Oud Safir Diffuser Oil Essential Oil

Oud Safir – A Fragrant Jewel In The Crown of Aromatherapy

Oud, often referred to as “liquid gold” in the world of perfumery, is an opulent fragrance steeped in history and allure. Derived from the agarwood tree, this rare and precious aromatic essence evokes a mystical journey through time and culture. Its deep, woody notes create a sensory experience that is both luxurious and enchanting, and our perfumers have encapsulated its wonderment in our Oud Safir fragrance blend of aroma essential oils ingredients.

Air-Scent Oud Safir Fragrance Oil

Introducing Our Oud Safir Diffuser Oil Fragrance

This is a fragrance of warmth and depth that has been created by the blending of mystical, ancient ingredients that have been known and cherished by Middle Eastern cultures since time immemorial.

Notes are sensually enveloped within layers of fragrance that are seeped in floral, woody and spicy facets.

This formulation is sophisticated, rich and sensual and its potency can transform any mood or setting.

Oud Safir Diffuser Oil

The inclusion of oud, which is a prized Middle Eastern perfume ingredient, discloses a balanced, captivating power that is potent yet warm and soft.

In Muslim tradition, both men and women burn oud wood chips to scent their homes and their clothing.

Many believe that prayers rising from its scented smoke are carried directly to the almighty.

A Dive Into Its Fragrant Notes

Rich and luxurious, the head notes of this luxurious blend burst with facets of pleasing, spicy and aromatic bergamot, sharp, fresh lemon zest, sugary red raspberry, and dark, sweet and berry-like cassis.

Oudh Safir Fireplace

Conjuring images of the endless and arid desert biome, a heart note soon takes hold featuring aspects of aromatic white lily, dreamy, musky red rose, elegant, lush vanilla, honeyed, dark amber and buttery, smooth sandalwood.

Slightly musty and sharp black pepper and smoky, fruity and musky oud finish this sexy, exotic and intriguing fragrance.

A Breakdown of The Elements Within Oud Safir

Bergamot adds a seductive touch of freshness and light to this glorious fragrance. Fresh and subtle tinges of lime or lemon zest contribute to its complexity as an ingredient for the high end fragrances formulated by our perfumers.

Our Safir 500 ML Fragrance Oil Bottle

Fruity and woody elements of rosy, complex and lush raspberry and warm berry-like cassis complement other facets, and are particularly effective in floral formulations.

White lily sweetly complements romantic rose, the queen of florals, and its wondrous aroma is both spiritual and exquisite.

The use of vanilla promotes a sexy mood, but induces feelings of peace and comfort as well, especially when enhanced by the rich exoticism of amber and the grounding, uplifting and smooth properties of sandalwood.

Black pepper bites, and adds a powerful contrast to sweeter, floral fragrances, which unite to fold into a final sensual and erotic cloud of intriguing, earthy and ancient oud.

Oud Fragrance Oil With Dropper

A Few Historical Aspects About Oud

The facets utilized in this fragrance have rich and colorful histories, which are featured below.

The rose symbolized love in ancient Egypt and in the Middle Ages was used to mask the smell of death and disease.

The true origins of bergamot have not been clearly established, but it is known that its delicious and powerful scent was brought to Spain from the Canary Islands by Christopher Columbus.

First cultivated in Mexico some 900 years ago, vanilla’s use in perfumery was popularized by Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603), who was allergic to flowers.

Amber made its debut in the late 1800s in tandem with the invention of synthetic vanilla (vanillin), and today is so widely used that it has given rise to a category of scents all its own; namely ambrée. 

Buttery sandalwood has been a favorite in perfume formulations continuously for the last 4.000 years, but has only been an ingredient in European and American scents for the past 200 years.

Oud, which is also known as agarwood, dates back to antiquity and the holy Arabian and Hebrew Scriptures.

Oud Safir Essential Oil

Chinese, Japanese and Buddhist traditions are also deeply enmeshed with the use of oud in incense and Fengshui. Its essential oil adds a sense of opulence and supreme comfort to our Oud Safir.

The Use of Oud In Aromatherapy

This fragrance works wonders in the world of aromatherapy where its deep, rich and hypnotic effects serve as vehicles that can produce a meditative state of mind and its calming properties are stimulants to mental strength and stability.

This scent is said to have the power, when diffused consistently via diffuser machines, to ameliorate emotional trauma and attain inner peace. Its secret lies in the potency of its facets to deeply permeate the senses, enhancing awareness, positive energy and focus.

Oud Safir is associated with harmony, serenity and peace to both the mind and the soul.

Its musky, sensual tinges have an unmistakable, almost magical quality that helps to uplift negative moods and surroundings.

Its role in meditation is to help unlock the subconscious and balance chi, which is the energy of life that imbues all living things.

It signifies a spiritual journey leading to ultimate clarity of thought, enlightenment and grounding.

Let Our Oud Safir Diffuser Oil Transport The Mind and Soul!

The timeless allure of Oud captivates with its rich and enchanting aroma, weaving tales of luxury and tradition.

And as the actual fragrance manufacturer, our Oud Safir diffuser oil, as well as all other fragrances we produce, are meticulously crafted with the utmost quality and concentration of aroma ingredients, ensuring an unparalleled experience of efficacy and enduring performance.

Air-Scent Oud 500 Milliliter Bottle

Even more, all of our fragrance formulations boast a commitment to excellence, featuring non-GMO, vegan ingredients, and free of any artificial colors.

Now, immerse yourself in a new olfactory journey with our meticulously crafted Oud Safir fragrance — it will surely elevate your space with the resplendent essence of this celebrated ancient ingredient.

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