5 Fragrances That Will Enrich The Elegance Of Any Office

Offices can be comfort zones or emotional prisons, depending upon how management views the well being of their employees.

Our master perfumers and scenting experts fully understand that motivated and contented workers are forces to reckon with when it comes to both morale and productivity outcomes.

For many, hours spent at work equal and sometimes exceed those spent at home. 

Approaches to scenting an office can range from soft subtle fragrances to bold aromas that can greatly influence company disposition and levels of production.

Office Air Freshener Producs

The Benefits of Ambient Office Scenting

Ambient scenting can greatly enhance any office setting.

Lemon and citrus fragrances promote a sense of cleanliness, and are known to boost cognitive function, while warm, spicy scents, such as vanilla and cinnamon, stimulate both “dwell time” in retail stores and an increase in customer purchases.

Herbal scents have soothing properties and are known to intensify memory.

The key to successful office scenting involves selecting the proper aroma for the type of workplace. One way to get it right is to ask employees what they think.


An informal poll can help direct an office manager into making the right selection.

If the desired effect is to increase accuracy and focus, thematic fragrances may work best, while retail environments demand scents that will stimulate lingering traffic and purchasing behavior.

Scents also serve to minimize office malodors in certain areas such as: break rooms, bathrooms and trash disposal locations.

Very strong odors must be carefully addressed.

Effective odor neutralization demands a professional touch aided in part by this company’s most powerful weapon; namely, Metazene.

This colorless additive combats malodors chemically, eliminating them forever instead of just masking them.

Metazene Odor Neutralizer

Office scenting boosts public perception, thereby cementing brand loyalty and influencing consumer behavior.

A 2006 study done in casinos indicated that gamblers in scented areas spent 45% more money than average guests. 

In order to be successful, signature scents for offices must be selected according to the projected desired effect on clients, customers or other visitors.

Unrelated scents can distract and weaken a company’s brand or message, while the correct one effectively reflects the specific values of a company.

Other Studies And Statistics

A 2014 study indicated that scenting affected the accuracy of typists.

Researchers discovered that typists made 54% fewer errors when they could smell lemon; 33% fewer with jasmine and 20% fewer with exposure to lavender.

A University of Cincinnati study conducted by psychologists William Dember and Joel Warm revealed that volunteers who inhaled peppermint and lily-of-the-valley odors while at work on a tedious computer task made 25 percent fewer errors than those who breathed unscented air.

Some Favored Air Scent Diffuser Fragrances

Alma Flower Honey Fragrance Refill

Luscious orange, sweet mandarin, fruity, minty, cassis and, peachy green nectarine, form the top note of this glorious, refreshing fragrance.

These facets soon meld into a heart note of redolent, jasmine flower, light, floral and slightly bitter neroli, musky rose and smooth, soothing lavender eventually flow into a base note marked by aspects of woody, sweet nectar and sensual musk. 

This Air Wisp refill is specifically designed to work with the Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser.

Hope Solid Fragrance Wafer Refill

This complex, warm and wildly popular citrus fragrance streams with an opening note bursting with fruity and citrus facets of uplifting grapefruit, fresh lemon and crisp apple.

Utopia Home Ambient Fragrance

A heart note soon follows featuring aspects of musky, romantic rose, intense jasmine, waxy, creamy tuberose, delicate lily-of-the-valley and creamy gardenia. 

This luxurious scent completes with a base note marked by honeyed amber and sun-dried driftwood. 

This refill is best suited for the Aroma One fan air freshener.

Santal Diffuser Oil

This woody, bold and aristocratic formulation is a luxurious amalgam of exotic, creamy and warm Australian sandalwood, slightly sugary, spicy and woody cardamom oil, dry, fruity iris, musky, amber-like ambrox, earthy and leathery papyrus and sensual, passionate musk.

Santal Aroma Oil For Aroma Diffusers

To inhale it is to transport the senses to the profound depths of the inscrutable woods and the captivating warmth of a flickering fire. 

Its elements are entirely impossible to duplicate, which only deepens its layers of intrigue and intensity Its magic is inhaled throughout the civilized world, but it woodsy, smoky formula is only known to a privileged few. 

This fragrance oil is by far the most pervasive signature scent within the fashion world; so much so that it is recognized in almost every city in the world. 

Vanilla Kreme Wafer Fragrance Refill

With a moniker inspired by the world’s most famous donut, this South Sea island fragrance is not fattening, but there are no holds barred against its guarantee to delight the noses of all those who inhale its wondrous aroma.

Vanilla Kreme Calming Fragrance

A top note of fruity/berry facets stream and soon drift into a spicy floral heart note. This scent completes with a base note of noble, lush and elegant vanilla.

White Tea Fragrance Cartridge Refill

The silvery white hairs nestled on the Chinese tea plant are the source of the name for this alluring, exotic fragrance that opens with a stream of invigorating citrus that soon fold into a floral heart note bouquet featuring romantic, dreamy rose, rich, sugary jasmine petal and exotic, fresh and green white tea bud.

White Tea Scent Sells Homes

A base note of aromatic, sensual white musk completes this beguiling fragrance. This cartridge refill is always paired with the Aroma Beam diffuser.

A Bit On Our Diffuser Scenting Machines

Whether the choice for office scenting is for the connection of a diffuser machine to an HVAC system or a standalone unit, those developed by Airscent Diffusers are the most popular and cost-effective found anywhere in the ambient scenting industry. More on each is indicated below.

The Aroma Beam

Launched in 2016, the Aroma Beam offers superior odor control solutions when paired with Scentsia 30-day refill cartridges that come in two varieties; namely, the Aroma Beam Scentsia Cartridge and our industrial-strength wafer scent blocks.

The Aroma Beam Home Air Freshener Diffuser

It is ideal for large office spaces up to 50,000 cubic feet, but is highly versatile and can easily be adapted for use in smaller areas. Constructed from sturdy, powder-coated steel, this diffuser system offers years of continuous, reliable service. 

This dry vapor fragrance machine is self-supporting, has a fan, and projects scent from the unit itself, which sets it part from the conventional HVAC system. 

Fragrances can be chosen from a large selection or customized individually to suit any desired office ambiance.

The Aroma Styler

This vapor mist HVAC aroma diffuser works well for smaller office spaces.

Aroma Styler Alpha Diffuser

Especially designed for portable wall mounting and HVAC systems, this ambient air diffuser system is available in three different sizes; Gamma, which covers up to 63,000 cubic feet; Beta for areas up to 21,000 cubic feet and Alpha for spaces up to 10,500 cubic feet.

The Aroma One

This odor-neutralizing system offers superior, linear, aroma enrichment for any small office space.

Aromam One Home Air Frsehener

Some of its most desirable features include: a contemporary design with optimal air flow; the capacity to hold diverse Airscent Diffuser refill types; a superior air velocity fan blade and easy conversion from battery to electric.

In Conclusion

Our scenting products can enhance the elegance of any office space of any size and in any industry under the sun! 

Start enriching your office interior today!

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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