The Aroma Beam Air Freshening Diffuser System


Make any large entertaining space within your home smell like a hotel lobby with our Bluetooth-operated Aroma Beam air freshener diffuser system. Large hotel chains, boutique hotels and other commercial businesses around the world have used the Aroma Beam to enhance their public areas for years, and now you can too!

The Aroma Beam comes with one free starter fragrance cartridge of your choice. Fragrances include: Coconut Lemongrass, Fresh Breeze, South Beach, Sensational, White Tea, Passion Fruit and Melon, Spa Renewal, Beach Dreams, Hot Apple Pie, Aqua Flora, Egyptian Musk, Miami Vibe and Cinnamon Buns to name a few. To order more Scentsia cartridges, just click to your preferred scent, or explore all of our Scentsia fragrances or order away!

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The most effective, large area indoor professional dry vapor air freshener diffuser system — the Aroma Beam offers commercial grade high-performance for any homeowner looking to enhance their interior space. Set the mood for any occasion, freshen the air and control odors, so every impression of your home is as lasting as it should be.

The Aroma Beam method is non-nebulizing (without wet vapor) and easily controlled through the Scent Bridge smart phone app for Android and iOS. It is quite simply one of the most effective ways for homeowners to control odors and enjoy evenly diffused, pleasing aromas gently wafting through their homes.

And for those who operate a business from home or own a small bricks and mortar business, enjoy the bottom line benefits of scent marketing by evoking positive responses with guest, clients, employees, customers and consumers with our many luscious Scentsia Cartridge fragrance refills.

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4.25 × 4.25 in

Apple Pie, Aqua Flora, Beach Dreams, Coconut Lemongrass, Coffee, Egyptian Musk, Invigorate, Miami Vibes, Neutral, Odor End, Odorless, Passion Fruit & Melons, Sensational, Spa Renewal, Stolen Moments, Utopia, Fresh Breeze, White Tea

Scentsia Fragrance Cartridge Refills

The Scentsia refills contain our delicately traced dry vapor fragrance formulations, each of which have been developed by some of the industry’s leading master perfumers. Each cartridge hold a full 30 days worth of pure fragrance formulated to kindle just the right response depending on your home occasion or your business goals.

Choose from a select array of popular aromas such as Passion Fruit and Melon, Sensational, White Tea, Utopia, Coconut Lemongrass and Fresh Breeze to name a few. We also offer Odorless and End Odors, which are our fragrance-free options utilizing our Metazene additive for superior, large area odor control without aroma enhancement. Each AromaBeam™ diffuser holds one Scentsia refill cartridge and has up to 30-day fully adjustable performance.

Aroma Beam Features

– Compact size, heavy-duty, polymer constructed housing
– Non-liquid and non-spill system
– Multiple mounting options (free-standing, directional arm, vertical wall and under mount)
– Plugs into standard 110v wall outlet utilizing 12 volt conversion adapter (included);
– Non-skid rubber feet protects surfaces
– Blue-tooth operated
– And much more


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