Black Bamboo Diffuser Oil – Gardenia Patchouli Sandalwood


This sensual Air Wisp fragrance oil weaves an olfactory tale of far away, exotic islands and deep, dark tropical forests. Opening with a head note dominated by dry, aromatic citron, this aspect languidly drifts into a floral heart note brimming with sugary, creamy gardenia, sultry, dewy and fresh pikake, tropical, fiery plumeria, bright lily and earthy star anise. A dry down of paper-like, woody bamboo, potent, dark and musty patchouli and rich, creamy sandalwood complete this beguiling “dirty fragrance.”

All of our Air Wisp diffuser oils work within our Aroma Styler HVAC diffusers, as well as nebulizers, atomizers and reed diffusers. They are available in three different sizes, including 150 ml (5.27 fl oz), 500 ml (17.59 fl oz) and 1000 ml (35.19 fl oz).

Key Notes:  Gardenia, Patchouli and Sandalwood

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A Peaceful Transformative Mood Enhancer

Sheer escapism, peace and serenity are nourished deep within the soul of this exotic fragrance. This scent promises a relief from tension and stress that although temporary, is rewarding to the human spirit.

A Bit Of History:

The history of bamboo dates back some 7,000 years to ancient China and the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century BC) where it was incorporated into many aspects of daily life including: flood, clothing, housing, musical instruments and weaponry.

Various Applications With Diffusers

This Air Wisp fragrance refill is versatile, and is guaranteed to work at 100% capacity with reed diffusers, nebulizers, atomizers and the Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser machine.

Recyclable And Safe

Our Black Bamboo Air Wisp fragrance oil is beneficial to planet Earth, fostering a reduced carbon footprint and a legacy for future generations. Its formulation is always non GMO and Vegan and is guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals, parabens, phthalates, DPG, synthetic colors, petrochemicals and artificial additives. All of our diffuser oils are also completely safe for your home, family and pets.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Air Wisp Size

150ml Alpha Refill, 500ml Beta Refill, 1000ml Gamma Refill


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