Best Home Air Freshener Fragrances

6 Reasons We Have The Best Home Air Freshener Fragrances

Essential oils are the building blocks of perfume formulation and their levels of concentration determine the ultimate character and quality of any ambient scent.

Put another way, a fine fragrance is a dynamic, stratified tapestry, which is only as good as the essential oils it contains.

Ultimately, all perfume compositions relate to Aristotle’s iconic axiom about the whole being equal to the sum of all its parts; namely, the quality of all the ingredients; their purity, cost and safety.

Essential oils for use in products for the home are found primarily in candles, air freshener diffusers, aroma diffuser oils, and cleaning and personal care products, but when it comes to fragrances for air freshener diffusers, all of the most popular oils, such as lavender, cinnamon leaf, rosemary, eucalyptus and lemon, can be found within the fragrance refills we produce within our Pittsburgh manufacturing facility.

White Tea Infused Diffuser Oil


We are one-of-a kind against a million wannabes who sell air freshener products these days, mainly because our fragrance refills are made and field-tested right here in the United States — but that’s merely one of a number reasons we have the best air freshener fragrances for homeowners, apartment owners and small business owners.

Why We Have Highest Quality Air Freshener Fragrances

The following affiliations and their standards ensure that the fragrance oils we select and sell are the best they can possibly be.

1. We Have Our Own In-House Fragrance Creation Division

All of our delicately traced fragrance creations are processed from start to finish in the laboratories of our 85,000 square-foot manufacturing facility located in the heart of suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Diffuser Oil with Tube Diffuser

This one-of-a kind in-house fragrance creation division houses a team of experts whose collective goal is to create the best custom-made scents from the highest quality fragrance oils that can capture the essence of any particular mood.

2. Our Affiliations Are The Best In The Industry

We are dedicated to a sustainable and ecologically stable planet Earth.

We share our mission with other caring professionals who feel the same way.

An old dictum claims that birds of a feather stick together, meaning that judgement comes from the company one keeps, and in the case of Air-Scent, our partners are the very best in the business.

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials

Also known as RIFM, this association generates, evaluates and distributes scientific data concerning the safety of fragrance raw materials found in personal and household care products, and is considered to be the foremost international scientific authority on the safe use of fragrance compounds. RIFM maintains a database, which is considered to be the most comprehensive source of physical-chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data associated with known fragrance materials found anywhere in the world. 

All of their scientific findings are evaluated by an independent expert panel, which is comprised of a group of dermatologists, pathologists, toxicologists, reproduction, respiratory and environmental scientists.

The International Fragrance Association

Founded in 1966, IFRA ’s focus is the analysis evaluation and dissemination of scientific data that encourage the implementation of safety standards concerning the use of ingredients designated for fragrances. The team acts as a collective scientific hub and sentinel that ensures their standards are both observed and put into practice by the world’s fragrance houses. IFRA members produce about 80 percent of the global volume of fragrance. 

The Fragrance Materials Association of the United States 

This non-profit association, which is also referred to as FMA, is a staunch advocate for the fragrance industry both within the confines of the United States and Canada. 

Originally founded as a means to promote the development, preservation, maintenance and general welfare of the fragrance manufacturing industry solely within the confines of the US, this company now boasts an 83 year-old history as the leading fragrance materials association in all of North America. 

According to Jennifer Abril, Executive Director: “Our new expanded global reach will serve not only our members, but also the public, as we ensure the safety of fragrance ingredients and products through industry-wide compliance with the IFRA Code of Practice.”

Oregon Tilth Organic Certification & Sustainable Agriculture

Established in 1982 and based in Corvallis, Oregon, this American non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting organic food and farming by educating gardeners, farmers, legislators, and the public-at-large about the need to develop and utilize sustainable growing practices.

The focus is to encourage soil nourishment, the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment while simultaneously supporting a clean and healthy food chain and supply for humanity. 

Oregon Tilth publishes a bi-monthly newspaper entitled In Good Tilth, which offers informative articles concerning agricultural news relevant to both rural producers and urban consumers.

ISO – International Organization for Standardization

Founded in London, England in 1947, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) promotes worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and is composed of representatives from numerous national organizations. Members of this independent, non-governmental body represent 164 countries.

ISO is the largest developer of voluntary international standards in the world and it facilitates global trade by providing common rules and regulations among nations.

3. We Have The Largest Array Of Quality Fragrances

There are many advantages that having your own in-house fragrance creation divisions provides, and one of those is we’re able offer one of the most diverse arrays of high quality fragrances for the modern home that transports the word, “collection,” to new heights. 

Even more, we have one of the most diverse arrays of refills for air diffuser applications.

The following scents are some examples from three categories: namely, our Air Wisp, Scentsia and Wafer refills.

Air Wisp Refills (For Use With The Aroma Styler Diffuser)

Lemongrass And Sage 

Known to invigorate both the body and the mind, this fragrance is dominated by refreshing, energizing and purifying lemongrass. A warm, floral and woody middle note of dry sage aids in the improvement of mental clarity and the powers of concentration.

Lemongrass Sage Home Freshener

This scent is the ideal complement to all activities alfresco, such as sun-bathing, picnics and quiet peaceful moments of day dreaming and contemplation.

Explore all of our Air Wisp fragrance refills. and our Aroma Styler diffuser.

Scentsia Fragrances (For Use With the Aroma Beam)

Coconut Lemongrass

This comforting and rich fragrance is bursting with the Far Eastern magnetism of far away places. Top notes of fiery, sophisticated and refreshing bergamot, crisp and citrusy litsea cubeba and milky, tropical coconut introduce the scent.

Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Refill

A heart note of intensely lemon and green lemongrass coupled with floral and pungent neroli soon takes hold, only to meld into a finishing base note of sweet nectar, elegant vanilla and ethereal, balsamic and woody pine. This fragrance provides the perfect setting for summer dining, Hawaiian luau-type parties and patio barbecues.

Miami Vibe

This fresh and comforting fragrance whispers of the endless allure of the ocean. It opens with a top note of spicy, floral bergamot and crisp, fruity casaba melon. A middle note of intense and haunting jasmine and floral and green water lily follows, and eventually folds into a base note of cozy, earthy amber, musky sandalwood and salty and woody sun-dried driftwood.

Miami Vibe Home Fragrance


Exploding with a top note marked by tart, exhilarating grapefruit, sour-sweet lemon and crisp lime, this fragrance soon fade into a herbal/floral heart note of clean, sharp rosemary, piquant green basil, minty, pine, honey-like eucalyptus, velvety gardenia, bright, spicy carnation and intense and haunting night blooming jasmine. 

Sensational Liquid Fragrance Refill

This luxurious fragrance finishes with a base-note of dark, earthy patchouli, warm, rich amber and balsamic and green Douglas fir.

Explore all of our Scentsia cartridge fragrances and our Aroma Beam diffuser.

Wafer Fragrances (For Use Within The Aroma One)

Laundry Fresh

The quintessence of this unique scent is a passing moment in time recollected in the mind’s eye with white sheets billowing in a soft summer breeze. 

It opens with a top note of fresh, pristine laundry, soft, clean cotton and refreshing cool water. These elements soon surrender to a heart note comprised of woody, floral violet, sour-sweet, bitter and salty anise seed and subtle, crisp apple. A musky, powdery driftwood base note completes the scent.

White Tea

This oriental fragrance is rich, relaxing, luxurious and indulgent. It is characterized by a top note of invigorating, uplifting citrus.

White Tea Fragrance Refill

A middle note of soft, romantic rose, sweet, rich jasmine petal and sugary, green white tea bud soon follows, and finally fuses into a finishing base note comprised of earthy, woody and aromatic white musk.

Explore all of our wafer fragrances and our Aroma One fan air freshener.

4. The Element of Purity And Essential Oils

We have invested heavily in the most advanced tools the world of industrial science has to offer so that we can provide the highest quality control standards for all of their valued customers. Purity is not an easy conceptual goal because it is possible to create an essential oil that is pure and yet not of the best quality.

Within the fragrance oil industry, the standards for quality and purity imposed by aromatherapy are the highest found anywhere because these characteristics affect their therapeutic value, aroma and color.

5. Careful Packaging and Handling Insures Proper Shipping

The ultimate quality of essential oils can be negatively impacted if they are exposed to extreme light, heat or oxygen, and their ultimate stability depends upon repository in a cool place in air-tight containers.

The manner in which our oils are packaged and handled and how they are stored after production are other factors that explain why our fragrance oils are the best found anywhere.

6. Our Fragrances Are On-Location Field Tested For Reliability

All of our fragrance refills and the air freshener diffusers each undergo rigorous testing on the site of our enormous Technology Center facility. Additionally, all fragrance refills (whether solid wafer, cartridge or liquid) and all diffusers are specifically designed and proven to provide the highest quality, linear diffusion of fragrance distribution and odor neutralization in any-sized interior space.

We stand proudly behind our every product and original scent creation, and guarantee that all fragrance oils meet every specified safety requirement before they are shipped to the home owner.

In conclusion

Our homes are where health and well being begin, and whether the online search is for the alleviation of persistent pet odors or musty basement smells via the use of effective odor control products, or fragrances that will serve as venues for peaceful escapes from the “maddening crowd” within your personal space, we have the answer. 

Explore our diffusers and fragrances and delight in all the sweet-smelling and effective possibilities of their distinctive product lines.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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