Spring Scents For Your Home

Spring And Summer Scents For Your Home and Office

Spring is well upon us, its gentle presence marked by wisps of green and colorful blooms scalloping driveways, malls, homes and office buildings, and the fragrant notes of summer are not far behind it.

Fragrances help to define each of Mother Nature’s passing seasons, and they leave their mark on human spirit and energy as well.

Spring’s symbol of rebirth and renewal alleviates depressive and somber thoughts that often accompany the colder months of the year.

Spring Scents For Home

The time has come to shed those coats, mufflers, hats, gloves and blues and emerge from the winter darkness with freshness, hope and a new attitude.

Most of our lives are spent divided between home, hearth and work. 

Apart from the loving warmth of family and friends, a home is many things to many people, and yet simultaneously, reflects the universal needs of everyone everywhere in some degree or another.

Whether tidy or always in search of lost or misplaced papers and other bits of every day life, home and office spaces (and work spaces within the home) share some unique qualities in the sense that they all must reflect an atmosphere that mirrors how our minds function within a particular setting.

Seasonal scents have a power all their own. The spring season not only lifts us out of our winter blues, it also open our minds and encourages us to spend more time outside.

Spring blossoms and blooms are refreshing, mellow and inviting, and are naturally available by merely opening those windows once sealed from winter cold. 

They allow ingress to warm breezes wafting from leafy green hyacinth, soft, bittersweet crocus and other garden florals.

Spring’s fragrances can whisper softly or burst with the brightness of citrus, fruit aquatic and sweet-smelling floral aspects. They all evoke the feeling of the sun at our backs, azure skies above and long, lingering days. 

According to Adam Eastwood, co-founder of a website that sells hard-to-find fragrances from all over the world: “Springtime means a change of pace from the colder months, where people tend to prefer warmth, woods, spice and all things comforting. Every spring, without fail, people come looking for something fresh or floral or both. Here in Los Angeles, the pink jasmine that blooms in February and March seems to intoxicate us.”

Ron Robinson, creator of the Apothia line of perfumes and candles states: “Women seek out bright citrus notes with leafy green accents as well as lighter floral notes, such as peony, and softer blossoms, such as orange and plum. There is a very different feeling that occurs as the sun shines and warms our bodies. It’s best to lighten and freshen the scents we wear.”

Explore our Tropical Ambient Fragrances.

Coconut Tropical Fragrance

How To Find The Right Spring Scent For Home Or Office

Think about the following suggestions before making a final selection about spring fragrances for home or office. 

Show Winter The Door

While winter is the perfect time to wear heavier scents, they must fall by the wayside when warmer weather approaches. 

Spring calls for lighter fragrances along with lighter clothing and attitudes as well. 

Inhaling the splendor of Mother Nature’s blooms reminds us of the joys of being alive and replaces warm and woody perfume elements that are more suitable to colder weather.

Appreciate Spring Renewal

The rejuvenation of nature is eternal. Spring brings sun, warmth, an increase in body temperatures and many improvements in skin moisture. 

Lighter scents are fresh airy and linger longer in the air. 

Spring fragrances are green and associated with freshness, happiness and colorful flowers. 

Some classic notes include: spicy, floral bergamot, sharp, clean lemon, succulent honey-like mandarin and romantic floral aspects such as: fruity iris, intoxicating jasmine and romantic, musky rose.

Understand Perfume Notes

The fact that every perfume formulation consists of three classes of notes is important when selecting the right fragrance. 

The scent that is first discerned comes from the top notes; the heart notes soon follow and fuse with the lingering, final base notes.

Appreciate Renewed Energy and Mood Alterations

Olfactory impulses explode when warmer weather bursts across the landscape. 

April, May and June are the perfect time to indulge in scents that are uplifting and mirror the green, floral and fruity aspects of spring as well as new energy levels and elevating states of mind. 

Feminine scents are soft and floral, while masculine fragrances are citrusy and fresh.

Take The Environment Into Consideration

When selecting a spring or summer fragrance, consider whether it is better suited for a night out, in at home or at the office. 

Despite the lightness of these seasonal scents, surroundings, diet and the weather can affect a perfume’s strength and durability. 

We have all the options right here at your fingertips and we remain the major the place for consumers to find the fragrances they crave.

A Few Studies and Statistics

According to a 2004 Nobel Prize-winning study awarded jointly to Linda Buck and Richard Axel, the average person has about 1,000 olfactory genes in their body, and can recall as many as 10,000 diverse smells. 

Further research suggests that 75% of our daily emotions are influenced by smell, and our moods can improve by 40% after inhaling a pleasant fragrance. 

Creating joy and balance in a life preoccupied with business, bills, children, pets and unexpected visits from annoying relatives doesn’t even sound easy, and most of us need help in the form of some soothing, relaxing down time in between home and work episodes. 

These can be provided here with our many compelling fragrances that reflect both season and sentiment. 

Spring And Summer Air-Wisp Liquid Fragrance Refills

The following fragrance refills are designed to work within our Aroma Stylers air freshener diffusers.

Clean Cotton

Top notes of smoky, sugary, and seductive Kaffir lime and sour-sweet lemon zest open this clean, fresh scent.

These aspects are soon followed by a floral heart note bouquet marked by soft baby powder, intoxicating jasmine, musty, slightly floral cyclamen, creamy tuberose and delicate, slightly sugary and powdery African violet.

Air Wisp Clean Cotton Fragrance

A base note featuring aromatic and sensual white musk completes this fragrance.

Lemongrass Sage

A burst of citrus opens this memorable fragrance only to soon fade into an earthy middle note blend of invigorating, gingery lemongrass and earthy, nutty and woody sage.

Lemongrass Sage Home Freshener

These elements harmoniously stream into a base note featuring sea-inspired aqua-marine, green geranium and passionate, sensual musk.

Tahitian Sunrise 

This tropical scent is profoundly beautiful, evoking a kaleidoscope of lush, leafy lagoons and dazzling, pristine beaches.

It opens with top notes featuring sweet and waxy pineapple, subtle, fruity and sugary casaba melon, succulent orange, smooth and satiny peach, lush, milky coconut and tart/sweet wild cherry.

Tahitian Sunrise Air Wisp Refill

A streaming bouquet of musty green cyclamen and intoxicating night blooming jasmine form the floral heart of this fragrance, which soon melds into a green musky base note that finishes the scent.

Spring And Summer Dry Solid Wafer Fragrance Refills

The following fragrance refills are designed to work within our Aroma One smart air freshener diffuser.


A fragrance with both floral and woody elements, Freesia is derived from a South African flower and a popular choice for wedding bouquets.

This scent opens with a stream of fruity aspects that include: radiantly sweet and crisp red apple, peachy, yellow nectarine; fuzzy, soft apricot and potent, spicy green facets.

Freesia Romantic Wafer Scent

A floral heart note soon follows featuring tart, dry and bitter Granny Smith apple, light, slightly musky hibiscus; spicy and powdery freesia and succulent strawberry. The fragrance completes with a base note comprised of warm cedar wood and pungent, herbal tinged acacia honey.

Laundry Fresh

The aroma of freshly laundered sheets dangling from a clothes-line and swaying in a soft summer breeze is the quintessence of clean.

A top note fusion of of powdery, fresh and woodsy clean cotton, sweet and floral dryer sheets and aromatic bar soap stream though the air.

Fresh Laundry Scent

They soon fade into a heart note featuring romantic and blushing rose, potent,-spicy and fruity clove leaf and ozonic aqua marine.

The fragrance completes with elements of musky, sensual and exotic cashmere.

Spring And Summer Scentsia Cartridge Wafer Refills

The following fragrance refills are designed to work within our App-controlled Aroma Beam air freshener diffuser.


Intensely tropical and milky coconut, spicy, bitter licorice and walnut-tinged maraschino cherry form the top notes of this uplifting and inspiring fragrance.

Invigorate Fragrance Business Settingjpeg

These aspects soon fade, making way for a middle note featuring intoxicating jasmine, green, powdery and woody fennel and a warm, fresh summery garden mint blend.

Base notes of lush elegant vanilla, creamy sandalwood and sensual musk complete this exotic formulation.

Acqua Flora

The moniker for this light fragrance derives from the natural world of water and flowers.

Aqua Flora Scentsia Fragrance

Opening with a fresh, green top note tinged with the tangy tones of red berries, these elements soon meld into a heart note dominated by sugary, rich and fresh orange blossom.

The scent completes with a base note featuring light, floral and musty cyclamen complemented by woody facets.

In Conclusion

As a home owner, incorporating a spring or summer fragrance into your surroundings can only enhance your state of mind and mood! 

Test-drive some of these refreshening fragrances in your home or office and discover a fragrant rebirth of the senses!

Final thought on spring fragrances: Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring that delicious commingling  pf the perfume of arbutus, the odor of pines and the now-soaked oil just warming into life? ~ Neltje Blanbha

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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