Metazene Odor Neutralizer

Why Is Metazene The Most Effective Home Odor Neutralizer?

Vaporous odor neutralizers have come a long way down through the passage of time and modern thought assumes that for either a commercial or residential space to be deodorized it must also be clean and pure. 

Up until about two centuries ago, when garbage collection, the development of modern sewage systems and other waste control standards were established, malodors were an unpleasant but acceptable aspect of daily life.

Today, deodorizers have a noble mission, and they are closely allied to our psychological health, the environment and consumer satisfaction.

The neutralizing additive known as Metazene has been around since the 1940s, and advancements in industrial science and distillation enabled the 1954 development of an 80% concentrate that was both easy to work with and pure, and further research eventually spawned a 99% concentrate that was purer than the original 1940s formulation, which is more uniform in properties and also colorless.

But what makes it the most effective additive for home air freshener and odor control products? Our team explains.

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How Exactly Does Metazene Work?

Metazene’s power lies within the realm of the invisible where it attacks malodors at the molecular level. This is what sets it apart from other odor neutralizers. It eliminates odors forever rather than just mask them via a process of weight and chemical reaction.

Other neutralizing additives utilize perfume and water and depend upon enzymes to eliminate odors borne from basement mildew, mold and other sources.

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Metazene, with a little help from industrial science and technology, attacks and destroys malodors at their molecular level. This is a far more permanent solution than microbial action, which at best only serves to temporarily mask bad smells.

The Metazene molecules bond with the malodorous particles, which alters their electron patterns. This negates their properties via hydrogen bonding, atom formation (adsorption) and encapsulation. Neutralization renders bad smells odorless because the molecules sink and evaporate over time due to very low vapor pressure.

Metazene has been used extensively in a myriad of industrial applications, particularly in odor control products created for company restrooms and the portable toilet industry. It is the the most effective weapon in combatting foul smells emanating from portable toilet tanks and surrounding air because it efficiently neutralizes foul odor molecules.

The flourishing re-emergence of thermal and gel-based air fresheners is largely due to the inclusion of Metazene in their plastic, oil and water-based compositions, which has proven itself  to be a powerful neutralizer and a contributing factor to the product’s overall longevity.

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Depending on how it is applied, Metazene can also affect emerging malodors. Almost with the sleight-of-hand ease of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, this additive’s incredible ability lies in its very low vapor pressure (the pressure at which its gas phase is in sync with its liquid or solid condensed phase.) 

Since a malodor is a vaporous molecule, Metzene odor neutralizer destroys malodors in the air as opposed to most so-called odor control agents, which are only effective in most case on a surface with direct contact and will not work in the air.

Spraying Metazene in the air within a space, such as an office building or apartment or house, can eliminate persistent odors such as: smoking, chemical smells and stale food odors in hallways. When these malodors are sprayed with conventionally perfumed products, they serve only to temporarily mask bad smells rather than annihilate them. Metazene does not mask odor; it eliminates them.

Eliminating Odors In Any Interior Environment

Metazene has always provided “true odorless neutralization” for all industries, but in the last few years, cleaning products infused with this effective additive have found their way into many private residences. 

Many of these are now available to the average homeowner here at Home Fresheners, offering solutions in the form of affordable, industrial strength air freshener and odor-control products to every homeowner living anywhere.

Due to the resurgence of lightly fragranced air fresheners and the dynamic demands of today’s educated consumers, “covering up” smells in the office has morphed into the need to truly eliminate them forever and this trend has morphed into the desire for homeowners to do the same within the confines of the modern private residence. 

The following represent just a few examples of effective Metazene fueled products that effectively combat cooking, basement and pet-related odors that are commonly found in the average home. 

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Yes, that’s correct — all of the fragrance refills for our Aroma One, Aroma Beam or our Aroma Stylers —  whether it be are Air Wisp liquid refills, our Scentsia cartridges or Squair Wafers — each and everyone one of them contain Metazene, ensuring our products provide the very best in industrial-strength, vaporous odor control.

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Home Freshener Fresh Straps

Our highly versatile, air freshening Fresh Straps, which are also known as “smell belts,” will dramatically improve odor control wherever malodors persist and provide ambient fragrance enrichment as well.

They offer consistent air-freshening and transient odor neutralization in basement interiors when they are wrapped around pipes or posts.

Air Freshener Fresh Straps Looped

The infusion of Metazene is the secret to their powers of superior neutralization. This odor-fighting additive surpasses the capabilities of any odor neutralizer on the market today.

Metazene Odor Neutralizing Surface And Wall Spray

Available in a quart sized sprayer on the Home Freshener website in either a cherry or floral scent, the inclusion of Metazene creates a neutralizing atmosphere because the foul smelling molecules attach themselves to the Metazene particles, which trap and lock in malodors.

Metazene Surface and Wallspray can be applied to areas such a musty basement walls, storage areas, trash room walls, bathroom walls, sink cabinets and attics.

Molecules become heavy, eventually disintegrating and leaving the air free from odors. Odors related to food, smoking and chemicals, are known to have the power to replenish themselves over time, but a Metazene spray on affected surfaces can easily can prevent this from happening.

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Zorb-It All Spill Absorber And Odor Neutralizer

With the ability to absorb more than 100 times its own weight, this odor-neutralizer is a sustainable powder product that is both very easy to use and dispose of. It’s perfect for pet and children mishaps.

Its unusual strength when applied to all water borne animal body fluids, including blood, urine and vomit, lies in its transformation upon contact into an instant gel. 

This instant forming gel neutralizes and deodorizes with a natural, fresh mint odor and simultaneously controls malodors. Originally created for kennels, zoo facilities, pet stores, veterinary offices and pet care centers, this product is now available and perfect for any home with one or more pets.

In Conclusion

Metazene is the king of kings when it comes to the most effective and sustainable odor-neutralizer available anywhere. Its expansion into products for home use will transform your residence into a joyful, pleasant and odor-free space.

Final thought on odors: The smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls, ready to remind us. ~ Marcel Proust

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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