Fragrance Type For The Home

How To Choose The Right Fragrance Type For Any Home

How do you go about choosing the right fragrance type to diffuser within your home or office?

Our perfumers assembled this simple overview of an array of fragrance categories and descriptions to help any homeowner choose the perfect scents for any interior.

That old saying about home being where the heart is concerns diverse elements that in tandem create feelings of comfort, peace, healing and joy.

Visual aspects are certainly a part of the ultimate picture, but scents play an even bigger role in establishing mood and determining mind sets.

Diffusing Fragrances Benefits

The best fragrances for any home are. of course. entirely subjective and relative to personal tastes and predilections, but for everyone, they represent a bridge to the recall of memories long buried in our childhoods.

Our sense of smell is the very first to develop and it is closely allied with the part of the human brain that controls memory and emotions.

The ability of aromas to spontaneously cue autobiographical memories, which are vivid, detailed and very old is known as the Proustian phenomenon.

The name derives from a novel written by Marcel Proust entitled: In Search of Lost Time, in which the narrator dips a Madeleine cookie into a cup of tea and the aroma mentally transports him back to his childhood.

Scent is all powerful and can transform any home into a glorious oasis of comfort, serenity and a warmth.

A Fragrance For Every Mood Or Need

Different rooms call for different scents and we offer many fragrance categories to choose from.

They include: sleepy; calming; energizing; winter and holiday; clean and fresh; fall fragrances; earthy and woody, tropical; romantic; fruit inspired natural and nautical fragrances.

More detail on each type follows below.

Calming and Relaxing Fragrances

Serenity, sleep and calmness are vital to the nourishment of the human psyche and many of the fragrances we designed can help to nourish the average home owner’s troubled spirit and restore some levels of tranquility.

Some popular choices within this category include: soothing, mellow lavender, sweet, rich jasmine and warm, aromatic clary sage.

Fragrances To Energize And Uplift

These are wonderful choices for home office spaces.

Facets of rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint are pick-me-ups, and studies indicate that they are very successful in increasing alertness, and aiding in the ability to focus and concentrate.

Clean and Fresh Fragrances

Clean smelling scents, particularly those that are citrus based, are almost always associated with cleanliness.

Air Wisp Lemongrass Sage

Some home-owner favorites include: scents that are blends of lush orange, uplifting grapefruit and crisp, green and invigorating lemongrass.

They also serve to mask lingering malodors.

Earthy And Woody Fragrances

Earthy perfumes fall under the woody fragrance family category but specifically refer to plant material that retains an earthy nuance and scent.

This includes: roots, trees, resins, moss, leaves and grass, elements which are often blended with dark, intoxicating and musky patchouli, potent, green oak moss and slightly sharp, balsamic vetiver.

Santal Woody Sandalwood Fragrance

Earthy fragrances retain the aura of nature, and their notes tend to be rich and warm. They are often paired with aromatic, citrus or floral top notes.

Woody scents are more diverse. often blending notes from other fragrance groups and forming new subfamilies such as: woody floral, woody ambery and woody fruity.

Newest from Air-Scent Diffusers is our Santal Collection, which features five distinct exotic fragrances including: Santal, Santal Oud, Santal Black Currant, Santal Lavender Sage and Santal White Tea.

Santal Diffuser Oil In Packaging

Fall Season Fragrances

Seasons affect scent choices as cooler weather always means more time spent indoors.

Changes in temperatures are also often accompanied by alterations in decor. Fall is cozy, colorful and cool, all of which are reflected in our seasonal fragrance options for the home.

Seasonal Holiday Scents For Home

Some include: crisp, green apple; warm and inviting cinnamon and dry, somber cedar.

All selections weave an olfactory tale of falling leaves, bright colors and chills in the air.

Fruit-Inspired Fragrances

The light, billowing aroma of sweet-smelling fruit inspires beauty, awe for Mother Nature’s bounty and healthy appetites.

The scent is primal and likely to be among the earliest a child’s nose comes in contact with.

Fruit Inspired Ambient Scents

Fragrances with citrusy top notes form their own category in the world of perfumery and they are known to render aspects of lightness, freshness and succulence.

They also help to dilute the thick sweetness that often accompanies floral and fruity fragrances.

Holiday Fragrances

These types of scents are ideal for creating a festive and nostalgic ambiance during the holiday season.

Best Holiday Home Scents

The warmth and the comforts of home and hearth are symbolically and fragrantly represented with scents such as: baked, candied pumpkin; spicy sugary cinnamon; sweet gingerbread; redolent mulled fruit; lush vanilla and smoky aspects of woody cedar, rosemary and warm, aromatic myrrh suggest the warmth of a cracking fire on a cold Yuletide eve.

Marine (Nautical) Fragrances

Very suitable for the summer months, these scents are fairly neutral and are designed to evoke ocean inspired memories.

They are mostly clean notes that often include floral nuances, tropical notes and deeper facets such as cedar and musky aspects.

Natural Scents

For a neutral but satisfying ambiance, natural fragrances are often the preferred choice.

They are usually chosen in the warmer months of the year and not associated with heavier holiday or seasonal aromas.

Generally speaking, they are defined as a combination of naturally derived essential oils, floral extracts and plant-based aroma-producing ingredients. On labels, these fragrances are listed in several ways.

These include: “rosemary C02 extract” or “lavender essential oil.”

There is also usually mention of essential oil isolates such as: geraniol, limonene, and linalool on a natural product label.

Ambient Romantic Fragrances

There are five scent facets to consider when the desire is to evoke a romantic atmosphere in any home.

Romantic Fragrances For Home


First and foremost is sugary, musky and delicate rose, which is by far the most romantic flower in the world. Pink or red roses are the most popular when it comes to creating a scent, as they are generally powdery with an elusive, lemony edge which perfectly balances almost any rose-inspired formulation.


Intense and exotic, jasmine balances floral and woodsy aspects, and its use dates back to the dawn of time. Derived from the Persian word, meaning gift of the gods. Its unisex highly sensual aroma is both evocative and powerful.


Vanilla is found in the base notes of romantic fragrances where it serves a source of warmth and comfort and and works well with all categories of fragrances. It is a very versatile ingredient and appeals to both men and women.


Often found in many beauty and personal care products such as: hand soap, body oil and face masks, its earthy, floral scent adds a fresh dimension to a perfume formulation and is well known for its calming and comforting effects.


Known for its earthy and musky smell. Patchouli adds great depth to any fragrance and is most often found in amber (formerly oriental) perfumes. Sweet with a smoky edge, it is the perfect harmonizing element in many floral and woody scents.

Spring-Type Fragrances

Spring is a time of rebirth and a reawakening of senses dulled from a long cold winter.

Spring Scents For Home

Mother Nature is at her fragrant best during this short season.

Scents that soothe such as: milky, green lilac, dreamy rose, floral green, sweet and spicy, hyacinth and strong, rich and green daffodils abound in Mother Nature’s glorious garden.

Warmer Summery-Type Fragrances

Summer fragrances occur naturally as the result of potent chemical compounds comprised of special properties that captivate our senses and affect our emotions.

Tropical Fragrances For Home

These perfume bouquets can run the gamut from sweet, tropical citrus to milky vanilla to woodsy-honey and everything in between.

They are usually intense like lush vanilla, musky rose, creamy sandalwood and even chocolate.

Summer heat quickly evaporates many scents, and a popular choice for warm weather is often a fresh fragrance containing aspects of sharp lemon, juicy, sugary strawberry, milky coconut, exotic and intense jasmine or tropical, succulent pineapple.

Once A Fragrance Type Is Selected

The next step is to choose a way to properly distribute it.

There are many diffusers available to choose from, as versatility is the key to successful ambient air care.

Start scenting today and transform your home into your own personal and very fragrant nirvana!

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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