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7 Ambient Scents To Instill A Sense Of Calm In Your Home

In today’s frenzied, fast paced cosmos, screaming children noisy pets, squabbling neighbors, loud radios and difficulties erupting within the work environment all combine to create potentially combustible situations. Sometimes, the only quiet places to be, or at least so it would seem, are the library and the neighborhood police station.

Although Richard II might have fared better if he had traded his kingdom for a valium instead of a horse, most of us today seek only peace, quiet and Shakespeare in the park on occasion.

Some elements of serenity and calmness are vital to the nourishment of the human psyche and many of the quality delicately-traced quality fragrances created by our master perfumers can help to nourish the average home owner’s troubled spirit and restore some levels of tranquility.

Calming ambient scents for the home

The following blog highlights seven ambient fragrance refills specifically designed by our perfumers to help instill a soothing sense of calm within any home or office, and three of the best home air freshener diffusers that will evenly diffuse each scent throughout any-sized interior.

The Power Of Calm In Your Home

For almost everyone in the world, the enormous impact of fragrance on our daily lives  is underrated. According to Theresa Molnar, executive director of the Sense of Smell Institute, which is the research and educational branch of the Fragrance Foundation: “Scents can have positive effects on mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance.”

Australian psychologist, John Prescott, currently a visiting scholar at Oxford University, says: “Any pleasant smell can act as a distraction and lift mood, but recent studies suggest that sweet smells may work best. Sweet tastes reduce pain by activating opioid systems in the brain, and sweet fragrance activates the same systems.”

Fragrance Sets Calming Mood

Severe stress often leads to a release of self control and a severance from the here and now, which is always the most stable and desirable perspective when addressing any problem. A conscious plan of being in the moment can be accomplished by deep breathing, which can improve mood  and lower stress levels when outside forces suddenly take hold.

How Fragrance Helps To Set A Calm Mood

Inhaling a favored fragrance can also affect negativity and mood.

Rachel S. Herz, an assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University, states: “Fragrances do affect people’s mood, behavior and even work performance in a variety of ways, but it isn’t because scents work on us like a drug; instead, we work on them through our experiences and triggered memories. In order for a fragrance to elicit any sort of response in you, you have to first learn to associate it with some event. Certain fragrance notes greatly affect our minds and bodies.”

Calming Fragrances For Home

In the words of Jules Miller, founder of the organic supplement brand, The Nue Company, which recently launched Functional Fragrance, a de-stressing perfume that utilizes woody and smoky notes to help calm the nervous system:

“Smells can also trigger a physiological response. When doing our research with the University of Geneva, I learned that our cognitive function and olfactory systems are closely linked. So, along with perfumer Frank Voelkl…, we set ourselves to the task of creating an anti-stress supplement in the form of a unisex fragrance that smells great but also helps a lot of people with anxiety.”

What Are The Best Home Air Freshener Diffuser Systems?

As our teams are well aware, a fragrance is only as good as the air freshener systems that diffuse it, and our systems have well over 70-plus years of expertise, refinements and field-testing behind each of them.

They include our Aroma Beam, our Aroma One and our higher-end, dry vapor mist atomizing HVAC Aroma Stylers, which come in three different sizes and are know as the most powerful and effective diffusers for use with larger areas.

The Smart Aroma One Home Air Freshener Diffuser

The Aroma One is an air freshening and odor-neutralizing system, which offers two features in one; namely, it annihilates airborne odors and at the same time, offers superior, linear, aroma enrichment for any small space, particularly but not exclusively for restroom malodors.

Aroma One Stand in Environment

Although it is used primarily in commercial restrooms, it can be very effective in eliminating pet malodors in private homes and residences. Some of its advantages include: a modern design with optimal air flow; the fact that no adapter is necessary because only one “D” battery is used, and it has three smart switch settings which include: Continuous (30-day) operation, Linear (30-days) and Extended (60-day) cycles.

The Aroma Beam Blue-Tooth Operated Diffuser

This dry vapor fragrance diffuser system can cover up to 10,000 cubic feet. It is a powerful and precise air diffuser when used in conjunction with the unique cartridges that are customized for superior linear diffusion for up to 30 days. Its strength as a mood-lifter cannot be overstated. When partnered with the right fragrance, it can restore both energy and balance to any harried home owner.

The Aroma Beam Home Air Freshener Diffuser

There are two types of cartridge systems available for this machine: Our Scentsia Cartridges and our Dry Wafer Squair refills.

The former guarantees 30 full days of efficient fragrance performance, and it is available in many diverse fragrances. Our dry wafer variety is very versatile because it permits the blending and matching from many aromas in order to create a unique fragrance. Homeowners can choose from a diverse array of scents available and select from three different mounting options.

The Aroma Beam also comes equipped with a built in 24-hour battery back-up, on/off timers, and is available in several configurations.

The Aroma Styler HVAC Diffuser System

This HVAC atomizing diffuser system that is also known as the Scent Styler, is potent and very easy for the average home owner to use. It is available in three application sizes, and it’s versatility represents the epitome of cutting edge technology.

Aroma Styler Alpha Home Diffuser

This system controls malodors and greatly improves indoor air quality via an invisible dry vapor that floats evenly across any large open space.

Fragrances To Create An Ambient Mood In Your Home

The following are 7 mood-soothing ambient scents designed to subdue any stressful soul and make any home (or office) more relaxing.

All of our refills contain Metazene, our patented odor-neutralizing additive, which eliminates malodorous molecules in the air, so your peaceful state will never be bothered by any smelly odors!

Santal Lavender Sage

Santalwood, the heart and soul of this fragrance, envelops your senses with its warm, woody embrace. Its creamy, velvety notes create a soothing foundation, grounding you in a sense of inner peace and balance.

Santal Lavender Sage alchemy

Lavender dances delicately upon the santalwood’s stage, infusing the air with its timeless elegance. The lavender’s floral sweetness is a gentle reminder of nature’s beauty, soothing away the stresses of the day and allowing you to breathe deeply, unhurried.

Sage, with its earthy, herbal presence, weaves throughout the composition, like a wise, guiding hand. Its crisp, green nuances lend a touch of invigorating clarity, inspiring a sense of renewal and mindfulness.

Relaxing Subtle Ambient White Tea

This versatile soothing fragrance is subtle and it gently helps to develop a relaxing ambiance.

Calming White Tea Diffuser Oil

An uplifting, energizing top note of citrus melds into a middle note that murmurs of soft, romantic rose, sweet, rich jasmine petal and enticing white tea bud.

The scent finishes with a woody base note marked by aromatic and sensual white musk.

Our Earthy Serene Restful Lavender

Designed for use with the Aroma Styler diffuser system, this floral, clean fragrance is well known for easing the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress and is also known to decrease heart rate.

It opens with a top note marked by it namesake; namely, floral, serene and sugary lavender. This aspect soon gives way to a middle note characterized by earthy, herbal and green geranium, and finishes with a soft, woody base note.

Avery Gilbert, a sensory psychologist in Montclair, New Jersey, recommends using this scent to unwind from difficult days at bedtime, and/or indulging in a few puffs during a work break to re charge human batteries.

Velvety Luscious Exotic Spa Renewal

Opening with a top note infused with sharp, salty sea air, crisp, nutty almond kernel, and nuances of luscious, exotic fruit, this invigorating and revitalizing scent that works well with the Aroma Beam air diffuser features a heart note characterized by musky, velvety rose, floral and green water-lily, lightly, floral cyclamen, pristine, sensual and slightly sweet sea kelp and intensely invigorating lemongrass. A woody, fresh, piquant and luxuriantly wild blue sage base note finishes the scent.

Earthy Purifying Lemongrass Sage

Top notes of citrus soon meld into an earthy middle note blend of refreshing, energizing and purifying lemongrass and warm floral and woody dry sage, which is said to aid mental clarity and the powers of concentration. Base notes of herbal, green geranium and highly sensual musk complete this memorable scent that works best with the Aroma Styler.

Lemongrass Sage Home Freshener

Luxurious Serene Vanilla Kreme

With a name inspired by the world’s most famous donut, this South Sea island scent is guaranteed to delight all who use it. Vanilla is one of the most widely used notes in fragrances and studies have indicated that it it affects human levels of happiness and serenity.

Vanilla Kreme Calming Fragrance

Opening with a top note marked by a fruity berry aspect, the scent soon fades into a piquant, floral middle note. This memorable scent completes with a base note featuring luxurious and powerful vanilla and is best utilized with the Aroma One air freshener, odor neutralizing system.

Exotic Warm Tropical Beach Dreams

Top notes of vanilla-like, gingery mango, green, sugary pomegranate, succulent pineapple, milky and lush black coconut and slightly pungent banana open this exotic fragrance that whispers of warm tropical nights and moon-lit, shimmering sands.

Beach Dreams Home Fragrance Refill

A soft and elusive heart soon follows and blends into a final base note comprised of sweet nectar, light teakwood and creamy, sweet tonka bean. This cartridge is designed specifically for the Aroma Beam air freshener diffuser.

In Conclusion

For those home owners in search of solitude and a little peace, the above scents can take you there!

What are the most calming fragrances for a home?

Restful Lavender

White Tea

Spa Renewal

Lemongrass Sage

Warm and Nutty

Vanilla Kreme

Beach Dreams

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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