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9 Reasons Our Sleek Aroma Diffuser Is The Perfect Gift

Looking for the ideal gift that transcends seasons and embodies the spirit of the holidays? Look no further and allow us to convince you why our Tower aroma diffuser is not only a year-round delight but also a perfect choice for making this holiday season truly special.

Psychology Fragrance Tube Diffuser

Autumn leaves have started to fall and the signs of the holiday season to come are becoming more prevalent.

Pumpkins and other orange things are colorfully giving way to dazzling holiday lights and very busy merchant men and women.

We all know what that means; presents, presents and more presents for those we hold dear. But each year, it is the same dilemma; namely, what shall I buy for him or her who has everything (or at least everything I can afford)?

The answer, my friends, is not blowing the wind, but it is available online in the form of our sleek, black Nebulizing Tower Diffuser, which is both the perfect gift anytime of year, but a particularly perfect stocking stuffer!

Tower Aroma Diffuser Stock Stuffer

Changes In The Concept of Shopping For Gifts

The stress of holiday shopping has no parallel at any other time of year, and a recent study conducted by Vital Smarts concluded that one out of every four participants were overwhelmed with the ubiquitous pressure to create the best, most perfect holiday ever for those they love, followed by financial concerns (50 %) shopping for gifts (46%), family events (33% and their own health (26%).

In addition to shopping malls, the convenience of e-commerce and the staggering success of Amazon and other similar outlets have made modern consumers much more aware of the need to seek gifts that reflect a deeper meaning and mindfulness in every aspect of their lives.

This reveals itself in, among other things, the conscious choice of scent as a gift to the ones we love and respect that far exceeds the conventional bottle of perfume or after shave.

The application of scent in our daily surroundings is a beautiful way to de-stress and escape into a remote and peaceful cloud far away from anxiety and tension.

Research concerning the correlation between psychological processes and the nervous, endocrine and immune systems of the body has reinforced both the presence and importance of the mind and body connection.

This area of study, which is known as psycho neuroendoimmunology (aka PNEI), has clearly established that positive moods and emotions gleaned via scent is beneficial to human health.

What better gift than one that improves health and well being?

Air-Scent Tower Aroma Diffuser Gift

What Is Cold Air Diffusion Technology And How Does It Work?

Cold air diffusion technology transforms any fragrance into a dry nano mist in which scent blankets an entire space and remains suspended in the air for long periods of time.

Its advanced atomization leaves no residue and is safe for both children and pets. This cutting edge technology utilizes pressurized air to dissolve the oil into micro particles via a pump, which is a sophisticated atomizer.

The oil remains in its purest form because the process requires neither heat nor water. It also leaves no oil residue and is a clean process, requiring no clean up.

Cold air diffusion is more costly than other methods but in the end, it is more efficient both because only a few drops are needed for the Tower Diffuser to scent an entire room, and the fragrance profile remains constant and consistent because the oil is diffused all at once, unlike cheaper, lower quality diffusers.

This is an important factor because blends of essential oils are at their therapeutic best  and most beneficial to human health and well being when the entire fragrance structure is diffused at once.

What Is This Thing Called The Tower Aroma Diffuser?

This state-of-the-art scenting machine offers a myriad of benefits that make it idea for both home and commercial spaces.

For that harried business manager, corporate executive or the many of us who may maintain a household and/or have a home office as well, its aromatic power to calm troubled minds and bring a serene and calm ambiance into any room in which it is placed is only one of its many benefits.

9 Reasons Our Tower Diffuser Is The MVP

In the spirit of giving, discover why our aroma diffuser is the perfect holiday gift choice.

From serenity, wellness and its sleek black modern design, explore 9 compelling reasons to delight yourself or your loved ones.

1. It’s Elegant, Modern Design

The aesthetic appeal of its sleek, stylish and modern construction will accent any home or office decor and add an intangible splash of personality to any residential or commercial space.

2. The Aromatherapy Benefits

This ancient practice provides many therapeutic benefits. It can reduce stress, work place pressures, improve mood and air quality, quell anxiety and support general well-being.

3. Water Is Not Necessary For Operation 

It’s construction uses air rather than heat or water to disperse undiluted droplets of oil, which in this form provide the full extent of its many therapeutic benefits.

4. It Has Customizable Intensity Settings

An olfactory journey that can suit any mood or desired intensity is vital to the success of any aromatic experience involving the diffusion of essential oils. Our Tower Nebulizer presents options among both intensity levels and diffusion intervals. 

5. Fragrance Control Via Hard Button Of App

Easy and seamless fragrance control is available via either hard buttons, which trigger screens and provide options for system control or bluetooth-managed apps, which offer short range wireless connections that unite the various Air Scent Diffuser protocols. 

6. It’s Super Quiet Operation … Shhhhhhh …

That old expression, ‘as quiet as a mouse’ applies here, as this diffuser silently and effortlessly disperses its magic. It will not disturb in any way either conversations or night time slumber.

7. The Tower Nebulizer Is Kind To The Environment 

Constructed with eco-friendly solutions in mind, this diffuser does not utilize disposable pads as others do, and all of the fragrances we offer are Non-GMO, vegan and free of toxic parabens, DPG, glycols, petrochemicals, phthalate and synthetic colors.

8. It’s Moderately Priced And Cost-Effective

Ideal for any shopper with a limited budget, the $199 price also includes free 30ml of free fragrance.

9. It’s The Perfect Holiday Stocking Stuffer

Compact, stylish, and delivering an enchanting fragrance experience, it’s the ideal Holiday gift for loved ones seeking a touch of luxury in the smallest of packages.

Plus it comes with one complimentary 30 milliliter diffuser oil bottle fragrance of your choice! Options include our original Santal, our classic White Tea or our three newly-launched Holiday scents – Sugar Cookie, Peppermint Bliss and Winter Pine!

Consider Our Tower Diffuser For A Special Someone!

… or buy one for yourself!

It is the perfect gift all year round, but it’s a particularly perfect stocking stuffer!

Happy holidays to all!

Tower Aroma Diffuser Winter Pine

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