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The Perfect Fragrance Type For Every Room In Your Home

Home is many things to many people, but whether it is made up of four walls or twenty, a teepee, an igloo or a grand mansion, it must support a special feeling that comforts and prevails over all who live inside.

Home should be a place of peace and quiet joy and one thing that that can embrace that unique sensation is the strategic placement of certain fragrances in various rooms throughout the house.

Nebulizing Scenting Diffusers Better Than Candles

Since a recent EPA study revealed that Americans spend about 90% of their lives indoors, scent has been elevated to a new position in every day living, especially over the course of the last few years due to both the impact and aftermath of Covid-19.

Since homes until very recently served simultaneously as places to work, exercise, socialize and relax, the need to create some psychological distance between these various aspects might not have been born but certainly erupted. Scents helped to accomplish this.

Switching from uplifting citrus or peppermint-based scents during work hours, to a soothing, comforting lavender-infused setting for the evening provides highly effective spatial differentiation.

Perfect Fragrance Type

Home care fragrance products have undergone many changes over the last few decades.

Advances in technology have given rise to new, state-of-the-art fragrance technologies that weren’t even imagined 10 years ago.

Air quality is of vital importance and scent represents a big part of the way we feel about the different rooms in our homes.

How Scents Affect Home Interiors

The Kitchen

The kitchen aways lies at the heart of the nurturing aspects of “home, sweet home.”  Some kitchen aromas, however, are not so sweet-smelling, such as garbage and burnt foods.

Perfect Fragrance Type Kitchen

Balancing scents in this busy section of the home is best achieved by utilizing fragrances that contain herbs like sharp, aromatic rosemary or citrus facets like uplifting grapefruit or honey-like, very sugary tangerine.

Avoid spicy and very sweet smells, as they usually will clash with food aromas. The following clean, fresh and neutralizing scents are perfect for kitchen areas. 


This naturally sweet, amber-colored liquid  is naturally sweet and citrus. It is the base ingredient for tequila. 


This earthy, spicy herb does wonders for kitchen smells. To deodorize air, diffuse a small amount  of thyme essential oil and odors will dissipate rapidly. 

Orange Zest

To eliminate nasty refrigerator odors, fill a fruity, citrus rind with salt and place it all the way in the back of the fridge. Or, if you want to zest up your space, check out our Orange Frosty dry wafer fragrance refill.

Lemon Peel

Fresh, clean, sharp and sweet , lemon peel; is the ideal “mouthwash” for garbage disposals. Grinding a lemon up leaves a pleasant after aroma that lasts for hours. Alternatively, our Genoa Lemon diffuser oil will transport you to Amalfi coast with one whiff!

The Bathroom

Controlling malodors are of premium concern in all of the bathrooms of the world.

The trick is not to overwhelm or mask foul odors but instead, send them on their smelly way with floral, bright and fresh scents via reed diffusers or room spray.

Calming Fragrances For Home

Diffusers containing fragrant oils can be ideal in bathrooms because bad smells can be difficult to control.

This is because the excessive heat creates the perfect milieu for malodorous molecules to reproduce rapidly.

This is the reason why scents chosen for bathrooms tend to be more potent than those designated for other areas of the home.

HVAC diffuser machines serve to eliminate malodors and enhance interiors with the wonderful power of ambient scent.

The Bedroom

The room where we lay our weary heads at the end of a long work day requires special consideration when it comes to providing the most restful and sleep-inducing scents possible.

Scents To Help Sleep

Scientific research has proven that there are many fragrances that promote healthy sleep and prevent insomnia.

Lavender has been studied more than others and has been proven, time and time again, to reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure, which aids in relaxation.

A 2013 German study Lush, elegant and sugary vanilla also is known for similar properties.

And the introduction of creamy sandalwood is said to increase theta brain activity, which in turn deters the disruption of sleep.

The Living Room

Too much fragrance in this room can distract from its purpose, which is to render a personal relaxing ambiance.

If the preference is for clean and fresh, scents such as: lively, peppery and green basil; earthy, nutty sage, uplifting grapefruit; fruity, crunchy green apple or subtle, powdery and green pomegranate are among the best choices.

Fragrance Type For The Home

If notes that are deeper and richer are more your style, consider facets such as: warm, honeyed amber; spicy, sensual ginger; potent, leathery blackberry; soft, nutty almond and sugary, resinous and spicy cardamom.

The Home Office

The need to boost productivity and concentration levels is most evident in an area that is designated as a work space.

Some fragrances are the perfect vehicle to prevent brain fog, which can easily occur after too many hours of concentrated work.

Office Air Freshener Producs

The best fragrances to combat mental fatigue contain: facets of: sharp lemon; minty cool peppermint and warm, comforting cinnamon. Rosemary too, promotes clear thinking.

Opening a window, even if only for a little while, can help revitalize tired minds.

In Conclusion

Whether it’s our unique collection of diffuser oils, our Air Wisp oils, dry wafer and cartridge fragrances, we have fragrances to enhance any room in any home.

Give them a try and transform your space!


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