Christmas Winter Pine Diffuser Oil For Aroma Oil Diffusers


Encapsulating a complete olfactory holiday experience with its enchanting amalgam of fresh, woody tones, this winter scent opens with head notes brimming with dewy, earthy, cool morning mist, crunchy apple, dense, fresh, and green pear and icy frosted glass.

These aspects soon give way to a woody heart featuring facets of dry, piney fir needle, sharp, sweet and refreshing conifer and cool, minty eucalyptus.

An intriguing dry down marked by waxy pine needles, creamy sandalwood and light, warm and honeyed amber complete this festive fragrance. 

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Key Fragrance Notes

Fruity facets laced with apple and pear and blended with natural elements of dew and man-made frosted glass are uncommonly beautiful choices for head notes. The woody heart tones of pine, fir needles and conifer provide both a touch of warmth and a connection to the eternal majesty of the forest which is equally emphasized  with the final inclusion of buttery sandalwood, pine needles and dark, warm and honeyed amber.

Effects On Mood And Ambiance

The solemn peace and quiet of a forest steeped in winter inspires mental tranquility. Its unspoken beauty, grace and power may be icy cold in winter, but its timelessness still beckons the troubled soul with the wonder and peace always found among Mother Nature’s splendid creations.

Historical Aspects

The allure of the forest is as old as the sea and it presents an unspoken language all its own that abounds in poetry, literature, art and fragrance. Life teems within its protective folds, and its woody aromas of pine, eucalyptus, fir, conifer, cedar and sandalwood have been used down through time in many fragrance families and sub families including: ambery (formerly oriental), leather, chypre, floral and spicy.

Superior Ingredients

This fragrance is made with the finest sustainable ingredients that are $100 % natural and guaranteed to do no harm to either the environment or human health. Aroma oils are meticulously blended wither essential oils that are non GMO, Vegan and free from harmful chemicals like: parabens; DPG; glycols; petrochemicals; phthalate; synthetic additives and artificial colors.

Convenience of Use And Guaranteed Results

This fragrance always works at 100% capacity and can de dispersed in any cold air or oil diffuser. It is also 100% guaranteed or your money back, no hassles or questions asked. 

Additional information

Weight 0.20 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 in

30 ML, 120 ML


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