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9 Scents That Will Make Your Home Smell Like A Hotel Lobby

Step into the realm of luxurious ambiance with our guide to 9 captivating scents that effortlessly transform your home into a captivating oasis, reminiscent of the elegant allure found in a hotel lobby.

A hotel is more than just a building, and a successful patron experience is always marked by an amalgam of sensual delights that spin the unique narrative of a specific place at a certain moment in time.

The power of scent, as well as decorative flourishes, such as an artfully placed display of fruit or a bouquet of colorful blooms and music, all combine to convey an illusory feeling, whether it be one of homey comfort or pampered elegance.

Many luxurious hotels scents can also be enjoyed in the home and some of the most popular hotel lobby scents are now available to homeowners here at Air-Scent Diffusers, where we are totally devoted to serving the needs of the home owner.

Scents Home Hotel Lobby

Why Does Smell Play Such A Major Role In Hotels?

Given that the human sense of smell is the second most influential after vision, businesses such as hotels that relate specifically to human interaction and hospitality have learned to harness its potential as a predefining traveler experience. This concerns mentally encapsulating holiday times with the indelible creation of personal memories and pictures.

Different hotels tell diverse stories, but all of them reflect a specific message for the travelers that cross their threshold, even if the sojourn is for just one night. Fragrance is, hopefully a communication that will linger in the sub-conscious and lure travelers back to experience anew.

Hotel Ambient Scents For My Home

Savvy scent marketers understand that the average person is 100 times more likely to remember a smell than something that is seen, heard or touched. Tapping into this concept, a signature scent requires a completely sensory strategy.

Repeat business is not so much dependent on satisfaction with products or services as much as it concerns the positive look, feel and aroma surrounding the general atmosphere. Hotel scents help to create a specific ambiance. For example, a feel at home scent might consist of a soft blend of roses and tobacco.

Two examples of popular hotel scents are the White Tea and Fig signature scent used throughout the Westin Hotel chain and the. unmistakable fragrance of the Holiday Inn Express. This former is a bold blend of white tea and vanilla hallmarked by cedar notes. The latter is a fusion of green tea, sweet grass, and citrus, with a hint of green herbs. Scents such as these can be purchased to enhance the ambiance of a private residence.

Air Wisp Eucalyptus Mint

Scent has the power to boost consumer behavior in a myriad of upselling opportunities and levels of satisfaction. It is essential to a traveler’s first impression. Whatever scent a hotel is using, it is often infused in candles or sprays to scent the air, as well as in soaps and lotions.

Hoteliers have no desire to overpower travelers with their signature scent, but they do seek to imprint its recall deep within the recesses of the brain’s limbic system where emotions and memories are formed.

A Few Fun Facts About Hotel Scents

Modern hoteliers consider an investment in signature scent as a part of their overall marketing budget. They have come to understand that scent-marketing applications boost both levels of customer satisfaction and additional revenue.

For this reason, a fragrance must be a well-thought out strategy if it is to be successful According to Loren Nalewanski, VP of brand management for Spring Hill Suites and Towne Place Suites by Marriott: ”The goal of a branded scent should be to lodge it within a guest’s memory. Visual memories fade by 60% after a year, while the memory of a scent only fades by 40 %.”

Hotel Fragrances For Home

In the words of Nadim Barrage, director of operations for the Conrad Miami: “The sense of smell as another piece of the guest experience has become incredibly important. It’s about creating an entire experience from the arrival process through to departure. All senses come into play when creating and improving a hotel guest’s experience.”

Hotel Fragrances In The Home

High-end hotels have long utilized scent diffusers for a potent yet subliminal type of branding and marketing, infusing candles and soaps and even stationery with the signature scent so that patrons will take it home with them and remember it always.

A favorite hotel fragrance can instill a sense of calm and relaxation, and whatever the scent selection, it is certain to add a touch of elegance and warmth that can help to transform any room in the home.

We are geared totally to the home consumer and every man, woman, child and pet living in a private home or apartment. We offer fragrance and odor control solutions to homeowners in the form of affordable, industrial strength air-freshener and odor-control products.

The following fragrances will work well with either the Aroma Beam (Scentsia Cartridges) or the Aroma Styler (The Air Wisp refills). Home owners can enjoy using them for special occasions, such as cocktail parties and other social gatherings. They also work well in offices both inside and outside the home environment.

For Use With Aroma Styler Diffuser

Aroma Styler Alpha Home Diffuser


Santal Diffuser Oil

Our 100% pure Santal Diffuser Oil is an exotic amalgam of creamy and warm Australian sandalwood, slightly sugary and woody cardamom, parched leathery papyrus, fruity iris, and musky, amber-like ambrox.

Santal Diffuser Oil Sandalwood Blend

Its woodsy, smoky formula exudes tangy, piquant and extremely dry facets to create a magical balance between its introductory notes and the mellow, buttery richness of sandalwood, iris, musk and amber aspects, weaving an olfactory force that is intense, alluring and captivating.

Miami Vibe 

Evocative of fresh, ozonic, ocean air and warm, gentle breezes, this fragrance, opens with a top note hallmarked by spicy, floral bergamot and fresh, fruity casaba melon.

A middle note of intense and narcotic jasmine and floral and green water lily follows, and eventually melds into the finishing base note of warm, earthy amber, musky sandalwood and salty, woody and earthy sun-dried driftwood.

Lemongrass And Sage 

Intense, clean, crisp, and green lemongrass dominates this purifying, energizing and refreshing scent known to invigorate both the body and the mind.

The addition of warm, floral, earthy and woody dry sage aids in the improvement of mental clarity and the powers of concentration.

This scent can perfectly complement all outdoor activities such as sun-bathing, picnics and quiet times of peace, day dreaming and contemplation.

Lemongrass Sage Home Fragrance

White Tea And Fig 

This exotic blend is clean, citrusy and fruity, conjuring a kaleidoscope of images of far away, redolent landscapes.

The scent opens with a fruity fig top note that soon fades away to a heart note of exotic white tea bud, haunting jasmine and romantic rose.

Woody cedar, rich amber and sensual musk form the base notes of this tropical blend, which is soothing, luxurious, fresh and clean.

Air Wisp White Tea Fig Fragrance

Fresh Breeze

This sparkling fragrance is hallmarked by a top note featuring invigorating, sour-sweet lemon, fresh, clean lime, lemony, crisp litsea cubeba, dewy melon and succulent orange.

Fresh Breeze Fragrance Refill

These elements soon evaporate into a heart note comprised of sultry, exotic jasmine, sweet lily of the valley, creamy gardenia and floral, powdery violet. The scent completes with a base note nuanced  by earthy mossy green. Perfect for complementing summer fun at all types of social gatherings.

Island Breeze

This exotic fragrance transports the homeowner from a favorite rocking chair to a tropical isle of shimmering emerald waters and glistening white sands. This floral, alluring scent is hallmarked by a top note of sweet, creamy coconut, pineapple-tinged pina colada, zesty and fresh orange slice and dreamy cream.

Air Wisp Island Breeze

These aspects soon fade away to a middle note of fragrant and milky coconut shavings, juicy pineapple and sugary, spicy strawberry. The scent completes with a base note featuring sweet and elegant vanilla, juicy, crystallized candy and waxy, lush and succulent green rind of pineapple.

For Use With Our Aroma Beam Diffuser

Aroma Beam Home Air Freshener

Coconut Lemongrass

An opulent, comforting fragrance laden with the mysterious allure of the Orient, this lemongrass, and coconut blend opens with top notes of spicy, complex and refreshing bergamot, crisp and citrusy litsea cubeba and milky, fragrant and tropical coconut. These elements soon evaporate into a heart note of intensely lemon, clean and green lemongrass and light, floral and bitter neroli.

Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Refill

The scent finishes with a base note of sweet nectar, creamy vanilla, subtle, balsamic and woody pine. This scent is the perfect complement to summer dining, Hawaiian luau-type parties and even barbecues.


This wildly popular scent opens with a top note bursting of tart, tangy and uplifting grapefruit, sour-sweet lemon and sharp lime. A herbal/ floral heart note soon follows that is marked by clean, sharp rosemary, spicy, green basil, minty, pine, honey-like eucalyptus, creamy gardenia, bright, piquant carnation and intoxicating night blooming jasmine.

Sensational Liquid Fragrance Refill

The fragrance finishes with a base-note of dark, sensual patchouli, warm, rich amber and balsamic and green Douglas fir.


This white flower bouquet scent is a musky, warm and spicy mosaic that was developed in 2014. It opens with a top note featuring delicate and fruity accents of sharp grapefruit, sour-sweet lemon and fresh, crisp apple. These elements soon evaporate into a heart note tinged with romantic rose, deeply intoxicating jasmine, waxy tuberose, fresh, sweet and feminine lily-of-the-valley and creamy gardenia. Base notes of rich, honey-like amber and musky driftwood complete this fragrance.

Utopia Home Ambient Fragrance

White Tea

This relaxing scent transports those who inhale it to a magical realm of luxury and indulgence. It opens with a top note featuring nuances of citrus. A middle note of soft floral rose, sweet, rich jasmine petal and exotic white tea bud gives way to a finishing base note comprised of sensual, earthy and woody white musk.

In Conclusion

All these fabulous hotel scents and more are now available along with the some of the leading air freshening diffusers in the industry, and they can in an instant transform your private residence into your favorite home away from home hotel lobby.

So allow yourself the fantasy of being transported to new horizons even if they are really just inside your very own home!

Final thought about the power of scent: Memory can restore to life everything except smells, although nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it. ~ Vladimir Nabokov

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