White Tea Diffuser Oil For Use Within Aroma Diffusers

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The Chinese tea plant and the fine, silvery-white hairs nestled on its unopened buds are the sources for the name of this alluring, relaxing and luxurious Far Eastern White Tea diffuser oil fragrance.

It opens with streams of shimmering, invigorating citrus, which soon meld into a soft heart note bouquet marked by dreamy, musky rose, rich, sugary jasmine petal and exotic, green white tea bud.

These elements ultimately meld into a base note marked by earthy, woody and sensual white musk.

All of our diffuser oils work within our Aroma Styler diffusers.

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  • KEY INGREDIENTS: Exotic and redolent, this Far Eastern White Tea diffuser oil fragrance unfolds with spicy, citrusy and light bergamot, slightly sweet and resinous-cardamom, fruity iris and minty, green eucalyptus. These facets meld into a soft heart note featuring musky rose, woody violet, sugary jasmine petal and exotic green white tea bud. At its base, the scent completes with daring elements of sensual musk, elegant, lush vanilla, spicy, floral cashmere, dry, slightly oily cedar wood and creamy sandalwood.
  • MOOD ENHANCING NOTES: White tea essential oil is helpful with relieving stress and anxiety; enhancing life energy and purpose; and promoting restful sleep. It helps to nourish troubled spirits and restore some levels of tranquility.
  • SAFE INGREDIENTS BLENDED TO PERFECTION: Our perfume formulators use only the highest quality raw and natural ingredients. White tea diffuser oil is a 100% pure diffuser blend that is certified Non-GMO, Vegan, and contains no harmful chemicals. It is completely for your homes with family and pets. This oil is designed for use in any cold-air or ultrasonic oil diffuser.
  • EASY UNIVERSAL USE: Our delicately-traced fragrance formulations works in it’s 100% form within nebulizers, atomizers, reed diffusers and aroma oil diffusers to create a rich, luxurious mood and ambience. It also works effectively in diluted form within water-containing diffusers

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1 review for White Tea Diffuser Oil For Use Within Aroma Diffusers

  1. Nikki Angel

    We recently purchased Air-Scent’s Santal diffuser oil and my wife and I liked it so much, we thought we give their White Tea and Thyme fragrance a shot. We absolutely love the Santal, but White Tea and Thyme is our new favorite scent! I first noticed this fragrance when I was traveling through North Beach Miami. It has a clean, delicate, perfect smell. It never overpowers. Now that I have it in my home, it fills the entire house (3000 sq ft) and lasts forever. No wonder it is used in hotels. I like that I can set it and forget it for months at a time and the house smells fresh!

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