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7 Scents That Will Brighten Up Any Business Or Home Office

The home office reflects both an individual’s professionalism and how their brain works in their particular space.

Whether tidy or always in search of lost or misplaced papers and other bits of every day life, a work space shares certain features with all others. 

Both small brick and mortar businesses and the modern home office have taken many forms down through the passage of time.

Universally, however, the intrinsic challenge of every work space always has been to provide a clear dividing line that separates life from work. Walls are not enough to institute solid boundaries when home workers are “on the clock.”

Fragrant Ambient Scents For Home Offices

One’s home office space must be exclusively one’s own at all times. Work computers should not be accessed by other family members and while proximity to family in case of an emergency is both convenient and important, members of a household must not be allowed ingress during the work day unless invited. 

A work space must always be productive and functional. Within this broad defining framework, guest rooms, bedrooms, closets and even certain bathrooms can double as home offices.

As long as a selected space is not surrounded by the distractions of television or snacks, its hub can be a simple floating shelf, a mini-secretary desk, or even a leaning ladder.

Plugs for computers and phones, a desk, comfortable chair and sufficient lighting can suffice along with a a positive work ethic and a pleasing scent.

9 scents that will make your home smell like a hotel lobby!

Hotel Scents Transform Home

Lately, the pandemic has forced a work population indoors, and the home office environment has taken on a new vitality and significance. In this context, all human senses must be engaged and incorporated into interior design, which includes: sight (color and form) and touch (textiles, soft furnishings).

Surrounding oneself with colors that inspire and motivate, and furniture that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye are important considerations. 

Oddly though, the ultimate means of decreasing stress; namely, scent, is often neglected. Its potential to reduce anxiety, increase concentration, enhance memory, and uplift mood are powerful aids in coping with increasing work loads and fears about the dreaded virus that has taken over so much our waking lives.

Explore our list of calming scents for your home!

Relaxing Scents For Home

A Few Relevant Studies and Statistics

Over the last decade or so, researchers have carefully studied the ramifications of stress on varied work environments and have discovered that certain scents have healing properties that relieve anxiety. 

A 2007 study conducted at Meikai University’s School of Dentistry in Japan indicated that lavender and rosemary significantly decreased cortisol, the stress hormone. Scent can also combat fatigue and promote mental clarity and concentration. 

One iconic, Nobel Prize-winning study indicated that the average person has about 1,000 olfactory genes in their body, and can recall as many as 10,000 diverse smells. 

Further research suggests that 75% of our daily emotions are influenced by smell, and our moods can rally for the better by 40% after smelling a pleasant fragrance. Further, a 2015 study conducted in Japan found that lemon scent reduced typing errors by 54%; 33% with jasmine and 20% with lavender.

The Power of Scent In Business Settings

The role of scent in any brick and mortar business or home office is two-fold; namely, to enhance overall mood and increase productivity.

In order to be effective, a fragrance must have the power to reset feelings by permeating the essence of the atmosphere, and yet at the same time, always remain slightly out of reach. It whispers softly, yet indelibly, to the core of our thoughts and feelings. Fragrance provides an emotional, shifting landscape within a work space.

Here are 6 reasons we have the highest quality fragrances!

Best Home Air Freshener Fragrance

According to Olivia Jezler, founder of The Future of Smell, a fragrance consultancy dedicated to helping clients leverage emerging trends in experiential and product fragrance design: “Scent is a very emotional way to separate our spaces, and to create more space than we actually have.”

According to Indian architect, Suchi Reddy of Reddymade: “Scent is a great way to change something, with a very subtle kind of intervention that doesn’t necessarily require more square feet, or a huge investment of money.”

Her collaboration on the project, A Space for Being, an interactive installation that incorporates diverse stimuli, led to the creation of a series of spaces designed to evoke specific feelings through color, texture, light, sound, smell, and feeling.

7 Fragrances That Will Transform Mood and Productivity

The following are fragrance suggestions for diverse home offices and small brick and mortar settings that work well with specific air diffusing systems. Selections are certain to be dependent on the kind of business that is in question. 

For example, a psychologist might choose soothing lavender, while someone working with a team of any kind might seek out something more challenging and exhilarating such as Invigorate or Genoa Lemon. These are just a few of the many options our master perfumers have designed for any home office or business setting.

Restful Lavender (Air Wisp For Aroma Styler)

Lavender is highly versatile and very fragrant. It is an ingredient found in a myriad of products, and is most commonly known as a scent that evokes relaxation, which is prefect for the atmosphere of either a stressful home office or small brick and mortar business.

Calming Lavender Fragrance

This fine, aromatic scent opens with a soothing, rich, fresh and rustic top note of lavender. This soon gives way to a green, herbal-nuanced geranium middle note and finishes with a soft, woody root base note.

Invigorate (Scentsia For Aroma Beam)

Uplifting and inspiring, a top note of clean, cool fresh air, milky, lush and intensely tropical coconut, spicy, bitter licorice and walnut-tinged maraschino cherry opens this memorable fragrance.

Invigorate Fragrance Business Settingjpeg

A middle note of sweet, intoxicating jasmine, green, powdery and woody fennel and warm, summery garden mint blend into a final base note of lush vanilla, creamy sandalwood and sensual musk.

Mulberry (Wafer For Aroma One)

This energetic fragrance is marked by a fantasy blend of delightful aromas. It opens with a top note marked by fruity berry nuances and a potent burst of sparkle and effervescence.

Mulberry Home Office Fragrance

A middle note characterized by powdery, woody violet and floral, tangy and woody-nuanced raspberry soon follows. These elements fuse into a final base note featuring dark, rich and sugary vanilla musk.

Vanilla Cream (Wafer For Aroma One Diffuser)

This South Sea island scent, whose moniker derives from the world’s most famous donut, is guaranteed to not put any weight on, but nevertheless delight all who experience its fragrant bouquet.

Vanilla Kreme Calming Fragrance

It opens with a top note featuring fruity berry aspects, which then blend into a sharp floral middle note. The fragrance completes with a base note marked by lush, elegant and sugary vanilla.

Black Bamboo (Air Wisp For Aroma Styler)

This sensual and exotic fragrance opens with a top note hallmarked by dry, aromatic citron, which soon fades into a floral heart note bouquet of sugary, creamy gardenia, highly fragrant and fragile pikake, fruity and piquant plumeria, bright and tropical lily and earthy star anise. 

These elements morph into a finishing base note featuring soft, dry bamboo, musky patchouli and rich and warm sandalwood.

Genoa Lemon (Air Wisp For Aroma Syler)

A distinctive burst of sparkling, invigorating lemon and succulent, honey-tinged mandarin orange opens this exhilarating fragrance. A floral heart note soon follows characterized by bitter, herbaceous neroli and creamy, sugary magnolia blossom. A base note of subtle and woody twiggy-green and sensual white musk completes this memorable scent.

Air Wisp Genoa Lemon

Lilac (Wafer For Aroma One)

A top note of clean, sharp citrus opens this distinctive fragrance so reminiscent of far away enchanted places. A middle note soon takes hold, which features intense and intoxicating jasmine, dreamy, musky rose, shimmering exotic lily, spicy, vibrant carnation and almond-like green lilac. 

A final base note of warm and somewhat sweet cedar wood and potent, musky and sensual patchouli complete this powerful fragrance.

The Very Best Home Office Air Freshener Diffusers

The three main air diffusers mentioned above are the Aroma Beam, the Aroma Styler and the Aroma One. All are suitable additions to any brick and mortar business or home office setting.They help set the mood, freshens ambient air and control malodors,.

The Aroma Beam

This dry vapor air diffuser system is one of the most effective ways for brick and mortar business and home offices to evoke positive responses within larger environments. It is unbeatable when used in tandem with the one-of-a-kind cartridges that are customized for superior linear diffusion for up to 30 days.

The Aroma Beam Home Air Freshener Diffuser

The Aroma Beam comes with a built in 24-hour battery back-up, on/off timers, and is available in several configurations. 

The Aroma Styler

This is one of the most powerful, easy-to-use HVAC atomizing diffuser systems on the marketplace today, and it comes in three sizes: the Alpha, for areas up to 10,500 cubic feet, the Beta overing up to 21,000 cubic feet and the Gamma for up to 63,000 cubic feet.

Aroma Styler Alpha Home Diffuser

Innovative technology converts liquid scent into dry vaporous, very fine, micro particles (50 microns or less in size), creating a virtually invisible vapor that floats evenly across any open space. It is perfect for smaller brick and mortar businesses and home offices, as one has only to think about the size of the commercial space, which will then open up a vast array of suitable ambient scent selections.

The Aroma One

The Aroma One fan air freshener system is built for neutralizing tough airborne odors while simultaneously providing superior, linear, aroma enhancement for any small area.

Aroma One Stand in Environment

Although it is best known for addressing restroom-born malodors within a commercial environment, it can be considered for any small space and is very versatile. It comes three smart settings, 30-60 day quality performance and many options for uniquely pleasing, solid, spill-proof fragrance wafer refills.

In Conclusion

Brightening up a brick and mortar business or home office requires thoughtful planning. As a business owner, manager or solitary person working from home, get the most out of a work space by harnessing the power of fragrance. 

Final thought about home offices: I like working from home. My own bed is much more comfortable than sleeping in my cubicle.~Maxine / Crabby Road

Photo Credits: Pixabay and Jonas Neilson

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