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6 Savory Sandalwood Blends For That Ultimate Woodsy Feel

Step into a realm of olfactory bliss as we delve into the world of savory sandalwood blends. Perfect for those seeking a touch of tranquility and a dash of rustic charm, these carefully crafted blends infuse any space with the ultimate woods-inspired ambiance. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey like no other.

Sandalwood is derived from trees in the genus known as Santalum.

They are medium-sized and hemi-parasitic, which means they can only flourish when attached to a suitable host tree, which provides water and nutrients.

They belong to the same botanical family as European mistletoe. It is a class of woods that are heavy, yellow in color and powdery.

There are several species of sandalwood that are indigenous to India, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia and even extending as far as Hawaii.

Indian Sandalwood Tree

The heart of distribution, however, lies in the drier tropical regions of India and the Indonesian islands of Timor and Sumba. 

There are many varieties, but Indian sandalwood is the most coveted by the fine perfumers of the world because it retains the highest concentration of a-santalol and b-santalol, which are the two chemical compounds that render sandalwood’s luxurious, woody and floral scent.

It is b-santalol that grants its essential oil its power as an effective antiseptic.

A Little Bit of History

Sandalwood is occasionally harvested for its wood, but its most precious offering lies in its essential oil.

A substance unlike many other aromatic woods, sandalwood is known to retain its fragrance for an astonishing period of time dating back to ancient burial tombs of the royal Egyptian pharaohs. (When they were discovered centuries later, archaeologist still discerned the scent of sandalwood.)

In fact, the entire narrative of human history is closely allied with sandalwood and its medicinal and aromatic character.

It is even mentioned in ancient sanskrit poetry for its ability to ignite passion.

It spread to other regions of the world via the ancient Chinese spice and incense trade routes, and the vast Indian and Arab merchant networks that prevailed until the sixteenth century.

Why Is It So Expensive And Endangered?

It is a simple matter of supply and demand. These two factors make sandalwood extremely expensive.

Time is the precious commodity involved in harvesting, as it takes 7 year for a sandalwood tree to begin producing the scented heart wood.

In many instances, these trees aren’t harvested until they are at least 15 to 20 years of age.

The advantage of this is that in the long run, the coveted heartwood grows to a much larger size when left to mature in the wild.

Sandalwood Tree Forest

Today, sandalwood is the second most valuable wood in the world after Africa’s Blackwood.

The trees die when they are uprooted for harvest, and in order to keep up with production levels, a new one must be planted immediately in its place.

Wild populations are being harvested faster than they can be replenished, and this is why Indian sandalwood in particular has come so close to extinction. 

Sustainable perfumers have felt the scrunch of supply and demand issues and the pressing need for eco-sensitive solutions.

Governments around the world have advanced a more sustainable harvesting perspective by enforcing strict regulations that protect wild sandalwood forests. 

These laws limit the amount that can be harvested per year, which ultimately dictates the dwindling supply and ceaseless demand for this high coveted wood. 

This new approach has spurred the establishment of plantations to reduce reliance on the forests as sources. These large farms mark the legacy of the sandalwood industry of tomorrow.

The Many Uses Of Sandalwood

Originally a vital and mystical ingredient of ancient incense and traditional medicines, the early Egyptians imported the wood for use in ritual burning to please the gods, and in their sacred embalming and burial rites.

For centuries, buddhists burned sandalwood incense during prayer and meditation. In Tibet and China sandalwood oil was used to treat an array of conditions ranging from the common cold to fever and gall bladder issues.

It was also used in aromatherapy to calm nerves and induce sleep.

Sandalwood Fragrance And Use In Perfumery

In 1916, Myore Sandal Soap became the very first product to be mass-produced that was made (and is up to this day) exclusively from sandalwood oil.

Its intoxicating, rich and subtle character is essential to the modern perfume industry because of its warm, rich and subtle qualities, which deftly combine smooth, creamy and milky elements that are so often found in the Chypre fragrance family.

Luxurious Diffuser Oils Santal

Notes derived from the precious sandalwood heartwood define the essence of this woody family of scents, which also includes: green, earthy vetiver, balsamic, refreshing pine, forest-nuanced, slightly smoky cypress and warm, dry cedar wood. 

Chypre scents also blend spicy, citrusy bergamot, intense rich jasmine, dreamy, musky red rose, dark, earthy patchouli, strong, mossy and amber-tinged tree moss, resinous labdanum and some animal facets.

These fragrances are deeply intimate, and while their head and heart notes are carefully contained, dry downs are intense wild and seductive.

The following represent a few of our favored scents containing sandalwood.

Santal Diffuser Oil

This woodsy, smoky formula exudes tangy, piquant and extremely dry facets to create a magical balance between its introductory notes and the mellow, buttery richness of sandalwood, iris, musk and amber aspects, weaving an olfactory force that is intense, alluring and captivating.

Santal Diffuser Oil Sandalwood Blend

Santal Black Currant

Sweet banana, crisp apple, raspberry-nuanced iris and leafy green aspects stream through the head notes of this earthly, robust fragrance.

These facets soon drift into a middle note marked by facets of spicy, resinous cardamom, cozy, inviting cinnamon, the essence of tangy, tart black currant and rich, honeyed cassis.

Santal Black Currant Sandalwood Blend

A dry down of sensual, dark patchouli, powdery, floral violet, dry, dusty cedar wood and creamy, smooth sandalwood complete this intense fragrance.

Black Bamboo

This sexy, beguiling fragrance streams with head notes of aromatic, leafy greens and hints of ginger.

An aromatic heart soon follows brimming with dark, erotic and delicately sweet bamboo.

Black Bamboo Sandalwood Diffuser Oil

The scent completes with a dry down featuring dark, musty pachouli and rich earthy sandalwood.

Santal Lavender Sage

Head notes flow with floral facets of elusive, raspberry-nuanced iris, minty pine and honeyed, cool eucalyptus.

These aspects soon drift seamlessly into a heart of sugary, smooth lavender, resinous, spicy cardamom, nutty sage, erotic, floral and alluring cashmere and woody violet.

Air-Scent Santal Lavender Sage 120ml Bathroom Setting

This pleasing fragrances finishes with a dry down marked by sensual, passionate musk, elegant, lush vanilla and velvety, smooth sandalwood.

Santal White Tea

The mysterious flavors and captivating aromas of the Far eastern corners of the world unfold in this glorious fragrance that opens with streams of spicy, floral and light bergamot, fruity iris and cool, minty eucalyptus.

Santal White Tea Luxury Diffuser Oils

A heart note soon takes hold marked by aromatic cardamom, rich, sugary and exotic white tea, powdery, woody violet and hints of musky, dreamy red rose.

A dry down of elegant, rich vanilla, seductive musk, warm, smooth cashmere, dry, somber cedar wood and balanced, creamy sandalwood completes this intriguing scent.

Love Affair

With touches of sandalwood, this newly-designed fragrance aims to capture all the intensity and wild abandon of a passionate intimate encounter.

It streams with a delightful opening blend of airy, light head notes that deftly blend into a heart and subsequent dry down featuring rich, intense jasmine, marine sweet and sensual ambergris, warm, intimate saffron and dry cedar wood.

Air-Scent Love Affair Sandalwood Blends

In Conclusion

Incorporating sandalwood diffuser oil blends into your space is a surefire way to create an enchanting, woods-inspired ambiance.

Whether you seek relaxation, clarity, or grounding, these six carefully curated blends offer the ultimate sensory experience.

Embrace the power of sandalwood and let its captivating aroma transport you to a tranquil forest haven!

Final thought about sandalwood: One educated person can brighten the future of the whole family like one sandalwood tree fills the whole forest with fragrance.~ Akella Mani Sharma

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