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When Woody Allen once mused that life is a distraction from death, he was being truthful, but not specific enough.

Sure, movies, vacations at the shore and tender moments at home all contribute to human warmth and well-being, but there is nothing that can compare to the joy of an animal’s unconditional love.

Today, all of the issues related to the Covid 19 and its stressful aftermath have left a toll on our emotions as well as in our wallets.

In today’s times, it is our pets that give us balance and remind us to pause and to smell the roses, so speak.

More and more frequently, both employers and employees are discovering that pets in the workplace nurture a host of good things; namely, increased productivity, happiness, lower stress levels, and a comforting, balanced ambiance.

Dog At Workplace

Pets can trigger interactions that might not have happened without them, and short walks and a little playtime allow for mental breaks that make long work hours pass more quickly. In addition, pets improve morale and reduce employee absenteeism.

Bob Baird, president and founder of Indianapolis’ Inverse Square, states .“Our job requires us to solve complicated problems, and it is amazing what a four-block walk with a dog will do. When someone is getting stressed, they will grab a leash and head outside with a dog. This short hiatus they may not have taken without a dog in tow, and it allows employees to come back refreshed.”

As is the case with all things in life, there is an inevitable downside associated with bringing pets to work concerning accidents and the odors associated with them. The usual culprits are vomit feces and urine.

Cats In The Workplace


These malodors in no way diminish the benefits of having a furry companion by your work desk, and they are easily eliminated with all the odor-control options we offer.

Health Care And Pet Ownership

Pets have proven their mettle as a proactive method of staying healthy and avoiding health issues, thus saving money on a personal, professional, governmental, and medical scale.

Relevant Trends, Studies and Statistics

According to the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI), pet ownership is responsible for saving $11.7 billion yearly. 

More than one hundred  and thirty two million pet owners save $11.37 billion on physician office visits, while 20 million owners who walk their pets 5 times a week show lower obesity levels and save $419 million in healthcare.

Creating a special day for taking pets to work dates back to 1999 with the establishment of the annual Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWD), but it didn’t really become a popular trend in corporate America until after the publication of a groundbreaking 2012 study conducted by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). 

In this study, employees who were around dogs in the workplace reported feeling less stressed than those who owned dogs but left them at home. 

The study also indicated that pets triggered workplace interactions that would not normally take place.

A more recent study conducted by Nationwide Pet Insurance in partnership with the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) reinforced the findings of the VCU project and went even further. 

Researchers found that more than three times as many employees at pet-friendly workplaces reported a positive working relationship with their boss and coworkers, and this was significantly more than those in non-pet-friendly environments. 

In addition, 90% of employees in pet-friendly workplaces felt highly connected to their company’s mission and fully engaged with their work, in contrast to less than 65% of employees in non-pet-friendly workplaces who made the same claims.

Pet odors in your home? We’ve got you covered!

Pet Odor Control Products

A Few Tips for Pets in the Workplace

The following tips represent some important measures which should be taken to ensure a healthy and productive setting for both pets and employees. 

Some can be resolved with a change in attitudes while others may require help from the Home Freshener website and its many pet-related odor-control solutions. 

Maintain Good Hygiene

Pets as wells employees should be healthy at work to avoid spreading sickness. Pet owners should also ensure that their animals are well groomed, free of fleas or ticks and are up to date on their vaccinations. 

Introduce New Pets Carefully

Pets need time to adjust to new surroundings and other animals. A sudden change in environment can cause stress and destructive behavior. Animals cannot be held accountable for their actions and as such, awareness and a plan to handle incidents should they arise must be prepared and should be taken seriously.

Employer Awareness of Unique Factors

There are some issues that can and do sometimes occur when pets are introduced to the workplace, and every employer should take the time to consider them. 

While the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, additional costs for pet care, pet-proofing the office, etc. can range anywhere from $500-$1500 for one pet per year. 

Employees have to absorb some of these costs which include: food, toys, treats, and any miscellaneous accidental damage that naturally occurs when caring for pets. 

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America clearly states that 15%-30% of the total human population has some kind of pet allergy. 

Employers must be sensitive to workers with sensitivities and the effects it may have on their workplace experience.

Studies indicate that dogs in the workplace help reduce stress in their owners and make work more satisfying for other employees with whom the dogs come in contact. 

In contrast, less than 65% of employees in workplaces where pets are not part of the work environment made the same claims. 

While there are still more pros than cons, it must also be said that sometimes it may also be difficult to avoid distraction by pets in the workplace and this can hinder productivity instead of promoting it. 

An unwanted door may also open involving legal issues that can actually create more stress and a negative work environment.

Our Arsenal Of Pet Odor Solutions For Business Settings

We are a one stop shop to buy affordable, industrial strength air freshener and odor-control products for the workplace. We differ from other companies in one fundamental and very important aspect — 

Unlike others that are targeted to businesses, our site and products are geared exclusively to service the needs of business and homeowners.

The following diverse systems and products are guaranteed to alleviate persistent pet odors that can plague a workplace.

The Aroma One Air Freshener System

Ideal for smaller offices, this neutralizing system attacks air-borne pet odors and provides superior linear aroma enrichment.

Aroma One Stand in Environment

Most commonly utilized in office restrooms, it is a very versatile system that can easily adapted to any surface area of up to 400 square feet. Its modern design featuring optimal air flow, operates without an adapter. 

Only one “D” battery is required, and it has three smart settings which include: continuous (30 day ) operation, linear (also 30 days) and extended (60 day) cycles.

Zorb-It-All Absorber And Neutralizer

The power behind this odor neutralizer lies in its ability to transform into an instant gel when it is applied to all water-borne animal body fluids including: blood, urine and vomit.

Zorb It All Gel Absorber

Sustainable and easy to use, it is capable of absorbing more than 100 times is own weight. This gel combats malodors and simultaneously neutralizes and deodorizes with a natural, fresh mint fragrance.

Zorb-It-All Scatter Trash Can And Dumpster Spray

The most  powerful neutralizing spray on the market today, its exclusive triple-phase odor control system is laced with Metazene, the world’s most effective eradicator of malodors.

Home Fresheners Odor Neutralizers

The secret to its incredible prowess lies in the realm industrial science. Most odor neutralizers rely upon surface enzymes and anti-bacterial agents to eliminate foul odors. 

While they are somewhat effective, microbial forces cannot address residual odors. Metazene attacks on a microbial level and creates a chemical reaction that kills malodorous molecules deader then the deadest of doornails. 

Scatter Odor Control Granules

Animal related odors, such as fecal matter and urine, are no match for these scientifically formulated granules, and a little scatter goes a very long way.

Scatter Pet Odor Granules

Originally formulated for heavy duty applications to eradicate malodors emanating from trash containers, dumpsters and compactors, after use they should be carefully swept up in plastic bags and properly discarded.

Oh No! Pet Odor Neutralizer Spray

This spray, aided by Metazene, is very potent when applied to carpets after cleaning, behind baseboards and within upholstered office furniture.

Originally developed in 1974, this neutralizing spray seals odors via micro encapsulation, a process which contains no enzymes or dangerous pathogens.

The more often it is applied, the less likely that future accidents will occur. This spray also freshens the ambient air and annihilates odors so that they never return to darken the threshold of your office space again.

Fresh Strap Odor Neutralizing Air Fresheners

Highly versatile, our Fresh Strap odor neutralizing air fresheners will dramatically improve odor control in just about any area where malodors persist and provide ambient fragrance enhancement to boot.

Fresh Strap Air Freshener

In Conclusion

These products and our website represent a new and easier portal for office managers and employees who are pet owners to find products they can trust to eliminate pet odors and buy them directly with no extra or hidden fees.

Check them out today and transform your work place into a happy and fragrant zone for both employees and their beloved pets.

Final thought on pet accidents and malodors: Words on a cartoon depicting a dog at the counter in a card store: I’m in a hurry. Got any ‘sorry I crapped on your carpet’ cards? ~ Pinterest


Photo Credits: Pixabay

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