Industrial Strength Scatter Odor Control Granules


Scientifically formulated for heavy-duty applications, these granule odor counteractant pellets are designed to handle the toughest odors in trash containers, garbage dumpsters and compactors.


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Scatter® was originally designed for professional use in and around dumpsters, compactors, landfills—any source of decaying organic waste. But now you can make Scatter® your secret weapon to control odors and deter pests around outdoor household trash and garbage cans.

Only Scatter® contains Metazene® additive to neutralize odor molecules AND citronella, regarded for its insect repelling properties. Our time-provem Bubblegum scent is especially effective against odors from trash and garbage.

Key Features Include:

  • Contains Metazene, the most effective industrial molecular odor neutralizing additive
  • Instantly neutralizes malodors
  • Absorbs odor-causing spills
  • Easy to apply
  • Provides long-lasting odor control

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