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How To Make Your Home Or Business Smell Like a Spa

The dynamic nature of the modern consumer demands products and services that coincide with healthier lifestyles.

The awareness of health and well-being as integral to a life-long journey has inspired the customization of the contemporary spa, which is marked by an increase in the establishment of medical spas, mineral springs spas and mud baths, just to name a few. 

Relaxing at home is elusive and sometimes impossible during these terrible pandemic days and nights, but there is a comforting escape route available via the introduction of a calm and fresh fragrance streaming softly throughout a home and infusing all those it embraces with soothing, serene and peaceful thoughts.

7 ambient scents to create a sense of calm.

Relaxing Scents For Home

The Importance of Essential Oils in Spa Scents

The controlled application of essential oils promote physical and spiritual well-being and their usage dates back to the ancient world where Egyptians were among the first to deploy distillation machines for the extraction of aromatic oils from plants.

The Chinese as well use these oils as relaxants and mood enhancers. 

The most frequently utilized essential oils in the spas of today are: lavender; citrus; rosemary; bergamot; lemon, orange and eucalyptus.

Harnessing the relaxing properties inherent in essential oils can transform a home setting into an olfactory spa adventure.

How finding a favorite home fragrance will improve your life.

Favorite Home Scent

According to Hope Gillerman, author of Essential Oils For Every Day: “The micro-particles of essential oils are absorbed into the body through the skin, nasal passages, and lungs, where they travel into the blood stream, via the lymphatic system, and the organs, finally exiting the body through the liver and kidneys…

Essential oils are the only scents that are proven to offer healthy solutions, and in some cases, even alternatives to some over-the-counter medications.”

Relevant Studies

A study published in the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine in 2012 involved pregnant women undergoing aromatherapy for the treatment of anxiety. Participants were divided into two randomly selected groups, where the first was exposed to aromatherapy and the second was given a placebo.

Results indicated that the aromatherapy sector experienced a much higher reduction in feelings of anxiety, tension and anger as well as heart rates than those from the control group.

What Exactly Is A Spa Scent?

A spa scent is many things to many people, but in universal terms, such fragrances are characterized by their ability to render sensations of calm, relaxation, warmth and indulgence.

An investment in lavender oil is the easiest way to transform an ordinary home into smelling like a spa, but for more complex authenticity, blended oils such as: cedar wood; orange; peppermint; geranium and ylang-ylang, provide a natural path to a home spa atmosphere with the help of dispersion via electronic diffusers.

Soaps, Sachets And Cleaning Products

Spa scents can also permeate a home via special soaps and cleaning products. A quality fragrance infused in a soap not only lingers on the hands, but also travels throughout the home. 

The mundane ritual of washing one’s hands can add a small but significant touch by streaming home spa aromas to every room in the home.

Cleaning products that promote spa scents include those containing minty, pine, sharp and green eucalyptus and fresh, clean citrus elements.

Lavender Sachet For Home

Sachets infused with a chosen scent scattered around a home, inside pillow-cases as well as dresser drawers, contribute to the uniformity of the spa fragrance.

One tip for bringing a little bit of spa into the average home bathroom is a small touch indeed.

Simply soak the ends of a cotton q-tip with a favored essential oil and place it in the middle of a toilet tissue roll.

This works best when rolls are hung horizontally, but if they are vertical, a tiny strip of tape will keep the swab in place.

Some Favorite Home Air Freshener Spa Scents

The following represents a sampling of some of the many fragrances that can be deployed to transform any home into a glorious spa experience.

They are our wafer, Air Wisp or Scentsia cartridge fragrance refills.

Acqua Flora

This light fragrance is so named for the natural cosmos of water and flowers that it so aptly duplicates.

Its top note is fresh, green and tinged with the tangy touch of red berries.

These elements are soon overwhelmed by a redolent middle note of sugary, rich and fresh orange blossom.

Aqua Flora Scentsia Fragrance

The scent finishes with a base note of light, floral and musty cyclamen complemented by woody nuances.

Coconut Lemongrass

Replete with the dazzling allure of far away places, this rich and romantic lemongrass and coconut amalgam opens with top notes characterized by nuances of fruit and complex, refreshing elements of bergamot, crisp and citrusy litsea cubeba and milky, tropical coconut.

Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Refill

These aspects soon acquiesce into a heart note of sour/sweet lemon, clean and green lemongrass and light, floral and bitter neroli.

A base note of sugary nectar, lush and elegant vanilla and subtle, balsamic and woody pine add a touch of seductive allure and complete this romantic scent.

Eucalyptus Mint

This zesty, invigorating fragrance is dominated by minty, pine and green eucalyptus and marked with shades of honeyed woody and piquant resin.

These aspects soon blend with tangy, sweet mint, which relieves mental exhaustion and revitalizes the human spirit. 

Island Breeze

Starry nights of sultry splendor and shimmering shallows come to mind with just one whiff of this beguiling and memorable fragrance.

Marked by a top note featuring sugary, spicy strawberry, milky coconut, lush pineapple and gingery, exotic mango, these elements soon coalesce into a heart note bouquet of intensely exotic jasmine and bitter, sweet and sour anise.

Island Breeze Wafer Fragrance

A base note marked by honey-like and elegant vanilla and fruity, slightly sugary and earthy nectar complete this tropical scent.

Lemongrass Sage

Intense, clean, crisp, and green lemongrass dominates this purifying and refreshing scent that is known to invigorate both the body and the mind.

The addition of warm, floral, earthy and woody dry sage aids in the improvement of mental clarity and the powers of concentration.

Lemongrass Sage Home Freshener

This scent can perfectly complement all outdoor activities such as sun-bathing, picnics and quiet times of peace, day dreaming and contemplation.

Spa Renewal

Inspired by luscious tropical fruits and colorful landscapes, this uplifting and restorative scent open with a top note marked by sharp, salty sea air, crisp, nutty almond kernel, and nuances of succulent, exotic fruit.

Spa Renewal Home Fragrance

These aspects soon fade into a heart note bouquet featuring romantic, velvety and musky rose, floral and green water-lily, piquant and grassy sea kelp, lightly floral cyclamen and revitalizing lemongrass.

A base note of woody, earthy and savory blue sage completes the scent.

White Tea

This elegant Far Eastern scent captures the purity and exotic simplicity of white tea, and is named for the white hairs on the unopened buds of the Chinese tea plant, which bear a whitish appearance.

White Tea Scent Sells Homes

Infused with a dozen essential oils, the top note of this relaxing, luxurious and soothing fragrance is laden with inspiring and revitalizing citrus.

A floral heart note bouquet soon takes hold, marked by dreamy, romantic and musky rose, intoxicating, sugary and rich jasmine petal and exotic, sweet and green white tea bud.

These aspects soon meld into a final base note characterized by earthy, woody and highly aromatic musk.

In Conclusion

So homeowners everywhere, turn your private home into a wondrous spa experience with the simple application of some strategically placed essential oils.

Let the wondrous and unexplored realms of scent take you away from conventional anxiety and tension and into a serene and comforting environment without stepping foot outside your doors.

Find that magical combination of scents that will transform your home into smelling like a spa!

Final thought about spas: I desperately want to go camping the summer. Preferably it will be in a hotel with a pool and a spa ~Pinterest

Photo Credits: Pixabay and Air-Scent Diffusers

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