Peppermint Bliss Diffuser Oil For Aroma Oil Diffusers


Streams of minty, intense and cooling menthol open this delightful fragrance and soon surrender seamlessly to a potent heart note featuring fresh peppermint and sugary, indulgent and Christmas-inspired crushed candy cane.

The scent completes with the solitary, noble force of a dry down marked by elegant, lush vanilla.

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Key Notes

Intense cooling menthol streams wintry, cheerful elements into this holiday-inspired fragrance. Vibrant, fresh and chilling peppermint is a classic Christmas component as is crushed candy cane, both of which are entrenched in Yuletide history and folk-lore. Vanilla is warmth softness and caring, and it adds a lush and noble touch to this sweetly indulgent and highly nostalgic olfactory confection.

A Potent Mood Enhancer

Evoking nostalgic thoughts of Christmas past and early childhood memories, this scent is destined to portend many smiles and good thoughts despite the ongoing woes of the world at large, which remain temporarily and pleasantly suspended. It also is the perfect invigorating fragrance to increase productivity or to wake up to in the morning.

A Bit Of History

This fragrance seeps with historical context because it is believed that the origin of the candy cane dates back to the 1600s when a German choirmaster made peppermint candy sticks as a treat for well-behaved choir boys. Its shape was intended to represent the staff of a shepherd.

Superior Ingredients 

This product is 100% guaranteed to contain the finest sustainable ingredients that money can buy, and its creators stand by their promise that it will do no harm to Mother Earth  or human health. Aroma oils and essential oils  are meticulously fused and are non GMO, Vegan and free from toxic chemicals like: parabens; DPG; glycols; petrochemicals; phthalate; synthetic additives and artificial colors.

Convenience of Use And Guaranteed Results 

The-makers of this splendid holiday fragrance guarantee that it will work at 100% capacity every time it is used. Its versatility and convenience are important factors because the scent can easily be dispersed via any cold ai air oil diffuser. Returns without hassle or questions are also 100% guaranteed.

Additional information

Weight 0.20 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 in

30 ML, 120 ML


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