Ocean Inspired Fragrances

Get Ozonic With These Ocean-Inspired Fragrances!

Bring the awesome glorious fragrant aromas of the ocean into your life, mind and soul with our most popular ozonic, ocean-inspired fragrances!

Iconic country music singer and composer, Dolly Parton, once lyrically posed the question: “Do you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean?”

This incredible vista is borne out of respect and veneration for the timeless wonder that is the source of all life as we know it (and thanks to its many hidden mysteries, all that we do not know).

The mysterious nature and allure of the ocean is as deep as its waters, and scientists every day come a little closer to understanding the parallel universe of life that hides beneath the surface of the world’s ocean floors.

Capturing the essence of the ocean in a fragrance is a job best left to master perfumers.

Ocean Fragrances for the Home.

Among the few things actually known about the sea is the reason why it smells the ways it does.

The quintessential oceanic fragrance is a diverse blend of molecules and bacteria from dying plankton and other micro organisms that coalesce into that elusive seaside scent, which is slightly sulfury with nuances of green and brine. 

Dimethyl sulfide is one of these molecular compounds and it is positively disgusting to inhale by itself.

When blended with other layers of  scent from the ocean, however, it mutates into that ozonic, timeless and elusive smell we all know and love, no which body of water we are talking about.

Our master perfumers utilize essential oils, such as: citrus, coastal plants and woody elements, to capture that one-of-a-kind ocean aroma.

Santal Fragrance Ingredients

One of the most important ingredients employed is known as Calone, which has been used since the 1980s.

It is an unusual chemical compound cherished for its watery, fresh, ozone accords, which collectively render an intense ‘sea breeze” note, softened by floral and fruity aspects.

Calone can be formulated to adapt to specific ocean tones ranging from salty seaweed to lush fruits.

Often a sea breeze perfume is paired with citrus notes, which heighten the feeling of freshness, while floral notes, like water lilies, are more often included in fresh water formulations.

Woody notes, such as cedar, deftly recreate scents reminiscent of the and and the sea.

Our Most Popular Ocean-Inspired Fragrances

Aqua Flora Scentsia Fragrance Refill

This Scentsia fragrance refill, which is specifically designed for use within our Aroma Beam diffuser, is crisp and clean, and streams with opening notes of bright, light and middle spicy bergamot meshed with the intense magic of fresh ocean air.

Aqua Flora Scentsia Fragrance

These invigorating facets soon merge into a heart note marked by aspects of musty, green cyclamen, minty, piney and honey-tinged eucalyptus, haunting jasmine, rich, sugary and floral ylang ylang, leafy, green water lily and earthy star anise.

The scent completes with a lingering, woody and slightly smoky, cypress base-note.

Island Breeze Solid Wafer Fragrance Refill

A tropical fruity melange bursting with succulent, spicy and green strawberry, milky coconut, luscious, waxy pineapple and vanilla-nuanced and gingery mango comprise the opening notes of this exotic and highly sensual fragrance.

Island Breeze Wafer Fragrance

These facets soon drift into a sweet heart note marked by intoxicating and haunting jasmine and bitter, sugary anise.

The fragrance completes with a base note marked by facets of elegant and lush vanilla and earthy, slightly sugary nectar.

South Beach Scentsia Cartridge Refill

Uniquely designed for the Aroma Beam Diffuser system, this captivating scent opens with a pleasing, complex and refreshing citrus stream of fresh bergamot fused with elements of calming, oceanic aqua marine.

South Beach Home Fragrance Refill

A heart note of mellow, soothing lavender and leafy, green and refreshing green notes soon follows and eventually merges into a final cloud of sweet musk and dry, lingering cedar wood.

Tropicana Solid Wafer Fragrance Refill

This exotic, enticing fragrance conjures a landscape of pristine beaches, glimmering white sands and dazzling sunsets deep within the mind’s eye.

Tropicana Wafer Fragrance Refill

Streaming facets of soft, bitter sweet and nutty almond, sweet and spicy cherry, green, piquant strawberry and pearly, lush coconut open this alluring scent.

These aspects soon drift into a floral heart note bouquet brimming with aspects of fresh, sugary orange blossom, woody violet and leafy, bright and green waterlily.

The scent completes with a base note featuring elements of lush, elegant vanilla and creamy, rich caramel.

Tahitian Sunrise Air Wisp Liquid Fragrance Refill

This tropical, fruity fragrance is designed exclusively for use with our Aroma Styler HVAC machine.

It streams with top-notes bursting with sweet, succulent pineapple, fresh, fruity casaba melon, luscious orange, velvety, aromatic peach, milky, exotic coconut and fruity, ambrosial wild cherry.

Tahitian Sunrise Ocean Fragrance

These elements soon drift into a heart note bouquet of musty, green and light cyclamen and sugary, haunting night-blooming jasmine.

A green musky base note completes this beguiling fragrance.

Fresh Raine Solid Wafer Fragrance Refill

All wafer refills are designed for use with the Aroma One Air Freshener Diffuser.

This intense fragrance captures the essence of the deep, green and primeval darkness of a forest night after a summer rainfall.

It streams with an opening note featuring facets of earthy, dry and musty cotton, woody, green fir needle/pine, fresh lemon and sharp lime zest. that seem to cleanse the atmosphere and spirit and make everything new again.

These aspects soon morph into a heart note characterized by aspects of sugary, powdery and floral night blooming violet, sensual, wood-smoky fresh rain and ozonic aqua marine.

Potent base note elements of dark, earthy and sensual patchouli complete this memorable fragrance.

Fill Your Space With The Alluring Fragrance Of The Ocean

The smell of the ocean has many dimensions, and it is as deep and mysterious as the enormous expanse of its waters.

Part of its allure lies in its essence of all living things and its endless majesty.

It caresses our senses and embraces our souls with an unspoken message of life’s eternal force and beauty.

Within its folds lie an eternal wonder about what secrets lies far beneath its frothy waves and deep, hidden trenches.

Find your favorite ocean inspired scent and get ozonic today!

Photo Credits: Pixabay and Air-Scent Diffusers

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