Eliminate Home Gym Odors

Home Gym Odors – The Key To Effectively Eliminate Them

How do you effectively eliminate smelly vaporous home gym odors?

Well, there are a number of actions you can take to maintain an odor-free home and home gym, but the real answer lies in the ongoing use of our highly-effective air freshener diffusers and fragrance refills, which contain a vaporous odor neutralizing agent called Metazene.

But how exactly does Metazene work, what additional steps can you take to eliminate the underlying sources of bad odors, which diffusers are best for your home gym and what are best ambient fragrances to help provide an invigorating, fresh-smelling interior environment?

Continue on to find out!

My Home Gym Smells

Working out at home presents a convenient and viable alternative to going to the gym, but if you fail to take some precautions, the scene of the crime will soon become evident to even the most tolerable of nostrils.

While it might be difficult to exactly describe odors emanating from a home gym, they can be compared to a number of highly unpleasant malodors ranging from many pairs of dirty, bacteria-ridden socks to the sweaty stench of small heaps of the worst smelling compounds of God-knows-what accumulated in some dark, forsaken corner of carpeting!

Dirt, Sweat And Gear

Human sweat has no odor at all when it is fresh. 

It only becomes unbearably skunky when the bacteria living on skin have time to break down the proteins that it contains. 

If you were wondering if this might be the reason why you rarely smell anything when working out and why no one will come near you an hour later, you would be right.

Home Gym Odor Control

It should also be noted that sweat flies everywhere during workouts and settles on upholstery, carpeting and in hard-to-reach spots behind cabinets and televisions. 

The CDC recommends a quick scrub with soapy water to remove dirt and grime that may have accumulated on equipment, and a spray of rubbing alcohol to effectively destroy remaining bacteria.

The failure to clean home gym equipment is a recipe for impending bacterial disaster.

Tips To Freshen The Air In Your Home Gym

In addition to utilizing our air freshener products, which we will cover in further detail shortly, there are a few additional options available for improving the air quality in a home gym.

Some possibilities include: 

Open Doors And/Or Windows

This will create a natural airflow that can replace the air in a home gym quicker than any appliance can.

Some basements have small windows, albeit they cannot be opened, and they should be adjusted so that they can be.

Having a door and some open windows can vastly improve air quality.

Use Fans To Circulate The Air

Adding a big fan in the doorway while working out can aid in providing more fresh air into a work out space.

Feeling airflow helps to cool down your skin, which in turn helps your body maintain a core temperature. Hydration is vital during cooling.

According to odor expert, Marilee Nelson, co-founder of Branch Basics, buying a cheap 20-inch x 20-inch box fan and matching air filter serve a dual purpose.

Not only do they provide a cool and refreshing breeze that will inhibit sweating to some degree, the duo also filters the sweat particles evaporating from your skin and odor from the air.

Ensure You Have Proper Ventilation

Good ventilation keeps fresh air rotating into a home gym and it is available in different versions.

Natural ventilation is just a hole somewhere that allows air to come in.

Two holes somewhere are better than one because this allows the air to easily move in and out and maintain its freshness.

Unfortunately, this may also allow some not so pleasant living things to travel in and out of a basement. Mechanical ventilation involves a fan pushing or pulling air in or out of a room. 

Install Or Utilize Air-Conditioning

Air-Conditioning accomplishes two main goals; it lowers temperatures and humidity levels, both of which provide comfort.

Lowering the humidity also helps in preventing bad smells and mold formation.

Ultimately, running an air conditioner in a home gym will keep it fresher for a longer period of time.

The only caveat is that home air-conditioners do not really filter the air, although they can filter bigger particles of dust.

They are no match for smaller particles and dangerous gasses, and also cannot permeate mild spores.

Hooking up a home gym to a HVAC system, which is equipped with more power and better filters, fares much better albeit more expensive than having a window unit.

Use Commercial-Grade Air-Purifiers

Air purifiers begin their job where air conditioners stop.

They do not cool the air or alter the humidity, but they do filter it.

They are available in many shapes, sizes and capabilities, and are considered beneficial to those suffering from allergies, and asthmatics.

They also effectively eliminate second-hand tobacco smoke. Air purifiers are not miracle products, but they are very helpful in cleansing the air in a home gym.

They are best used in conjunction with a total cleanliness plan, which includes regular vacuuming and cleaning.


Plants are nature’s air purifiers, although not all are suitable to improve indoor air quality.

The problem is that many home gyms are in locations lacking a plentiful supply of natural light.

Most plants cannot tolerate this environment, but there are a few that can. They are: the Peace Lily; Boston Fern and Chinese Evergreen.

Dehumidifiers Can Often Help Too!

A dehumidifier is not expensive and does not require as much power as an air conditioner.

It is helpful in dealing with moisture issues in basement home gyms.

Perform Regular Cleaning Of Your Home Gym

Maintain a clean home gym. Vacuum, mop, dust and wash regularly, as that prevents dirt and sweat from doing their nasty things and provides the perfect milieu for unwanted pests and critters, some of which can both destroy air quality and pose serious health risks.

Most Importantly — Use Effective Air Fresheners

Last but certainly not least, our highly-effective air freshener diffusers that contain Metazene are the true key to eliminating malodorous molecules in the air.

More on both below!

The Most Effective Home Gym Air Freshener Products

Our solutions for odor control in home gyms include the use of effective air diffusers and the most effective odor neutralizer in the world; namely, Metazene. Both are detailed below.

Metazene is the king of odor neutralizers, and home gym malodors have met their match when products containing this additive come in contact with them.

Its tremendous success is due to the fact that it attacks bad odors at the molecular level.

This far surpasses other neutralizers that can only mask odors rather than eliminate them for good.

Metazene Odor Neutralizer

The heavier molecules bond with Metazene, causing them to eventually evaporate.

We stand behind the company promise that this neutralizer will eliminate bad smells forever.

Malodorous molecules become attached to the metazene particles, which are the larger of the two, and form a heavier molecule with a higher vapor pressure.

It takes a few days, but the Metazene-infused molecules eventually “win” and malodors are suddenly things of the past.

The following three air freshener diffusers are ideally to effectively freshen and eliminate bad odors from any interior space, particularly gyms.

The Aroma Beam Fan-Air Freshener

This large area scent diffusion system effectively freshens interior spaces of up to 50,000 square feet.

Aroma Beam Packaged

It offers two types of refill options, has many mounting options and comes with a built in timer and a full one-year replacement warranty, among other features. 

The HVAC Aroma Styler Vapor Mist Diffuser

A vapor mist HVAC aroma diffuser system that works well for larger areas, this device is specially designed for portable wall mounting and HVAC systems.

Aroma Styler Alpha Home Diffuser

Extremely versatile, this ambient air diffuser system is available in three different sizes; Gamma, which covers up to 63,000 cubic feet; Beta for areas up to 21,000 cubic feet and Alpha for spaces up to 10,500 cubic feet.

The Aroma One Smart Air Freshener Diffuser

This odor-neutralizing air freshener system is perfect for smaller home gyms because it both eliminates airborne odors and at the same time, offers superior, linear, aroma enrichment for any small space.


Aromam One Home Air Frsehener

Some of its most desirable features include: a contemporary design with optimal air flow; the capacity to hold diverse refill types; a superior air velocity fan blade and easy conversion from battery to electric.

In Conclusion

If bad odors are permeating your home, what are you waiting for!

Turn your home gym into the magical place your fantasy desires, with our highly effective air freshener diffusers and fragrance refills!

Final thought about home gyms: I must go. My gym needs me.  ~ SayingsPoint.com

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A Few More Considerations About Home Gym Odors

The air quality in any home gym is uniquely more important than any other room in the home because the very nature of exercise requires hard work and deeper breathing.

Working out rapidly deteriorates air quality and demands the use of all available oxygen in the room.

It also creates heat, sweat, dirty clothes and equipment.

In addition, a home gym is usually in a room that is not commonly used, and this alone suggests that its air quality is probably worse than other locations.

If not checked, indoor air quality can be worse than outside, which can translate both into an unhealthy environment and uncomfortable and less frequent workouts.

An understanding of poor air quality is vital to both fixing it and replacing it with high quality air-care solutions.

Poor air quality concerns a variety of factors that include: temperature; humidity; smells; mold; oxygen; radon and airflow.

More details on each are below.


This relates to individual comfort levels, as humans have the capacity to exercise within a wide range of temperatures.

The ability to work out in both high and low temperatures will depend upon maintaining sufficient levels of hydration.

By its very nature, a work out causes body temperatures to rise quickly, which makes it tolerable to work in colder settings as long as hands don’t freeze.

Conversely, the the increase in body temperature that is helpful in cold environments makes it more difficult to workout effectively in warmer climes.

Higher temperatures can cause dehydration and heatstroke.

The warmer a home gym gets, the more difficult it will become for the  body to control a core temperature.


Yogi Berra once said: “It ain’t the heat, its the humility.”

That being said, too much humidity can have a huge, negative impact on the safety of a workout space.

This is because it provides the perfect environment for the formation and spread of harmful mold.

The humidity in a home gym can be influenced by: general humidity in the area; the gym location; water intrusion and individual sweat patterns.


Bad smells can effectively be eliminated with our products, but when they occur in home gyms they suggest the possibility that a faulty air flow may be responsible for them.

This is why the source of the malodor must be investigated as soon as possible. 

Although airflow itself is not a direct feature of healthy air quality, a lack of it in any given space will cause its rapid decline and can cause unhealthy conditions which include: radon, dust, co2, foul odors, mold formation and increased humidity.


While this is usually more of a problem outside a residence, dust and chemical-laden air can permeate the interior of a gym.

In addition, there might also be other culprits inside the home such as: DIY projects, redecoration, pets, other people (nice and otherwise) etc.

All of these are dust collectors, and if they are not managed effectively, air quality levels can deteriorate and become unhealthy fairly rapidly.

Less dust is always better for everyone because their atmospheric particles can consist of a variety of unpleasant compounds.

While some people are more sensitive to particular types than others, dust is known to cause health problems of one degree or another to everyone who is forced to inhale it.


Mold spores create a host of nasty health effects that can create a dangerous home gym environment.

There are five conditions that must be present in order for mold to flourish.

They are: water and humidity levels, which are the easiest aspects to control; temperature, nutrients and PH (acidity).

According to the EPA, mold prevention is best accomplished when humidity levels are maintained at 60%, and ideally between 30% and 50%.


When working out, humans breathe in oxygen through the lungs, which is then carried by the hemoglobin in the blood to the cells and muscles to provide energy, and remove carbon dioxide.

When exercising, the heart pumps the oxygen to the engaged muscles and makes them work harder.

According to Dr. Kenton Fibel, Assistant Attending Physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery and Team Physician for the New York Rangers: “One theory is that if you can supply more oxygen, the body will have more oxygen to create energy and require less effort during training…”


As the body burns part of the oxygen, carbon dioxide is created as energy’s waste product.

We breathe in the CO2 and breath rates tend to increase during physical activity.

This is due to the fact that our bodies use more oxygen for fuel and energy production, which in turn produces more carbon dioxide in the blood.

In high concentrations, CO2 levels can be very dangerous.

If there are any appliances or installations that create carbon dioxide in the same space as a home gym and it is closed off, they can cause grave health issues.


Odorless, tasteless and invisible, radon is a radioactive gas that can accumulate in spaces that are tightly sealed, lack airflow and are located where there are naturally occurring radioactive compounds in the soil.

It can rise up through the home foundation and accumulate in a space with bad ventilation.

Although radon is everywhere, basements are common spots where it stockpiles, and this is often the setting for a home gym.

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