Powerful Self-Locking Fresh Strap Air Fresheners

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Our patented Fresh Strap air fresheners, also known as “smell belts,” are considered the gold standard for passive odor control and air care within many industries, and now you can use them within your home to combat all types of malodorous situations. They’re perfect for tackling musty basement odors, smoke odors, pet odors and just about any stink that occurs within a home or business.

In the words of odor control and fragrance expert, Arnold Zlotnik, “Unlike simple smaller scented circular paper blotters that are still used today (and only last a few days or week at most), our patented polymer fragrance Fresh Straps™ are specifically crafted to have a dramatically larger surface area, which allows them to provide tremendously more fragrance content. Bottom line, the more surface area diffusing scent, the more fragrance intensity and odor neutralizing power delivered.”

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Our Fresh Straps are incredibly easy to use, loaded with fragrance and are powerful enough to freshen damp basements and pleasant enough to use anywhere!

Features Include:

– Self locking for easy installation
– 100% water-proof for the most damp areas
– 100% Recyclable and environmentally safe
– Made in the U.S.A.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs

Extreme, Fresh & Clean, Lavender Fields, Verry Berry


Extreme Clean, Lavender Fields, Verry Berry

3 reviews for Powerful Self-Locking Fresh Strap Air Fresheners

  1. Laura Boosinger

    I have used this product in my home to reduce litter odors and it works extremely well!

  2. Tonya Ray

    I use a Fresh Strap on my garbage can handle so they hang down into the can and stay on when dumped, and they significantly help against the odor of the garbage and leave my garage smelling fresh.

  3. lyndastuff

    So I don’t need anything else but the fresh straps? How long do they last for? are there drops or something to buy that go on them? I’ve tried calling/emailing and no ones gotten back to me yet.

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