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11 Deliciously Exotic Fragrances To Transport The Soul

Exotic fragrances offer magic and adventure and subtly transport the mind to far away places with one simple whiff of their alluring intoxicating profile. Prepare to be whisked away on an ultimate olfactory journey with our most exotic diffuser oils and fragrance refills.

From the vibrant pens of HG Welles and Ray Bradbury to the deepest realms of our inner thoughts, the unknown mysteries of the world and our ideas about them fall into the realms of fantasy, day dreams and even nightmares.

Escape is often necessary from the conflicts of every day living, and nothing can influence a transformative respite better than one of our strategically placed exotic fragrances.

Far away places can actually exist or may live only in in our imagination, but ultimately, it doesn’t matter because it is the olfactory journey and not necessarily the destination that is the beauty of escape via fantasy.

Fantasy fragrances offer magic and adventure. In the opinion of one perfumer, ”… People associate different scents with different feelings and want to trigger those through the perfumes they are selecting…As memories are so distinct and personal, what a scent may conjure for one person could be starkly different from another…They are olfactive expeditions….”

Exotic Fragrances Perfumery

What Are The Specific Elements Of Exotic Fragrances?

The specific ingredients of scents that are designed to induce associations of distant horizons and far away shores are never randomly chosen.

They are always selected either with a particular region in mind or with a blend of facets that are wildly novel and exciting.

For a visit to the tropics or a remote island paradise, for example, redolent, floral streams of jungle blooms and woody elements are likely to be included.

Far Eastern Fragrances

For a fantasy visit to a colder clime, a ski lodge nestled high in the mountains is easily conjured with facets of winter pine, eucalyptus and cypress.

For those realms that only live within our minds, the sky is the limit, as blends can be either very elusive and ethereal or overpowering, alien and strange.

Our Most Popular Exotic Fragrances

The following is a list of some of our most popular “fantasy” scents that will take anyone within whiff-distance on a most pleasant and captivating olfactory journey.

All of the below diffuser oil fragrances work within our Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser, and our dry vapor fragrances work within our Aroma Beam diffuser.

Tahitian Sunrise Diffuser Oil

The shores of the South Pacific beckon with this tropical scent that streams with opening notes of lush pineapple, milky coconut, wild, fruity cherry, mild casaba melon, succulent orange and aromatic peach.

Exotic Tahitian Fragrance

These elements soon drift into a heart note of hauntingly sweet, night-blooming jasmine and light, floral cyclamen  and the fragrance finally completes with a base note of musky green.

Black Bamboo Diffuser Oil

The deep dark jungle and all of its hidden wonders await the senses with this alluring fragrance that opens with a rush of aromatic citron. Soon this facet drifts into a heart note of smooth, mellow gardenia, seductive and dewy pikake, peachy, soft plumeria, bright, waxy lily and earthy star anise.

These elements eventually fold into a dry down of soft, earthy and aromatic bamboo, dark, potent patchouli and creamy sandalwood.

Egyptian Musk Dry Vapor Fragrance

This olfactory journey to the ancient land of the pharaohs streams with head notes of mellow, velvety peach and smooth, rich pineapple nectar.

Egyptian Musk Fragrance

A floral heart bouquet soon follows with facets of intense jasmine, musky romantic rose and wild green elements that eventually blend into a warm, dry cedar and musky dry down.

Coconut Lemongrass Dry Vapor Fragrance

This delightful Far eastern melange opens with facets of spicy, complex bergamot, lemony, crisp, Litsea Cubeba and pearly coconut.

These aspects soon drift into a heart note of light, floral neroli and gingery, intensely lemony lemongrass and ultimately fold into a dry down of sugary nectar, lush and elegant vanilla and balsamic and woody pine.

Genoa Lemon Diffuser Oil

A fragrance that transports to sunny Italian ports of call, a citrus burst of bright, fresh lemon and luscious mandarin orange, opens this  delightful fragrance.

Air Wisp Genoa Lemon

A heart note of floral, light neroli and smooth, creamy magnolia blossom soon follows and finally fuses with a green, aromatic dry down of aromatic, sensual white musk.

Island Breeze Diffuser Oil Fragrance

One whiff of this glorious scent promises the instantaneous allure of far away romantic island shores flashing across the mind’s eye with images of glistening white sands and soft, leafy lagoons.

Head notes of exotic, pearly coconut, fruity pina colada, lush orange slice and mellow, sensual cream transports to a magical place that comforts and seduces the human spirit.

Air Wisp Island Breeze

The journey spreads on the wings of a heart note bouquet of sugary, milky coconut shavings, succulent, somewhat waxy pineapple and spicy, green strawberry.

A sugary dry down of elegant, lush and noble vanilla, sweet, tender and smooth crystallized candy and juicy, luscious green rind of pineapple complete this South Sea-inspired, unforgettable scent.

Our “Love Affair” Diffuser Oil Fragrance

Capturing the exciting essence of new love and romantic settings, this sweet, bold fragrance is an amorous blend of intense and haunting jasmine, bittersweet, soft and intimate saffron, dry somber cedar and marine, sweet and earthy ambergris.

Love Affair Diffuser Oil 500 ML Bottle

Our Santal Diffuser Oil Formulation

Sultry and seductive, this woody, bold and luxurious diffuser oil formulation is an intoxicating journey back into time.

Conjuring images of the deep, primeval forest and crackling open fires, the inclusion of powdery, smoky and woody papyrus manifests the civilization of ancient Egypt.

Santal Diffuser Oil Sandalwood Blend

Other facets of aromatic, spicy cardamom and earthy, passionate musk add a dimension of elusive love unfulfilled to this intense and unforgettable fragrance. 

Santal Black Currant Diffuser oil

This fragrance streams with facets of fruity, slightly pungent banana, spicy, slightly woody and sweet cardamom, powdery, woody violet, raspberry-nuanced iris and fresh, leafy green.

Fruity middle note elements of heady, wild berries, warm, inviting cinnamon and crunchy apple ultimately surrender to a robust, woody dry down of somber cedar wood, earthy, carnal patchouli and buttery sandalwood. 

White Tea And Thyme Diffuser Oil

Whispering of the Far East and all its wondrous mysteries, this crunchy, woodsy scent is incense-inspired. Herbal and floral aspects blend seamlessly with exotic, sweet and green white tea bud, haunting, narcotic night-blooming jasmine, dreamy rose and sensual sage.

White Tea and Thyme Diffuser Oils

A dry down of potent thyme, bright lily, dark honeyed amber and balsamic, dry cedar finish this fantasy fragrance.

Winter Fir and Balsam Solid Fragrance Refill

Evocative of warm winter nights by a cozy, crackling open fire and majestic, snow-capped mountains dotted with happy skiers, aspects of smoky cypress, clean refreshing pine and crunchy green apple form the head notes of this glorious winter fragrance.

These facets seamlessly blend into a middle note of strong, medicinal and woodsy fir balsam, piney, minty eucalyptus and salty aquatic breeze. They finally meld into a musky dry down of tangy, woody-nuanced raspberry and sweet, crystalized sugar. 

Go Dear Fragrance Lover … Be Transported

No fantasy journey can be complete without an olfactory narrative to take you there. So follow any trail your heart may desire in the privacy of your own home and inner thoughts.

There are no boundaries or judgments; only the personal  delight of your own private journey to the mystical realms of nowhere in particular or somewhere very specific.

Many worlds await!


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