Island Breeze Diffuser Oil – Coconut Pineapple Jasmine Anise


Take a magical olfactory carpet ride to a glorious land of tropical delights and exotic wonders. This alluring fragrance opens with facets of pearly, milky coconut, juicy, green strawberry, exotic pineapple and playful, gingery mango. These aspects soon drift into to a heart note bouquet of intense and intoxicating jasmine and earthy, fresh and light star anise. A sugary dry down of sweet, noble and elegant vanilla and fruity nectar completes this delightful confection.

Key Notes: Coconut, Pineapple, Jasmine, Star Anise


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A Potent Mood Enhancer

Sweet-smelling escape from the dust and strains of everyday life is guaranteed with just one whiff of our Island Breeze diffuser oil. Indulge in fantasy and enjoy this new and daring mental landscape!

Some Historic Tidbits

The first recorded use of coconut occurred in the 15th century when South Sea explorers relied on its pure water and energy-packed white flesh for sustenance. Seductive and exotic, coconut as an ingredient in perfume renders a freshness and creamy sweetness. It works best when melded with floral facets such as: fresh orange blossom; bright, spicy lily; light neroli; rich, piquant cognac; dark, roasted chocolate; intense jasmine and powdery, woody violet.

Use With Diffusers Of All Kinds

Island Breeze fragrance oil is compatible with atomizers, reed diffusers, nebulizers and the Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser machine.

Eco-Friendly And Safe

This fragrance, as well as all Air Wisp refills, comes with the promise of 100% effectiveness and the pledge that all ingredients are the best found anywhere within the perfume industry. They are certified non GMO and Vegan and contain no DPG, harmful chemicals, glycols, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic coloring or artificial additives.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Air Wisp Size

150ml Alpha Refill, 500ml Beta Refill, 1000ml Gamma Refill


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