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9 Reasons To Buy An HVAC Diffuser For Your Home

If you are a homeowner looking to enhance the interior of your home, here are 9 reasons an HVAC diffuser will transform your home and your life!

The diffusion of precious diffuser oils and the process of using airflow to improve personal comfort have been around for centuries unfold, but the seeds of its modern manifestation (HVAC diffusers) were actually sown in the mid 1800s when an inventor, Dr John Gorrie, developed the idea of cooling cities during the hot months of the year with a mechanical system that controlled humidity via cooling coils.

It would take almost two hundred years of technological innovation and inventive ingenuity for the HVAC systems built into our homes, aided by a multitude of our diffuser oil fragrances, to develop and become as much a part of our residences as furniture and every day appliances.

Benefits HVAC Diffuser Machine

Essential oils are a billion dollar industry bolstered by a rich and colorful historical narrative that dates back thousands of years to when the world was young. HVAC diffusers have gained in popularity in the world of today due to the many benefits associated with their use.

They are cost-effective, relaxing, mood-altering and induce a healthy lifestyle. Their modus operandi is quite simple, albeit at the same time, somewhat complex.

These machines release the essential oils into the air via cold air diffusion, which transforms them into a vapor that spreads evenly over a particular space.

A Few Relevant Studies And Statistics

Although more research and clinical trials are needed before the medical world can totally recognize the effects of essential oils on human health, some studies do suggest they are helpful in the treatment of acne with tea tree oil and hair loss with thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedar wood extracts.

The application of lemon oil in an English study published in 2002 in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry indicated positive reduction of anxiety and agitation in patients suffering from dementia.

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What Are The Benefits Of An HVAC Diffuser Scenting Machine?

There are many! Each are listed below —

1. HVAC Diffusers Are Incredibly Easy To Operate

Our Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser machines operate as both a free-standing aroma diffuser placed within any larger room, or (for broader reach) within any HVAC closet, where the dry vapor fragrance is pulled into the HVAC airways and evenly distributed throughout your entire home or business.

Simply plug our Aroma Styler in, sync it with our intuitive APP, and then sit back and let it work its aromatic magic.

2. You’ll Have The Best Smelling Interior On The Block!

HVAC diffusers can eliminate stubborn household odors that are often just temporarily masked by over the counter aerosols and products which are also not beneficial for the environment.

Home odors can be very frustrating to deal with because they can persist even after a full day’s cleaning.

An HVAC diffuser can ease malodors out of your life, gently, permanently and softly thanks to our odor neutralizing additive, Metazene, which instantly eliminates vaporous malodors at the molecular level.

3. You Can Melt Your Stress Away With Fragrance

Diffused fragrances have the power to calm and reduce anxiety levels.

Choosing scents from our past that evoke memories of happier times are the key to achieving  personal, albeit temporary, respite and serenity.

A 2016 study entitled: A Study On Stress And Aromatherapy Intervention Efficacy conducted at the University of Montana revealed that essential oils dispensed to college students on a regular basis resulted in lower levels of anxiety, stress and increased levels of energy and sleep quality.

4. You Can Focus More Acutely While You Meditate

For some lucky humans, all they have to do is close their eyes and they can shut out the unwanted noise and dust of every day life and relax. Most of us, however, need some props in order to reach a meditative space.

Transporting our minds to different settings is particularly aided by scents that are linked to a particular place and time.

Dry cedar wood, sweet floral and complex bergamot aspects can place you in a spring forest; lavender in a peaceful sweet smelling and mellow field of dreams and memories.

An HVAC diffuser is the best, most cost-effective vehicle to take you wherever your heart wants to go without the hassle and complications of reservations and travel itineraries.

5. You’ll Sleep More Like A Baby

The quality of our sleep can be greatly improved by the introduction of diffuser oils into our bedrooms, particularly fragrances that include lavender.

According to an article written by the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, the introduction of lavender induces a peaceful, uninterrupted slumber.

In addition, a 2013 German study entitled: Lavender and The Nervous System and published in the National Library of Medicine indicated that several experiments involving animals and lavender reported sedative effects.

6. You’ll Help Improve Your Mental Focus

Diffuser oils such as minty peppermint, sugary, cooling spearmint, woody, aromatic rosemary and sharp, sweet lemon have been known to aid in mental focus.

Diffusing these oils via an HVAC diffuser machine can also combat fatigue.

7. HVAC Diffusers Machines Might Improve Respiratory Health

In the same manner as humidifiers, HVAC diffusers replenish the moisture in the air. Dry air is often associated with breathing problems in people suffering from asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Reintroducing the right amount of moisture can ease the breathing process and aid in the relief of symptoms arising from allergies and sinusitis.

Some essential oils particularly are known to provide some relief. These include: cooling eucalyptus oil, minty tea tree oil and woody, aromatic rosemary. Both rosemary and eucalyptus oil contain cineole, which is known to alleviate coughs and liberate air passageways.

8. You Can Improve The Beauty Of Hair And Skin

The use of HVAC diffusers can help prevent hair and skin from drying out. 

While most people with curly or kinky hair live with the fact that it often tends to dry out more easily than other hair types, even straight air, when exposed to over washing, can become dry and is sometimes accompanied by scalp flakiness, which can be very embarrassing.

Dry, cracked skin can occur from frequent washing and overuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

9. You Can Make Your House Plants More Happy And Healthy

An HVAC Diffuser ambient machine can serve as a powerful humidifier for plants, especially in small, tight spaces such as the corner of a room. Due to the fact that they are compact machines, moisture production is low. 

hey utilize ultrasonic technology to stimulate the water and oils, which in tandem reduce molecules into a fine, cooling mist.

Mature plants require a humidity range between 50 to 60%, and  HVAC diffusers can easily achieve these specific levels.

The Aroma Styler HVAC Diffuser

Perhaps the most versatile scenting machine ever developed, the Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser is available in three diverse sizes; namely Alpha for areas up to 10,500 cubic feet, Beta for spaces of up to 21,000 cubic feet and Gamma, the largest, covering up to 63,000 cubic feet.

HVAC Diffuser Aroma Styler Home Air Freshener

Sleek and black, this diffuser fits into any decor and can either stand freely or be mounted onto a wall.

Its effectiveness is the result of patented cold air diffusion technology, which breaks down essential oils into a fine, dry mist.

This machine represents the epitome of convenience, as it is compatible with home HVAC systems, which means it has the capacity offer powerful scent enhancement for every room in a home.

In conclusion

If you are a home or business owner looking to enhance the interior of your home, or even your business, consider purchasing an Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser machine.

Your home will soon be free of nasty allergens and malodors and replete with fine, pleasant fragrance that evokes serenity and brings new meaning to that old saying about home, sweet home.

Photo Credits: Tiffany Lively, Air-Scent Diffusers

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