a heart note bouquet featuring soft, smooth and clean white tea  bud, haunting and intense jasmine and musky, passionate rose.

This, luxurious, mellow fragrance completes with a base note dry down of dry, woody cedar, dark, honeyed amber and sensual musk.

Bespoke Scentsia Air-Freshener Cartridges


Rich, happy and inspiring, this fragrance streams with a head note featuring facets of uplifting and tart grapefruit, fresh, clean lemon and keen lime.

Sensational Liquid Fragrance Refill

These aspects soon drift into a herbal/floral middle note characterized by woody, sharp rosemary, spicy, green basil, balsamic and refreshing pine, honeyed eucalyptus, creamy, sugary gardenia, bright, spicy carnation and haunting, intense night blooming jasmine.

A final dry down of dark, earthy patchouli, warm, rich amber and aromatic green and sweet Douglas fir completes this memorable fragrance.

Spa Renewal

Elements of sharp, saline sea air, clean, nutty and meaty almond kernel, and nuances of lush, tropical fruit stream through the top notes of this energetic, revitalizing scent that, like the Sensational fragrance above, is designed for use with the Aroma Beam air diffuser.

Spa Renewal Home Fragrance

A floral heart note bouquet soon follows featuring dreamy, romantic and musky rose, green and leafy water lily, musty, green and light cyclamen, earthy and somewhat sugary sea kelp and intensely fresh and gingery lemongrass. The scent completes with a dry down of woody, spicy and wild blue sage.

Our Most Popular Wafer Fragrance Squares

Linen Fresh

The quintessence of freshness is captured in the top notes of this nostalgic, unique Air Scent Diffuser fragrance that whispers of soft breezes and sweet-smelling, colorful summer blooms.

Elements of sunshine, soft clean fabric and refreshing cool water drift into a heart note bouquet featuring facets of dusty, sweet and woody violet, sugary, somewhat bitter anise and a hint of crunchy apple skin.

A musky, powdery base note of sun-kissed driftwood completes this beguiling fragrance.

Island Breeze

This seductive fragrance evokes images of South sea islands, turquoise waters  and shimmering tropical shores. It opens with a head note featuring facets of milky, pearly coconut, pineapple infused pina colada, succulent orange slice and rich, silky and sensuous cream.

Island Breeze Wafer Fragrance

These aspects seamlessly drift into a heart note of sweet, milky coconut shavings, fruity, waxy and tropical pineapple and green, sweet and piquant strawberry.

A base note of sugary, elegant vanilla, juicy, crystallized candy and waxy, lush and juicy, green rind of pineapple complete this beguiling fragrance.

Laundry Fresh

A clotheslines and sheets fastened with wooden cloths pins swaying in a soft summer breeze represents both a passing moment in time and the quintessence of this one-of-a-kind fragrance.

Fresh Laundry Scent

It opens with a top note hallmarked by fresh laundry, soft clean cotton and refreshing cool water. These elements soon surrender to a heart note comprised of woody, floral violet, sweet, bitter, salty and sour anise seed and the subtle skin of crisp apples.

The scent completes with a musky, powdery driftwood base note.

Photo Credits: Pixabay and Air-Scent Diffusers

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