Essential Oil Ultimate Guide

A Fragrance Lover’s Guide To Essential Oils In The Home

Our master perfumers provide a fragrance-lovers guide to using essential oils in the home along with a list of our most popular essential oil refills.

Inside the core of many plants, unseen deep within roots, seeds, flowers, and bark, are concentrated, highly potent chemical compounds known as essential oils.

These oils are extracted from the plant, trapping its unique essence.

They are obtained through distillation (via steam and/or water) or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing.

Santal Diffuser Aroma Oils

It can take several pounds of a plant to produce a single bottle of essential oil.

A gift from Mother Earth, the purpose of these oils is to harness the power of nature into residential interiors.

While the familiar scent of home can be many things for many people, that old saying about a home being where the heart is at the core of how fragrance affects all those living within a particular space.

How a residence smells weaves a tale all its own, and home and hearth, particularly during the holiday season and long cold winters, represent a synergy of emotions, moods and memories.

Apart from the obvious loving warmth of family and friends, fragrance represents a healthy balance between lives preoccupied with business, bills, children and all the ups and downs of daily life with a stream of serenity and peace when lost in a fragrance that awakens memories of happy times long past.

Some aromas associated with home are more potent than others.

For example, sugary, creamy and spicy pumpkin pie, warm cinnamon, a touch of ginger, crisp, green apples, school glue, or fresh-cut grass have all been known to evoke vivd flashes of recall.

Best Holiday Home Scents

Sometimes known as “odor-evoked autobiographical memory” or the “Proust phenomenon,” the term derives from the iconic novel, In Search of Lost Time, when the narrator dips a Madeleine cookie into a steaming hot cup of tea.

The pleasing aroma transports him into a mental time tunnel at the end of which lies a long-forgotten bundle of memories from his childhood.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils In The Home

Essential oils create a warm inviting ambiance.

They soothe the human psyche, and while all are effective in one way or another, some are more ideal than others when it comes to the simple art of learning how to destress and relax.

Essential oils are brilliant products that keep the home smelling warm and inviting.

Unwanted odors are a cause of discontent, and using the right ones can can make any home a very comfortable place.

These oils also reduce congestion and offer relief from mucus buildup aiding easier breathing.

The sensory elements of our homes, which now often double as work stations, are more present in our lives and thoughts than they ever were before the Covid-19 pandemic.

If homes must now serve simultaneously as work spaces, areas to exercise, socialize and relax, there must be some psychological distance between these various functions.

Scents help to accomplish this by providing a smooth transition into a focused and productive mind set.

Switching from uplifting citrus or peppermint-based scents during work hours, to a soothing, comforting lavender-infused setting for the evening can provide highly effective spatial differentiation.

Fruit Inspired Ambient Scents

Introducing a fragrance into a home is exclusively a matter of setting a mood to suit an individual’s needs. 

According to scent designer, Maurice Joosten: “Start small. The idea would be that there is a reaction, there is an experience, but it shouldn’t stand out. Because then it’s already, in a way, too much.” 

Essential Oils For The Home

The following list represent a diverse handful of beautiful essential oils that we offer.

They are adaptable to a variety of diffusers and refills, which include: Wafer, Aroma Diffuser oil, Scentsia and or Air Wisp refills.

Coconut Lemongrass

This lemongrass and coconut blend is laden with the mysterious allure of far away places and distant shores.

Top notes of spicy, refreshing bergamot, crisp and citrusy litsea cubeba and milky, tropical coconut stream into a heart note of intensely lemon, clean and green lemongrass and light, floral and bitter neroli.

Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Refill

A base note of sugary nectar, lush and creamy vanilla and mellow, balsamic and woody pine complete this fragrance that can transform any home into an Hawaiian luau-type party or barbecue. 

Grapefruit Wafer Refill

This rousing fragrance opens with a top note of tart, grapefruit and clean, light, cool and soapy green.

Grapefruit Wafer Scent

These facets soon drift into a bright citrusy, fruity heart note marked by lush orange, sharp lemon, woody-nuanced raspberry and fresh, sweet orange blossom.

The scent completes with a base note featuring sensual musk and succulent, sugary and dry orange peel.

Home Sweet Home (for sweet orange)

Evoking the warmth and intimacy of the soothing comforts of home and hearth, this fragrance opens with a burst of sweet and lush orange rind, velvety peach and fresh crunchy apple.

These facets meld into a heart note of spicy and inviting cinnamon and hot, fruity clove.

Aspects of lush elegant vanilla and roasted nutty tones complete this memorable scent.

Lemongrass And Sage (for lemongrass)

Invigorating both to the body and the mind. this purifying, energizing and refreshing scent opens with a top note of citrus that streams into heavy aspects of intense, clean, crisp, and green lemongrass.

Lemongrass Sage Home Freshener

Warm, floral, and woody sage combined with base notes of earthy, rosy geranium and sensual, passionate musk complete this fragrance.

Restful Lavender

This clean, mellow and rustic fragrance is very popular in aromatherapy as a means of easing the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

A floral, serene and sugary top note of lavender opens this redolent scent that soon fuses into a heart note marked by aspects of earthy, herbal and green geranium.

This scent completes with a soft, green woody base note.

Santal Diffuser Oil (as a sandalwood fragrance)

Passionate and seductive, this luxurious, bold blend transports the user on a magical wave of fragrance deep into the deep, primeval forests of the night, lured by the flickering warmth of an open fire.

Santal Aroma Oil For Aroma Diffusers

The inclusion of woody and smoky papyrus, adds a touch of history dating back to the glory days of ancient Egypt and the banks of the Nile River where it grew in wild profusion.

This stunning and aristocratic formulation combines elements of slightly sweet, spicy and woody cardamom and sensual, earthy and passionate musk to create an unforgettable fragrance.

In Conclusion

Transform your home into an exotic paradise of peace and serene fantasy that can be achieved with the application of their unique and luxurious fragrance oils!

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