Twisted Apple Diffuser Oil – Green Apple And Sweet Musk


The crisp, fresh aroma of a green apple’s waxy skin blended with the succulence of a woody, ripe apple flow through the head notes of this glorious Twisted Apple Diffuser Oil. These aspects soon seamlessly fade into a fruity heart note laden with velvety peach and juicy, peachy nuanced plum. A long lasting, balanced dry down of classic, green and amber-nuanced sweet musk completes this potent, unforgettable fragrance.

All of our Air Wisp diffuser oils are 100% pure blends created with the highest quality ingredients, and each are available in 150 ml (5.27 fl oz), 500 ml (17.59 fl oz) and 1000 ml (35.19 fl oz).

Key Notes: Green Apple, Peach and Sweet Musk

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A Formidable Elevator Of Mood And Mind Set 

Our emotions and the thoughts that accompany them are greatly influenced by the aromas that surround us. This fragrance inspires the human psyche and is a call to action, joyful living, renewal and a bold change in the outlook of all things.

Historical Aspects:

Down through the ages, the apple has been considered a symbol of pleasure, elegance, fertility, love and jealousy. Apples have also been a part of many religious  traditions, symbolizing a forbidden and mysterious fruit. In perfumery, apples have been a favored facet since the Middle Ages and the age of early Arabian perfumers. 

Numerous Applications

There are a number of ways this fragrance refill will work at 100% capacity. These include: reed diffusers, nebulizers, atomizers and the Aroma Styler HVAV Diffuser Machine.

Beneficial To The Environment And Safe For Home Or Office Use

This fragrance oil is formulated with the purest ingredients available on the modern marketplace and is meticulously blended with ingredients that are safe for humans and pets. It is guaranteed to be no GMO, Vegan and  free from petrochemicals, glycols, parabens, synthetic colors, artificial additives and other harmful compounds.

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150ml Alpha Refill, 500ml Beta Refill, 1000ml Gamma Refill


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