Say Goodbye To Any Type Of Smelly Odor!

From pet odors, smoke odors and smelly basements, we offer the most effective arsenal of commercial-grade vaporous odor control products to combat any type of indoor malodor!

What Makes Our Fresh Straps So Effective?

The design Our Fresh Straps is built to impart the most intense fragrance possible and they are made from a polymer engineered for 60-day release. Even more, they contain one of the most powerful odor neutralizing additives in the marketplace. They’re perfect for tackling musty basement odors, smoke odors, pet odors and more.

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Got Pet Odors? Our Aroma Beam Air Freshener Diffuser Can Help!

Our Aroma Beam diffuser neutralizes tough airborne odors while simultaneously providing superior, linear, aroma enhancement for any smaller area. Tried, true and tested, choose from a wide array of fragrance options and say goodbye to dog and pet odors!

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