Eliminate Old Home Smell

How To Eliminate That Old Home Smell Syndrome

How do you get rid of that old home smell?

Quite simply, install one of our air freshener diffusers and let our patented and fragranced vaporous odor neutralizer go to work!

Beyond that, there are a number of other tips you can do to conquer old home smell syndrome once and for all.

The following blog explains!

This Old House was a popular song from decades ago. Its catchy melody and lyrics captured the colorful past of a family and an old home.

It was a big hit for Rosemary Clooney at the time, but today owners of older homes face severe odor problems that are not so sweet and popular, especially after a residence has been closed up for a time.

The allure and mystery surrounding an old home and living in it is very real, but as with most things on life, there are both downsides and solutions, the latter of which you’ll find here at Air-Scent Diffusers.

What Are the Sources of Old Home Smells?

Old home smells are notorious for their power to hit someone on the head with their potency the very first time one dares to step inside a dwelling that has been vacant for an extended period of time. 

The odor can be so overwhelming that it often pervades long after a structure has been aired out. 

The smell emanates from the malodorous fusion of mold and mildew, which form from the unshakeable dust and dirt of everyday life; it is musty, somewhat grimy and a little weird. 

The more common causes of old home smell syndrome are: water seepage from damaged roofs and leaky pipes; odors that live in the walls and floors and decomposing attic and basement pest invaders.

Old Home Attic Smells

Pipes may require replacement because mold can cause serious health issues. It is prudent to call in professionals to evaluate them. 

Over time, the walls in every home absorb the odors that occur within their confines. 

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint or a thorough cleaning can remove odor build up. In other instances, the drywall may need replacement.

Coat Of Paint To Cover Odrs

Flooring too may be beyond salvaging if odors like pet urine seep inside.

Old ductwork and heating units can also cause malodors, and they should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. 

Lastly, tiny openings and cracks in old homes allow ingress to rodents and pests and provide shelter in attic crawlspaces where they often die. These openings must be sealed off and carcasses and nesting materials must be removed and discarded.

There is little doubt that old homes need more attention than modern ones.

The Power Of Metazene To Eradicate Old Home Smells

For endless decades, cleaning products infused with this colorless additive have transformed residences and businesses into joyful and pleasant spaces.

Metazene is the king of neutralizers, and old home airborne odors have met their match when products containing this additive, such as wall spray, are applied to bad smells.

Home Fresheners Odor Neutralizers

This is due to the fact that this neutralizer annihilates foul malodorous particle at the molecular level.

This far surpasses the effectiveness of other neutralizers that only mask the bad house smells of mildew, mold and trash.

The purveyors of products infused with this highly potent neutralizer stand behind the promise that it will eliminate airborne malodors forever.

Solutions to eradicating old home smells, which include both affordable air-freshener odor-control products and fragrance refills, are available to every homeowner living anywhere within the United States through our website.

The following are a few of our fragrance, which are particularly effective against old home odors.

Cinnamon Buns

This delightful winter scent speaks of the warmth of home and hearth and freshly baked, mouth-watering cinnamon buns topped with vanilla icing.

Cinnamon Home Scent

Opening notes are marked by freshly ground cinnamon, nutty and slightly sugary nutmeg and hot clove.

A middle note of fresh, golden baked bread melds into a finishing base note of burnt sugar and buttery-vanilla.

Clean Cotton

Fresh and comforting, this scent is marked by citrus, powdery and woody elements.

An invigorating top note of lime and lemon zest are soon followed by a heart note comprised of baby powder, African violet and intoxicating jasmine. These elements morph into final base notes of woods and white musk.

Home Sweet Home

This cozy fragrance melts away old home smells and recalls the warmth and spirit of home.

Opening with a top note brimming with orange rind, velvety peach and sharp apple, these elements soon fade into a heart note of inviting cinnamon and piquant clove.

A base note marked by elegant vanilla and roasted nutty nuances finishes the scent.

Home Sweet Home Fragrance

Lilac (Wafer For Aroma One)

Bursts of sharp citrus open this distinctive fragrance and soon fold into a heart note characterized by intoxicating jasmine, musky rose, exotic lily, spicy carnation and green lilac. A final base note of cedar wood and sensual patchouli complete this memorable fragrance.

Lilac Eliminate Old Home Smell

Orange Frosty

A mellow fragrance, invigorating top notes of lush orange, honey-like mandarin, tropical pineapple and sour-sweet lemon soon morph into elements of sweet orange blossom, and ultimately, a base note dominated by lush vanilla.

Orange Frosty Wafer Refill

Winter Fir and Balsam

Holiday memories flicker in the minds eye with this winter fragrance so reminiscent of snowy forests and the cozy, tender spirit of home and hearth.

Winter Fir Balsam Wafer Home Fragrance

Woody aspects of fresh cypress, clean, balsamic pine and green apple open this revitalizing fragrance.

A heart note of dry fir balsam, sharp eucalyptus, herbs and aquatic breeze eventually surrender to a base note featuring raspberry and crystal sugar.

Some Additional Tips To Eliminate Old House Smells

The following represent a few more additional helpful tips to get to the source of and further eliminate old house smells.

Open The Windows

Airing out an old house that had been closed for a while is good place to start. 

Open all windows just like you grandmother did when springtime came along. 

Bill Carroll Jr., an adjunct professor of chemistry at Indiana University states : “Three things that musty old houses have in common: little ventilation, high humidity, and darkness, makes these places the perfect petri dish for mold to flourish, which is the main purveyor of that ‘old house smell.’

Neutralize The Air

This can be accomplished easily by keeping an open container of baking soda or white vinegar somewhere it won’t be easily knocked over by busting kitchen activity.

This could be on top of cupboards or the refrigerator. Wherever it is placed, it will help to absorb unpleasant smells and clear the air.

Repair Any And All Leaks

Any leak of any kind, even a faucet, must be promptly repaired before a house can become fresh smelling. 

Carroll further suggests that a house of high humidity without any leaks can greatly benefit from an air conditioner or dehumidifier running constantly.

Let The Sunshine In

The power of sunlight, which is due to its ultra violet properties, actually serves as a disinfectant when it comes to the musty odor of mildew and mold. 

This explains why these two growths are never found outside a property, and also why when in search of it, one must check the dark nooks and crannies of basements where it might be hiding.

Clean Your Couch

Bill Carrol warns that “soft stuff absorbs ambient moisture,” which means that if that old house smell is coming from a favorite couch, this can lead to mold growth. 

He goes on to say:“If you strive to reduce the humidity in your house, over time, the soft stuff may relinquish some of its ambient moisture, dry out, and start resisting mold growth.

But that takes a while because it take time for the moisture deep inside the furniture to migrate out and and that may not be good enough.”

Deep-Clean The Interior of The House

According to Leslie Reichert, cleaning expert and author of The Joy of Green Cleaning: “Furnaces and air ducts can have a tremendous amount of mold growing in them when they’re not being used.” 

The filtering systems for air conditioners can also serve as mold and mildew traps. 

If you suspect that this might be the issue in your home, seek HVAC professional help, as there are specialty tiny cameras that can locate the blockage and take care of it.

Organize Items Under Every Sink

Small leaks can easily go unnoticed if too many items are stored in those cabinets underneath most sinks. 

While a tell-tale musty smell that will eventually get worse and become obvious, costly, significant damage may already have occurred. 

Reichert stresses: “Getting things out from under the sink lets you see if anything is dripping or forming mold. It also allows for checking for dampness or leaking in the piping.”

Wash The Walls

The source of old home smell may we’ll lie in the walls of the structure itself. 

If the origin of the odor cannot be found after an intensive search, the problem may be hiding in plain sight. Reichert offers a solution that will remove grease, dust and mildew. 

It calls for a bucket of hot water mixed with a half cup of borax, two cups of distilled white vinegar and 16 ounces of hydrogen peroxide. 

Immediately after application, homeowners must wipe down the walls and give them time to dry. 

This process can be repeated if the smell reappears.

Choose Interior Materials Carefully

Home owners who make their own repairs can help the situation by not selecting products containing harmful chemicals. 

The renovation process, if not done correctly, may actually create am old home smell where there might not have been one originally. 

This is because many modern building materials and interior furnishings are known to effuse toxic substances for months or even years after installation in some instances. 

Home owners must do their homework. 

This means choosing paints with low VOC ratings and carpeting or furniture made from either natural materials or those that do not contain large amounts of toxic chemicals. 

Checking labels for ratings of formaldehyde, styrene, 4-PC, and VOCs is vitally important because both the Carpet and Rug Institute and the Environmental Protection Agency work in tandem to develop safety standards for these substances.

In conclusion

No one has to deal with old home smells any longer! They can be a problem of the unpleasant past with the application of the right product solutions. 

Order them today and have a pleasant smelling home tomorrow!

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