Ambient Scents Help Sell Homes

The Best Air Freshener Scents That Will Help Sell A Home

As every realtor worth his or her salt knows, the first step in selling a home is to make it attractive to potential buyers. There’s no blarney or chicanery about it; gentle, subliminal lures are the vital signs of good salesmanship.

While this may seem obvious and in some ways it is, the process of ambient scenting is highly sophisticated, and when it comes to selling a residence, involves the strategic placement of specific fragrances that will inspire prospective buyers and encourage them to linger longer on a property.

Historically, realtors and homeowners bake pies or cookies when showing a home, but who wants to continually whip up a batch of sundries over and over each time you show your home?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just press a button on your mobile phone and instantly have an evenly diffused invisible fragrance wafting about to subconsciously direct the moods of potential buyers? Even more, wouldn’t it be easier to just hit another button to turn it off until the next time you have a showing?

The answer unequivocally is YES, and that’s exactly what our products can do for anyone selling a property.

The Aroma Beam Home Air Freshener Diffuser

But what air freshener scents are best to sell a house?

Our master perfumers researched market trends, pulled from our extensive fragrance library and assembled six new ambient fragrance refills that work within our Aroma Beam diffuser, which have been specifically selected to enhance a home and help the hapless homeowner in the selling process.

From our uniquely homey freshly baked chocolate chip cookie scent to the Far Eastern fragrant Utopia, which oozes with the epitome of luxury, indulgence and relaxation, set whatever mood you want for potential buyers and sell your home with the power of linear-diffused ambient scent!

The First impression And The Halo Effect

Despite the lasting importance and repercussions of a home buying decision, current research indicates that within seconds of crossing the threshold of a residence, a whopping 80% of prospective buyers know if a home is what they have been looking for.

The Halo Effect Real Estate

This can be attributed to the power of a positive first impression, whether it is generated by a salesperson, word of mouth reference, catalogue or reception area. Once that first impression takes hold, a marketing phenomenon known as the halo effect comes into play.

This psychological phenomenon can apply to all selling situations. It can be defined as a mental reaction to sensory information.

An example would be the perception of positive qualities upon entering a pleasant-smelling home that then unconsciously and automatically gives rise to the perception that the entire residence has “nice” qualities.

In fact, research indicates that using scent cannot only close a sale on a property, it can also increase the perceived value of that home by up to $100,000!

Harnessing the power of ambient scent helps to render a personality and tone to even a home that is vacant because something pleasant, cozy and magical is lingering in the air.

Whiffs of an apple pie cooking in an oven and coffee brewing on a counter-top render an unconscious edge into influencing consumer perception without the utterance of a single word.

Apple Pie Scent Home Sale

Not only can the prospective buyer enjoy some pie and a nice cup of java, these aromas serve as sensory bouquets, conjuring pleasant thoughts and memories of earlier times recorded in the mind’s indelible eye that will transfer unconsciously to the new property.

Home owners acting as their own real estate agents can adopt this tactic for themselves by understanding the hidden power of some scents.

For example, citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, smell fresh, last for quite a while and are very fragrant. Herbs as well translate to aromas that are both refreshing and familiar.

There is something too, about the power of vanilla that transforms a cold and empty room into a warm and cozy place. Green tea is a bit more subtle, as its crisp and spirited aroma restores a sense of harmony.

Pine and cedar, while almost exclusively winter scents, together create a sophisticated fragrance, which is the perfect complement to a home set in the woods.

A Few Relevant Statistics and Studies

In 2013, Eric Spangenberg, current dean of the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California-Irvine, conducted a study that was published in The Journal of Retailing. It indicated that shoppers spent an average of 31.8 percent more money in a home decor store using a simple orange scent, rather than a blend of diverse fragrances.

He also concluded that using essences of rosemary, thyme or basil in a home up for sale, especially in the kitchen, creates a a warm and welcoming feeling for prospective buyers.

The Most Effective Scents That Will Help Sell A Home

We stand proudly behind all of our original scent creations and guarantee that all of them comply with specified safety requirements before they are shipped to any home owner.

The following fragrances represent just a small sample of some of our most popular fragrances, but stand out above others as it pertains to enriching the interior ambiance of a home when put up for sale.

NOTE: All of the following fragrant refills also contain our odor-neutralizing additive, Metazene, which is proven to eliminate the toughest vaporous malodorous molecules, leaving the interior of your home odor-free and infused with the scent of your choice!

The Irresistible Lure Of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Seeping of memories of home sweet home and cozy hearth, this champion Scentsia fragrance evokes memories of past family gatherings and Mama cooking delectables in the oven. It opens with the irresistible delight of semi-sweet chocolate and warm, creamy butter.

These two elements soon fade into a brown sugar heart note that subsequently folds into a final amalgam of sugary sweet vanilla and warm nuances of caramel and chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Fragrance Home Sale

The Luxurious Indulgent Fragrance Of White Tea

This rich, Far Eastern fragrance is the epitome of luxury, indulgence and relaxation. Featuring a top note of clean, vitalizing citrus, a middle note soon follows comprised of velvety, romantic rose, sweet, luxuriant jasmine petal and sugary, green white tea. These aspects finally fuse into a base note hallmarked by robust, woody and sensual white musk.

White Tea Scent Sells Homes

Our Inspiring Uplifting Sensational Fragrance

A top note bursting with tart, flavorsome and inspiring grapefruit, sour-sweet lemon and sharp lime opens this rich and cheerful fragrance.

Sensational Liquid Fragrance Refill

These aspects soon fade into an herbal/floral middle note characterized by clean, sharp rosemary, spicy, green basil, minty, pine, honey-like eucalyptus, buttery gardenia, bright, piquant carnation and intoxicating night blooming jasmine. A final fusion of dark, sensual patchouli, warm, rich amber and balsamic, green Douglas fir finishes the scent.

Our Warm Sophisticated Rich Utopia Fragrance

This cutting edge white flower bouquet fragrance is a sophisticated, musky, warm and spicy amalgam that was developed in 2014.

Delicate and fruity accents of sharp grapefruit, sour-sweet lemon and fresh, crisp apple characterize the top notes, which soon meld into a heart note nuanced by aromatic rose, intense and exhilarating jasmine, lustrous tuberose, sugary and feminine lily-of-the-valley and creamy gardenia. Base notes of rich, honey-like amber and musky driftwood complete this high-end fragrance.

Utopia Home Ambient Fragrance

Freshly Baked Hot Apple Pie

This homey scent is deeply evocative of childhood memories, holiday gatherings and all kind of goodies bursting with flavor and sizzling in an oven. Freshly sliced granny smith apples brimming with butter and cream, and warm, spicy and inviting cinnamon complemented by potent clove characterize the top notes of this fragrance.

Hot Apple Pie Fragrance Refill

These elements soon surrender to a middle note of soft, bitter-sweet almond and crisp apple. The scent completes with a base note characterized by hints of flaky, buttery and slightly salty pie crust, alluring, sugary vanilla and creamy rich caramel.

Warm And Inviting Cinnamon Buns

This warm, cozy and inviting fragrance bursts of a joyous home and hearth. Aromas and images of fresh baked cinnamon buns drizzled with scrumptious vanilla icing sweep across the palettes and mental landscapes of prospective home buyers as they seek and inspect the potential home of their dreams.

Distinctive notes of spicy and fruity cinnamon dominate this fragrance enhanced by sweet, piquant clove, brown sugar, creamy butter and elegant vanilla.

Cinnamon Buns Fragrances Sells Homes

The above-mentioned scents are all dispensed via a cutting edge and wondrous dry vapor fragrance diffuser system known as the Aroma Beam.

The Aroma Beam Home Air Freshener Diffuser

Launched in 2016, the Aroma Beam offers superior odor control solutions when paired with Scentsia 30-day refill cartridges that come in two varieties; namely, the Aroma Beam Scentsia Cartridge and our Square Wafer Refills.

It is an ideal system for large spaces up to 50,000 cubic feet, but is highly versatile and can easily be adapted for use in smaller home areas and offers years of continuous, reliable service.

Aroma Beam Home Air Freshener

The Aroma Beam comes with a built in 24-hour battery back-up, multiple settings options and on/off timers, which are convenient and save energy. It is also available in either portable or wall-mounted configurations. The optional mounting bracket allows for the manipulation of a beam of fragrance in any direction.

Operating via a Bluetooth radio wave technology that permits an intense and highly effective delivery of scent, this dry vapor fragrance diffuser system is self-supporting, has a fan, and projects scent from the unit itself, which sets it part from a conventional HVAC system, which emits the fragrance via ventilation ducts within an interior space.

Aroma Beam Home Diffuser Packaged

No-spill Scentsia refill cartridges effectively combat malodors and offer a myriad of scent experiences that can be altered for holidays, seasons or themes. Fragrances can be chosen from a large selection or customized individually to suit any desired ambiance.

In Conclusion

Popping cookies in the oven each time you show your home can get tedious and add to your waist line! With our Aroma Beam, you simply need to plug it, insert your chosen fragrance cartridge and turn it on via our mobile APP; then turn it off until your next showing. Easy peasy.

So, if you are a home owner thinking of selling your property in the near future, or you’re a realtor, add an Aroma Beam to your cart, pick one of the above-mentioned compelling fragrances and start making your selling process as simple and profitable as possible!

What air freshener scents are best to sell a house?

1) Irresistible Chocolate Chip Cookies

2) The Luxurious Indulgent Fragrance Of White Tea

3) Our Inspiring Uplifting Sensational Fragrance

4) Our Warm Sophisticated Rich Hope Fragrance

5) Our Freshly-Baked Hot Apple Pie

6) Warm Inviting Cinnamon Buns

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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