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Let Our Lavender-Infused Diffuser Oils Soothe Your Soul

By many standards, the sweet, beguiling and intense fragrance of lavender diffuser oil (or essential oil) is the most widely utilized and recognized on planet Earth today.

Known since ancient times as a natural remedy, lavender is a member of the mint family and several types are used in perfumery.

It is found today in gardens all across the globe, everywhere from Cape Verde and the Canary Islands to Europe, northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia, China and southeast India.

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

There are 47 known species of this flowering plant that is easily recognized by its tapered leaves and dazzling purple blooms that have been integral ingredients to medicine and perfumery since the world was young.

Little is known about the very first culture to use infused aromatic oils as a mood enhancer, but some historians believe it may have been the Chinese.

It is believed that the ancient Egyptians developed one of the earliest distillation machines, which they used to extract essential oils from cedar-wood, clove, cinnamon and lavender plants.

When British archaeologist, Howard Carter, and his crew uncovered the tomb of King Tutankhamen in 1922, he reported that the scent of lavender, albeit faint, was still discernible some 3,000 years later within the faded folds of the king’s golden casket.

Fragrance of Lavender

The Greeks and Romans also used lavender in their daily lives in cooking, bathing rituals, for warding off infection, healing wounds and for scenting the air. It is also mentioned in the New Testament.

During the Middle Ages, lavender was scattered all across the floors of churches and homes, and it was a favored ingredient in sachets. The Tudor kings were known to stuff their caps and quilted jackets with lavender. During the Renaissance, French women who took in washing for hire were known as “lavenders.”

The Ever-Growing Love Of Lavender Essential Oil

Today, lavender essential oil is a favorite fragrance choice of many. It is also used in a myriad of other ways which include: aromatherapy and massage oils, skin care lotions, gels, candles and soaps.

Provence, France is the epicenter of modern lavender production, and more than 17,000 pounds of lavender are grown each year.

The name derives from the Latin word, lavare, meaning to wash. It is mostly used in feminine scents, but it is also sometimes found in men’s colognes.

It blends seamlessly with other aromatic essential oils such as: uplifting grapefruit; woody rosemary; sweet and hot clary sage; fruity chamomile; minty pine, earthy sage, dark, passionate patchouli, strong and green oak moss, spicy, complex and elegant bergamot, light, floral and herbaceous neroli and luscious, fresh and sweet orange blossom.

In the words of Canadian “nose,” Julie Massé: “Lavender adds a herby note, but interestingly, by adding it to other fragrance notes, you can push it towards ‘cool’ herby, towards the smell of mint, or you can go in the other direction and push it towards ‘hot’ herby, almost spicy, like the scent of a hot summer’s night.”

Health Benefits Associated with Lavender

Lavender essential oil is a vital ingredient and highly desirable in many other products besides perfume and fragrance refills for Air Scent Diffusers.

These include: soaps; laundry detergents, household cleaning products, deodorizers, and candles.

Lavender is renowned for its antiseptic and antibiotic properties that kill bacteria, alleviate the pain of bee stings and migraines, heal burns and ward off moths in clothing closets.

It is also known to promote restful sleep, balance emotions, and to act as a calming agent for both people and horses.

Lavender Symbolism

Lavender flowers are laden with symbolism. They represent chastity, silence, loyalty, harmony, dignity and serenity.

Their purple color denotes royalty, elegance and luxury, and is also linked to the crown chakra, which is the energy matrix associated with higher purpose and spirituality.

A Few Relevant Lavender Studies

A 2012 study published in The Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand indicated that the introduction of lavender served to relax participants, increase mental alertness, reduce anxiety and raise levels of euphoria.

Another Indianapolis pilot study conducted by Conrad and Adams in a large hospital focused on 28 postpartum women, who, after one month of exposure to lavender aromatherapy treatment, experienced significant reduction in anxiety and depression.

Why Is Lavender So Popular?

Lavender is deeply linked to the idea of ‘clean,’ and it is source of delight for anyone close enough to inhale it.

This factor makes it an extremely popular choice in every day personal care and household cleaning products.

Lavender is kind of one-size-fits-all when it comes to its vital chemical compounds such as flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties and Linalool, which has been proven in a number of studies to reduce anxiety and blood pressure levels. 

In the world of perfume, lavender is extremely popular among formulators and is a best selling fragrance refill for use in our HVAC diffusers and other fan air operated machines.

This is because it blends so well with other essential oils such as: uplifting grapefruit; woody, aromatic rosemary; warm, sweet clary sage, herbaceous, fruity chamomile and lush, succulent orange.

It is a very versatile essential oil with a unique and enduring scent that pleases almost everyone who experiences it.

Our Collection Lavender Diffuser Oils And Fragrances

For all of the purists out there who desire the soothing full-on ambient essence of lavender permeating throughout their home or business, there’s nothing more genuine then our Restful Lavender diffuser oil.

Restful Lavender Diffuser Oil

This king of lavender-based fragrances streams with a head note marked by clean, fresh aspects of its namesake.

This facet soon gently folds into a heart note dominated by rosy, green geranium, which ultimately drifts in a soft woody dry down that completes this relaxing and serene fragrance.

This diffuser oil comes in three sizes and work within our Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser.

For a more subtle approach, the following fragrances have touches of lavender fragrance.

Santal Lavender Sage Diffuser Oil

Wild berries, black currants, spicy cinnamon and cardamon, banana and floral elements of violet and iris all fuse with earthy patchouli, woody dry cedar and mellow, rich and buttery sandalwood to create this unique fragrance that is part of the Santal Diffuser Oil Collection.

Air-Scent Santal Lavender Sage 120ml Bathroom Setting

Alma Flower Diffuser Oil

Streaming with a citrus burst of luscious orange, juicy mandarin, warm balsamic cassis and apricot-like nectarine, these facets soon seamlessly drift into an exotic heart note marked by aspects of sweet, rich jasmine flower, floral, honeyed neroli, dreamy, musky rose and soothing, green and sugary lavender.

Alma Flower Honey Diffuser Oil

A dry down of woody, slightly sweet nectar and musky elements complete this unforgettable formulation.

This diffuser oil comes in three sizes and work within our Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser.

Hotel Diffuser Oil

Clean, fresh lemon and luscious orange stream through the head notes of this erotic beguiling blend.

Hotel Diffuser Oil With Lavender

These facets soon fold into a floral, fruity middle note marked by elements of velvety peach, dreamy, musky rose, sensual, green geranium and mellow, sweet and calming lavender.

Base notes of piney, honeyed and pungent eucalyptus and woody, balsamic and invigorating pine compete this glorious fragrance.

Lambrusco Solid Wafer Refill

Top notes burst with citrus facets of succulent orange, sweet, red grape, sugary/tart cherry and tangy, woody raspberry.

Lambrusco Holiday Home Fragrance

These aspects soon fade into a smooth heart note of woody, fresh and rich lavender, and finally fold into a lush, woody dry down featuring cool, balsamic pine and lush, noble and elegant vanilla.

This solid wafer works within our Aroma One fan air freshener diffuser.

Miami Vibe Scentsia Cartridge 

Spicy, citrusy bergamot and sea-inspired aquamarine form the head notes of this invigorating fragrance, but soon they soon acquiesce into a heart note of calming, rich and sugary lavender and elements of leafy green.

Miami Vibe Home Fragrance

A final dry down of somber, dry cedar wood and erotic, passionate musk completes this sexy fragrance.

Our Scentsia Cartriges work within our Aroma Beam air freshener diffuser.

To Conclude This Calming Missive

In the words of Nayana D. Biju, “Be like a lavender flower, which symbolizes purity, quietness, elegance, calmness and deluxe royalty.”

A 30 milliliter bottle of our Santal Lavender Sage diffuser oil is free when you order our Nebulizing Tower Diffuser from our Amazon store.

Psychology Fragrance Tube Diffuser

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