Romantic Fragrances For Home

7 Romantic Scents To Spice Up Your Bedroom

Romance blooms everywhere; it knows neither season nor clime. 

Since the dawn of time, love has inspired muses, humbled royal imperatives, captivated the hearts of plebeian humans and dictated instinctive impulses to Mother Nature’s creatures large and small.

The peacock struts its glorious plumage and the nightingale sings its finest song as they both seek to attract the opposite sex.

Stolen kisses in a moon-lit garden, amorous prose, fanciful odes, epic poetry and artistic expression are all influenced by the impact of pheromones, which are chemical secretions found in sweat, breath, urine, saliva, breast milk and skin oils.

These bouquets dramatically impact perception and sexual attraction.

Scent Marketing and Romance

More On Pheromones and Sexual Attraction

Pheromones differ from other hormones produced in the human body because they do not work internally. Instead, they serve as agents that alter the behavior of other individuals in close proximity.

Upon release, pheromones immediately react, stimulating arousal, desire, lust, and even fertility.

Detected via sectors of the nasal tissue, pheromones then transmit messages to the brain. Proven over time to increase both personal allure and the quality of one’s sex life, fragrance companies and purveyors are always at work blending unique molecules and finding new ways to include pheromones both into their perfume formulations and their scent-marketing strategies.

Discover why we have the best home air freshener fragrances.

Best Home Air Freshener Fragrance

What Defines A Romantic Scent?

Smell greatly influences human emotions. Certain scents, such as: jasmine, rose and sandalwood, have more potent aphrodisiac effects than others, and while their influence may be subtle, they nevertheless inspire romance and intimacy.

Discover how finding your favorite home fragrance will improve your life.

Favorite Home Scent

In terms of fragrances that instill romance and desire, these scents are often sweet, light, and airy, with elements of dreamy, passionate and musky rose, which adds depth, and nuances of vanilla or warm and inviting balsamic elements. 

The vaguest hint of romantic aromas can trigger an irresistible and innate reaction deep in the heart and body. 

A Few Relevant Studies and Statistics

A June, 2005 study entitled: Human Pheromones And Sexual Attraction was conducted by anthropologist, Professor Karl Grammer, B. Fink and N. Neave at the University of Vienna. 

It was published in the European Journal of Obstetrics And Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, and focused on men who used topical pheromones, which artificially mimicked the effects of natural secretions. 

Results indicated that men experienced an amazing 52% improvement in their success rate when attempting to begin and maintain conversations with women. 

They also noted an increase in compliments received, as well as the occurrence of more flirting and a 40% increase in female sexual responsiveness. 

In the same study, women who used topical pheromones found themselves being asked out on dates more often. In addition, 74% of female participants reported an increase in sex and other forms of intimacy, such as hugs and cuddling.

7 Home Fragrances To Rekindle Romance

Acqua Flora (Aroma Beam Scentsia Cartridge)

With a moniker derived from the natural world of water and flowers, the top notes of this verdant, berry-like fragrance are marked by transparent, fresh elements and a touch of red berries.

Aqua Flora Scentsia Fragrance

These aspects meld into a floral heart note bouquet of sweet, rich honey and fresh, sugary orange blossom. A base note of musty green cyclamen and woody nuances complete the fragrance.

Beach Dreams (For Use With Aroma Beam)

The mind’s eye fills with glorious visions of sea and surf and waves crashing onto glimmering shores. Vanilla-like, gingery mango, green, sugary pomegranate, succulent pineapple, milky and lush black coconut and slightly pungent banana are the top notes that open this tropical fragrance.

Beach Dreams Home Fragrance Refill

An alluring and soft heart note soon takes hold, and ultimately blends into a final base note marked with elements of sweet nectar, light teakwood and creamy, candied tonka bean.

Black Bamboo (Air Wisp Aroma Styler Refill)

This is a glorious scent reminiscent of the seductive flavors of southeast Asia. 

It is truly a unisex fragrance; its warm, slightly peppery and spicy elements appealing equally to both sexes. Clean and sensual, this passionate amalgam of bamboo shoots and redolent greens, with a few dashes of rich, sensual ginger renders a fragrance that is deep, mellow and intensely exotic.

Air Wisp Barrel Black Bamboo

Coconut Lemongrass (Aroma Beam Scentsia Cartridge)

Replete with the dazzling allure of far away places, this rich and romantic lemongrass and coconut amalgam opens with top notes characterized by nuances of fruit and complex, refreshing elements of bergamot, crisp and citrusy litsea cubeba and milky, intensely tropical coconut.

Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Refill

These aspects soon acquiesce into a heart note of sour/sweet lemon, clean and green lemongrass and light, floral and bitter neroli.

A base note of sugary nectar, lush and elegant vanilla and subtle, balsamic and woody pine add a touch of elusive mystery and complete this romantic scent.

Egyptian Musk (Aroma Beam Scentsia Cartridge)

Conjuring the splendors of ancient Egypt within the mind’s all-seeing eye, this fragrance whispers of unspoken intimacy and soft sensuality.

Egyptian Musk Scentsia Fragrance Refill

Elements of fruity, velvety peach and hints of rich tropical pineapple nectar soon give way to a floral heart note featuring intense and intoxicating jasmine, romantic and musky rose and untamed, intensely fresh and herbal wild greenery.

A woody base note of warm, aged cedar and musk complete this memorable fragrance.

Freesia Solid Wafer (For The Aroma One Smart Diffuser)

A popular choice for wedding bouquets, this fragrance that comes from this South African flower exudes refreshing, floral and woody elements.

Freesia Romantic Wafer Scent

It opens with a top note characterized by radiantly sweet and airy aspects of crisp and clean red apple, peachy, yellow nectarine; fuzzy, soft and fruity apricot and potent, spicy and peppery green aspects.

A floral heart note soon follows featuring tart, dry and bitter Granny Smith apple, light, slightly musky hibiscus; clean, spicy and powdery freesia and juicy, green strawberry.

A base note of warm cedar wood and pungent, powdery and herbal tinged acacia honey completes this fragrance.

Tahitian Sunrise (Air Wisp Refill For Aroma Stylers)

Sunny, exotic and profoundly beautiful, the verdant landscape of French Polynesia and its many secluded, lush and leafy enclaves fill the minds eye with a kaleidoscope of unforgettable imagery.

Tahitian Sunrise Air Wisp Refill

This tropical scent is marked by top notes of sweet and waxy pineapple, subtle, fruity and sweet casaba melon, succulent orange, smooth and satiny peach, lush, milky coconut and tart/sweet wild cherry. 

Musty green cyclamen and redolent night blooming jasmine form the floral heart of this fragrance, which soon melds into a green musky base note that finishes the scent.

The Ultimate In Home Freshener Fragrance Diffusers

The following represent a list of our commercial-grade scent diffusers that are indicated for use with the fragrances above.

Aroma Beam Blue-Tooth Operated Diffuser

This dry vapor fragrance diffuser system was launched in 2016. It is not an HVAC system, which means that it is self-supporting, has a fan, and projects scent from the unit itself. 

When paired with Scentsia refill cartridges, this diffuser offers superior odor control in large spaces of up to 50,000 cubic feet.

Aroma Beam Packaged

It is very versatile and can be deployed in smaller interior spaces as well. Formed from powder-coated steel, this system includes: a built in 24-hour battery, and back-up on/off timers. An optional mounting bracket allows for the manipulation of a beam of fragrance in any direction. 

The Aroma One Scent Diffuser

The Aroma One Scent Diffuser is very versatile and can be used with many refill types, mainly our solid square wafers. 

Originally marketed as a diffuser intended for commercial bathrooms, this machine can be easily adapted to freshening air and controlling odor in any small space within a home setting.

Aromam One Home Air Frsehener

Its ultra-modern design and construction permits optimal airflow, and its air velocity fan is superior to others of its ilk. 

It does its two jobs effectively and simultaneously; namely, the neutralization of stubborn odors and the provision of superior fragrance enrichment. 

The Dry Vapor Aroma Styler Diffusers

Also known as the Scent Styler, this system is considered one of the most powerful, easy-to-use HVAC atomizing diffuser systems available on the Home Freshener website.

This diffuser features a unique nesting tray with a drip guard, ventilated refill holder and air flow controller. These aspects automatically reduce output when necessary.

Aroma Styler Alpha Home Diffuser

The three smart-switch settings, which include continuous, 60-day and linear output, guarantee optimal end-user experience. The Aroma Styler is perfect for ambient scenting, controlling malodors and improving indoor air quality for interior environments.

This scent machine, perhaps more than any other, reflects our many advances in the field of industrial science.

It is their exclusive innovative technology that converts liquid scent into dry, micro-particles, which in turn creates an imperceptible vapor that drifts across any open space. It is easily adaptable for use in private residences (and bedrooms particularly), and is available in three applications; namely, Gamma, Beta and Alpha.

In Conclusion

Our products provide everything that is needed to make the average bedroom a special place that encourages love and intimacy and unique ways to spice up your bedroom!

Final thought about romantic fragrances: The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart… and hopefully, someone else’s.~  Elizabeth Taylor

Additional Photo Credits: Pixabay

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