Forest Fragrances For Your Home

Forest Fragrances – Bringing Mother Nature Into Your Home

The smells of the forest are primeval and they have mirrored the meaning of life, death and renewal since the dawn of time.

The air teems with a myriad of aromas that range from jungle flora and animal life to rain, damp moss, leaves, wet tree trunks, pine needles, wild flowers, frost and soft woods.

They are comforting smells, for they never fail to conjure family memories long buried in childhood campfires, walks through shady woods, the first feel of rain against a cheek and the pattering sound of its fall on nearby greenery.

Warm Woody Fragrance Santal

What Are The Smells Of The Forest?

Olfactory explanations as to how these diverse smells are caused and why they are so prevalent in forest climes require a bit of detail.

Generally speaking, forest fragrances derive from four major categories which include: pine and pine resins; earth; under rocks and plants.

Our expert perfumers at Air-Scent Diffusers deftly combine these elements in their  wide range of fragrance refill formulations. More on each follow below.

Pine and Pine Resins

The tall conifer tree, its prickly pine needles and small pine cones are laden with 

terpene compounds.

This causes the air to become sharp, crisp and pungent and  combine with the richer, darker aromas of sap and resins.

The Smell of Earth

Prevailing climate greatly affects the dynamic nature of planet Earth’s manifold aromas.

Hiking on a hot summer day along the fringes of a forest, the scent of rotting tree trunks fill the air and the ground often smells like clay and dust.

There are also elements of freshness and muskiness, and that wonderful fragrance known as petrichor that fills the air after rain falls on dry soil.

It derives from bacteria in the  soil that produce a compound known as geosmin.


There are far too many plants that contribute to the aromas that defines the forest biome to mention here, but some of the more prominent ones include: rich, spicy and warm, wild ginger, the sweet After Death plant that os so like vanilla, heady fruity and sugary honeysuckle and haunting, intense jasmine.

Under Rocks

The musty, earthy aroma of worms that live under the soil derives from scent of their skin.

How Do Forest Smells Impact Well Being?

The association of health and happiness with the power of nature is particularly potent because forest smells are a multi-sensory experience.

On a grander scale, the scents of the forest play an important role in the formation of memories.

White Tea and Thyme 10ML Dropper

Aromas such as falling rain, damp grass and smoke billowing from an open campfire are all catalysts for mental associations. 

A recent study published in the journal, Ambio, confirmed that natural smells greatly affect the way people feel.

Research from the University of Kent in England also examined the power of fresh forest scents and discovered that ”earthy smells affected multiple domains of well being with physical well being particularly in relation tor relaxation, comfort and rejuvenation.”

How Are Forest Fragrances Used In Perfumery?

In the last few years, forest-inspired fragrances have become a major trend in perfume selections for the home.

In the words of one perfumer: “The trend has reached the perfume world because its is based on a desire to reconnect with nature. The idea of spending time communing with Mother Nature to reflect, experience and breathe in her majesty relieves tension and allows us to transcend our own lives to reveal new connections with ourselves and others. The emotions, visualizations, and sensations that fragrance provides can deliver a new kind of well-being—one that is able to replicate the outdoors as we move through our fast-paced, everyday lives…”

7 Of Our Most Popular Forest Fragrances

The following is a partial list of some favored fragrance refills developed by our master perfumers, each of which come in various types of fragrance refills.

Santal Diffuser Oil

Intoxicating and seductive, this bold formulation conjures images and smells of the deep, dark forest and the warm allure of an open fire.

Elements of buttery, smooth Australian sandalwood, intensely woody cardamom, potent, smoky papyrus, fruity iris and earthy, musky ambrox define the heart of this intense fragrance that weaves an olfactory tale of elusive love unfilled.

An earthy dry down of erotic musk completes this intriguing scent.

White Tea Diffuser Oil

Luxury and indulgence are the two words that come to mind with this olfactory narrative of far away realms and distant shores.

Head notes stream with citrus-nuanced facets, which soon surrender to a heart note bouquet of romantic, musky red rose, intense and sugary, rich jasmine petal, and clean, soft and exotic white tea bud.

A dry down dominated by aromatic, seductive white musk completes this enchanting fragrance.

White Tea and Thyme Diffuser Oil

Evocative of the timeless mystery of the Far eastern corners of the world, this incense-inspired fragrance opens with herbal and floral facets that soon drift into facets of sugary, green white tea bud, rich, intense night blooming jasmine, musky, romantic rose and nutty, earthy sage.

This fantasy fragrance completes with a dry down featuring robust thyme, spicy, sugary lily, wam, honeyed amber and dry cedar

Winter Fir and Balsam Dry Wafer

A fragrance designed for the colder months of the year, this unforgettable scent evokes memories of the holiday season with its bright melange of vivid aromas.

These include: warm, inviting cinnamon, woody, refreshing pine, woody fir, nutmeg-nuanced roasting chestnuts, earthy, spicy, firewood and fresh apple pie.

Head notes stream with facets of slightly smoky essence of cypress, clean, balsamic pine and sweet, green and crisp apple.

A heart note soon seamlessly follows featuring green, dry fir balsam, minty, pungent eucalyptus herbs and salty, ozonic aquatic breeze.

A dry down of tangy, woody raspberry and sweet crystal sugar finishes this olfactory adventure.

Fresh Rain Dry Wafer Refill

Unique, earthy and green, the head notes of this fresh forest scent are imbued with citrusy, floral facets which soon merge into a heart bouquet marked by musky, passionate red rose and woody, powdery violet.

A dry down of dark, sensual pachouli, creamy sandalwood and aromatic, erotic white musk complete this one-of-a-kind diffuser fragrance refill.

Lilac Solid Wafer Fragrance Refill

Sharp, energizing citrus facets open this sparkling exotic fragrance.

These aspects soon surrender to a heart note marked by rich, narcotic jasmine, dreamy, musky red rose, vivid, spicy carnation and rosy, milky and deeply green lilac.

A dry down of dry, balsamic cedar and dark, potent patchouli complete this alluring fragrance.

Egyptian Musk Scentsia Cartridge

Fruity nuances of velvety peach and smooth, rich pineapple nectar open this fabulous scent that evokes the gilded past of ancient Egypt.

These facets soon fade into a glorious floral heart featuring facets of rich, narcotic jasmine, musky, dreamy red rose, and heady, wild greenery.

A dry down of warm, aged cedar and sensual, passionate musk complete this Scentsia cartridge scent designed specifically for our Aroma Beam diffuser.

In Conclusion

If your commercial space or home interior needs a fresh new face, so to speak, consider selecting some of the many vivd and wonderful forest fragrances!

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