Apple Bake Diffuser Oil – Apple Cinnamon Clove Vanilla


Reminiscent of summer’s end and falling leaves blanketing fields and walkways, this fragrance bursts with nostalgic, autumnal accents that evoke memories of times past. A freshly baked apple pie steaming from the oven and the crisp aroma of apples drift through the head notes of this glorious fragrance. These facets soon seamlessly fold into a piquant heart note marked by warm, fruity and inviting cinnamon. The scent completes with a dry down laden with soft, lush and rich vanilla.

Our Air Wisp collection of diffuser oils are specifically designed to work within our Aroma Styler HVAC diffusers. but also work conveniently in all types of nebulizers, atomizers, aroma oil diffusers and conventional reed diffusers. They are completely safe for any interior and come in three different sizes, including 150 ml (5.27 fl oz), 500 ml (17.59 fl oz) and 1000 ml (35.19 fl oz).

Key Notes: Apple, Cinnamon, Clove and Vanilla

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Inspiring Positive Thoughts And Emotions

Inspiring happy times of holidays past, the autumnal sense of renewal pervades the human heart with a feeling of mellow joy and gratitude for both family and living each day to the fullest.

A Touch of History:

While everyone knows what an apple is, its origins and symbolism run deep and have roots long enmeshed with the passage of time. It is connected to ancient mythology and represents long life and renewal, which explain its connection to the changing autumnal landscape. In perfumery, apple blends well with other facets and is often used to add a twist of fruit to a particular fragrance.

A Fragrance Oil  With Many Applications

This Air Wisp fragrance diffuser oil can work at 100% capacity with reed diffusers, nebulizers, atomizers and the Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser machine.

Sustainable And Safe for Humans And Pets

This Air Wisp fragrance oil has undergone and passed rigorous testing to ensure its safety and eco-friendly properties. It contains no harmful chemicals, and is non GMO and Vegan. In addition it is guaranteed to be free of petrochemicals, parabens, glycols, synthetic colors and artificial additives 

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Air Wisp Size

150ml Alpha Refill, 500ml Beta Refill, 1000ml Gamma Refill


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