Zorb-It-All Emergency Spill Absorber And Odor Neutralizer


Zorb-It-All quickly absorbs, gels and deodorizes all water based liquid spills in your home, home office or business. It is the preferred choice for any emergency by industry professionals because it absorbs over 100 times its weight of water base spills while simultaneously freshening the air and eliminating odors!

Size: 1 lb shaker

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Upon application, Zorb-It-All instantly “gels” all water-borne human and animal bodily fluids including blood, urine and vomit. It works on hard surfaces and carpet, and deodorizes with a fresh mint odor counteractant fragrance!

Used professionally by pet stores, zoo facilities, veterinarians, kennels and other industrial institutions, and now you can get the power of Zorb-It-All for use in your home to clean up and deodorize pet accidents and other spills!

Got pet odors? Explore our 10-step guide to control pet and animal odors in your home.

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Weight 2.0 lbs


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