Our Calming White Tea Wafer Fragrance Diffuser Refill


The name of this Far Eastern fragrance derives from the fine, silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the Chinese tea plant, which renders a whitish appearance. This relaxing, luxurious and shamefully indulgent scent features an initial note marked by shimmering and uplifting citrus. A middle note of soft, romantic and floral rose, sweet, rich jasmine petal and sugary, green white tea bud soon follows, only to ultimately meld into a finishing base note comprised of earthy, woody and aromatic white musk.

Our fragrance wafer refills are specifically designed for our Aroma One Smart air freshener diffuser.

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Our wafer refills are infused with the highest quality essential oils and ingredients and provide 30 to 60 day superior performance depending up on your chosen Aroma One fan air freshener setting.


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