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Fill Your Home With These Scrumptious Gourmand Fragrances

The comforting properties of gourmand fragrances have become more and more popular over the course of the last twenty years.

They naturally evolved from ambery notes (formerly Oriental) that were much in vogue during the 1990s.

The very first gourmand fragrance, however, dates back to 1925 and the house of Guerlain’s iconic formulation of Shalimar, which is famous for its prodigious use of vanilla.

The gourmand fragrances developed by our master perfumers are elegant, erotic and hedonistic.

Aromas present a scrumptious collection of facets that range from synthetic or “fantasy” such as: sensual, creamy and sharp caramel; sugary candy and roasted, aromatic chocolate.

Chocolate Fragrance

They are either comprised of synthetic ingredients or they are naturally-occurring such as: nutty, smoky coffee, lush, rich vanilla, creamy, dense and vanilla-nuanced benzoin.

Olya Bar, digital strategist at niche fragrance boutique, Twisted Lily, states: “Gourmand is all the edible notes that could be used as flavors in the food industry that migrated into the fragrance industry. So anything that’s considered edible, delicious, or savory would be classified as a gourmand.”

These fragrances tend to highlight notes that are seamlessly blended with earthy, sexy musks and potent, passionate patchouli, which serve to balance their overall effect.

They can embrace a romantic mood when combined with floral facets and can also be very intense when fused with other gourmand facets.

They appeal to both men and women and the most commonly applied to formulations are: dark, honeyed amber; sensual patchouli; passionate musk and fruity, spicy and warm cinnamon.

Cinnamon Spice Fragrance

Why Do People Like Gourmand Fragrances?

The very first gourmand fragrance to appear on a fashion runway was launched in 1992.

The advent of perfumer’s Olivier Cresp’s Thierry Mugler Angel skyrocketed this fragrance family into a “scent necessity” that complemented the majority of modern clothing selections.

In the words of our master perfumers: “When Gourmand perfumes were introduced, they were something new. They smelled like sweet things, like candy or cake, and people found them fun, playful, and full of energy. Gourmand perfumes make you feel like you’re back in your childhood, enjoying treats and sweets. But they also have a grown-up side because they’re all about comfort, like comfort food for your nose.”

Gourmand fragrances infused with the sugary scent of vanilla unlock a specific set of memories that hold significant emotional value for some older millennials and young Gen-Xers.

This phenomenon is really not so strange because this particular subset of generations came of age when practically everyone around then smelled of ultra sweet baked goods and confections, which were heavily infused in many celebrity fragrances of the day. 

The Perfect Time Of Year For Gourmand Fragrances

Always seeking the thrill of the next, one-of-a-kind enticing ambient fragrance, perfume lovers have found gourmand fragrances to be an exciting avenue to olfactory fantasy and delight.

Especially favored during the cooler months of the year, these scents are perfect for late summer and early fall because they are light and restorative.

Sweets to the sweet as they say, and with gourmand fragrances, that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

8 Delicious Gourmand Fragrances To Liven Up Any Interior

The following represent a partial list of some of Air Scent Diffusers best-selling autumnal gourmand fragrance refills. 

Sugar Cookie Diffuser Oil

Pearly, tropical and milky coconut shavings and bitter-sweet, soft and nutty almond extract form the top notes of this captivating scent.Sugar Cooke Diffuser Oil Fragrance

A gourmand heart soon follows with it sweet icy bomb of sugar crystals and fresh baked, scrumptious holiday cookies.

A dry down of vibrant vanilla and warm, mouth-watering melted butter finishes this holiday-inspired scent.

Almond Biscotti Diffuser Oil

This delightful amalgam is a memorable confection of delectable elements.

Head notes stream with wisps of freshly baked and buttery almond cookie, which quickly fade into a heart of minty, fresh peppermint and sweet/salty anise.

Almond Biscotti Holiday Home Fragrance

A dry down of lush, elegant vanilla complete this glorious gourmand scent.

Apple Bake Diffuser Oil

This fall fragrance flows with head notes that evoke warm feelings of home and hearth, which include: scrumptious apple pie waiting from a family oven and aromatic wisps of crisp green apple.

Apple Bake Diffuser Oil

A spicy heart of cozy, inviting cinnamon soon follows and ultimately blends into a dry down marked by aspects of sensual, nutty sage and lush, elegant vanilla. 

Baked Pumpkin Dry Wafer

Crimson and gold falling leaves and that slight chill in the air mark the onset of the autumn season.

Baked Pumpkin Dry Wafer Fragrance Diffuser Refill

This wafer fragrance developed by Air Scent Diffusers is the quintessence of fall with its facets of sugary, spicy and creamy pumpkin, many blended spices and a dry down of sugary vanilla and earthy, rich and buttery caramel. Its allure is almost magical, evoking nostalgic memories of family gatherings and happy times. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie (Scentsia Dry Cartridge)

The head notes of this flavorful concoction stream with facets of aromatic chocolate and sweet creamy butter.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Fragrance Home Sale

A brown sugar heart soon follows and ultimately blends into a final dry down of lush, noble vanilla, fresh, sharp caramel and traces of warm, delectable chocolate.

Hot Apple Pie (Scentsia Dry Cartridge)

With the advent of autumn comes fragrances that evoke the comforts and loving warmth of home, sweet home.

Opening notes fill the chilly air with facets of apple pie, sharp, green apple and sweet creamy butter.

Hot Apple Pie Fragrance Refill

These aspects soon drift into a savory heart of soft, succulent almond, fiery clove and cozy cinnamon.

This mouth-watering fragrance completes with a dry down featuring buttery, salty pie crust, luscious vanilla and rich, velvety caramel.

Gingerbread Dry Wafer

This gourmand delight has a rich and colorful past dating back to the colonial era when early settlers introduced this aromatic compound of nutmeg or allspice and cloves to the New World.

Gingerbread Holiday Home Fragrance

Head notes burst with facets of energizing citrus and balsamic, woody pine that soon coalesce with a spicy heart of sulfury, sugary and maple-nuanced molasses, cozy, inviting cinnamon, hot clove, sweet, roasted nutmeg and sensual, piquant ginger.

This fall/winter scent completes with a dry down of scrumptious vanilla and creamy, very sweet caramelized sugar.

Warm and Nutty Dry Wafer

The glorious splendor of autumn and its myriad of unforgettable flavors and aromas abound in this gourmand fragrance.

Warm Nutty Calming Fragrance

A scrumptious kaleidoscope of delectable pastries, cakes and pies, top notes stream with facets of soft, smooth and creamy butter which drift seamlessly into a fine powdery heart and ultimately blend into a dry down dominated by rich, lush and noble vanilla.

In Conclusion

Gourmand fragrances are self indulgent scents that transport users to a nirvana of delectable sensations and aromas.

They are perfect for the autumn season and developed with loving and meticulous attention to detail by our master perfumers.

Try one today and find your own little piece of aromatic paradise tomorrow!

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