Love Affair Diffuser Oil For Use Within Aroma Diffusers

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Reflecting the depth, vulnerability and sheer exhilaration of new love, this intensely aromatic, rich and luxurious blend opens with a stream of spicy, tart and elegant bergamot and a spray of fresh, green and oceanic facets. These elements seamlessly blend into a heart note bouquet featuring intense and exhilarating jasmine, smooth, fruity iris and vanilla-nuanced, powdery orchid. A dry down of warm, rare and honey-like ambergris, dry cedar wood, creamy sandalwood and earthy, erotic musk completes this luxurious, amorous fragrance.

All of our diffuser oils work within our Aroma Styler diffusers.

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Love Affair Diffuser Oil Key Ingredients

Sweet bold and enduring, the ingredients in this fragrance capture the depth and longing of love itself. Woody facets of sandalwood and cedar add warmth, while jasmine, musk and ambergris symbolize desire that is balanced by the floral, fruity and citrus aspects of iris, orchid and bergamot.

Effects On Mood and Ambience

There was once an old song entitled: I’m In The Mood For Love. This feeling is assured when one experiences the diffusive power of this highly erotic fragrance. Problems and bills fade gratefully into the background as the potent stream of this Santal scent enfolds the room.

A Few Historical Aspects Of Our Love Affair

Down through time, there have been a myriad of attempts to capture the elusive, transparent and yet all-powerful feeling of love. This fragrance has both a heart and a language all its own that speaks of romance and intimacy in a way no other can.

Clean Superior Friendly Ingredients 

Created with the highest quality of raw and natural ingredients, aroma oils are blended with essential oils that are always certified non GMO, Vegan and free from toxic chemicals, parabens, DPG, glycols, petrochemicals, phthalate, artificial additives and synthetic colors.

Easy Universal Use WithIn Most Every Diffuser

Although delicate in formulation, our Love Affair diffuser oil works at top capacity with nebulizers, atomizers, reed, aroma and HVAC diffusers to create a rich and luxurious cloud of scent.

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