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Our woody, bold, aristocratic Santal diffuser oil is an intoxicating olfactory carpet ride into the deep, mysterious woods and the captivating warmth of a flickering open fire.

Passionate and seductive, this luxurious sandalwood blend, with it inclusion of papyrus, manifests another time and place dating back to the glory days of ancient Egypt and the banks and marshes of the Nile River where it grew in profusion.

This formulation combines elements of slightly sweet, spicy and woody cardamom oil, dry, earthy and leathery papyrus, and sensual earthy and passionate musk.

Immerse yourself and surrender to the warm, earthy sensual mood of this unforgettable fragrance!

All of our diffuser oils work within our Aroma Styler diffusers.

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Transform Your World With Our Santal Diffuser Oil!

Our Santal Diffuser oil contains a unique blend of ingredients, which work together to provide a pleasant aroma that is both energizing and relaxing. It’s perfect for adding a relaxing scent to your home, especially if you’re feeling stressed. Balance emotions, relieve tension, and improve concentration, energy, and focus!

A Powerful Ambient Mood Enhancer

Dare to envision the eternal depths of the dark and mystical woods combined with the seductive warmth of a crackling open fire. Woody, spicy and sensual elements that encourage feelings of romance and intimacy. This passionate and bold amalgam whispers of the glory days of ancient Egypt where papyrus thrived in wild profusion along the banks of The Nile River. It is a stunning and bold explosion of passionate desire.

The Historical Aspect of Santal Diffuser Oil

Although Santal is laden with centuries old ingredients and is the essence of exotic allure and mystery, it does not have a long and colorful past. Produced by Estée Lauder Companies-owned perfume brand, Le Labo, back in 2011, its purpose was to relieve consumers from years of saturation with the perfume industry’s reliance on celebrity scents that glutted the market place.

Made With Superior Friendly Ingredients

This bold and intoxicating new aroma oil bouquet has been developed using the highest quality of raw and natural ingredients. Our aroma oils are blended with pure fragrance ingredients that are certified Non-GMO, Vegan, and are free of parabens, DPG, glycols, petrochemicals, phthalate, artificial additives, synthetic colors, or harmful chemicals.

Universal Use Within Aroma Diffusers

Our delicately-traced Santal diffuser oil formulation works in its 100% form within nebulizers, atomizers, reed diffusers and aroma oil diffusers to create a rich, luxurious mood and ambience. It also works effectively in diluted form within water-containing diffusers.

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6 reviews for Santal Diffuser Oil For Aroma Oil Scent Diffusers

  1. Jen Cisneros

    I’m an avid user of aroma diffuser oils. I bought Santal as a perfume, but never as a diffuser oil. I love this fragrance. It’s warming, woody, earthy with tinges of fruit I think. It presents the perfect fragrant balance for my home.

  2. R Howard 🦋

    I first heard of this essential oil on a YouTube video of a must have for your home & I must definitely agree with that statement! This product has been a must have staple in my home since the first time I purchased this product. I actually tried a more expensive product with the exact name thinking it must have more scent to it since it was more expensive, but I was highly mistaken. I couldn’t even smell the more expensive brand. I practically had put a full dropper into my diffuser to get any scent. So I decided to go back to this brand which you only need a couple of drops & it smells great. If you have ever been to any five star hotels, than you will know how this essential oil smells. If not, it smells like the old cologne l Drakkar Noir. It has a citrusy, woodsy smell. I hope they do not stop making this product. I can’t go without this product in my home.

  3. Sue Tester

    Absolutely love this fragrance. Like the Hotel too, and had been buying each from another company which was almost 20 bucks more costly. Air-Scent’s Santal diffuser oil is phenomenal smelling. I’m a long fan of the Santal 33 fragrance. This hits all the same marks and notes. Warm, inviting, woodsy and rich, it has the perfect ambiance for any setting.

  4. Vania A.

    The scent of affordable luxury! The scent is subtle and refreshing and reasonably priced compared to other niche oils here. The oil definitely has the DNA of the Santal signature scent of le labo. I use it only in the bedroom, but the aroma travels throughout the entire house. I love it! Although it’s recommended to use it with the fancy and really expensive wireless diffuser, it works just as well with a regular diffuser. Would love to try the other scents from this company.

  5. Lindsey Hedquist

    Everyone comments my house smells like spa, exactly what I wanted

  6. Donna K Fisher

    Absolutely Perfect! I’m very surprised some recipients stated that this oil isn’t strong enough. Perhaps it’s the diffuser their using, because this is by far the best oil I have in my possession! I clean my diffuser per instructions and have never had an issue with this oil. My home is filled with a heavily scent of Santal daily!

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