Eliminate Food Odors

How To Quickly Eliminate Food Odors In Any Interior

No matter how good a meal might have been, no one wants to experience it into the next day, and even worse, the next evening.

Food smells are odd because no matter how pleasant they may have been during consumption, they become malodors when they linger throughout the next day and require Air-Scent Diffuser scent refills to totally eliminate.

But what exactly are food aromas? The answer lies in that which the human nose detects as smell.

Eliminate Food Odors


This arises from the cooking process itself in which the heat releases thousands of escaping molecules. This is why cooking aromas are so potent.

Research has indicated that humans can differentiate between at least one trillion different aromas.

In the case of food smells specifically, when food goes bad, it emits volatile microbial compounds that our noses detect, and send a signal to the part of the brain that associates them with spoilage mold, bacteria or yeasts.

Malodors can emanate from either the chemicals that are released from the decomposing food or directly by the microbes themselves. 

Depending on the type of microbe and the specific food being spoiled, the flavor of odors can be very diversified.

For example, Pseudomonas fragi, a bacterium known to spoil dairy products, has an odor resembling strawberries while some yeasts emit sulfur compounds that simulate human flatulence.

Molds most often produce musty smells similar to those found in an old basement. 

The reason why microbes attack food can be a matter of survival as smells related to food spoilage have been shown to play important roles in the interactions between microbial species.

What Are The Worst Smelling Food Odors?

The following list represents eight of the worst smelling foods in the world.

While this roster may be a bit subjective and incomplete, it is, nevertheless, also very, very smelly.

1. Bacon

While the aroma of bacon frying in a pan is quite pleasing and enjoyable, the smell of stale bacon is nauseating.

Bacon Food Odors

This due to the oil it contains, which becomes rancid as it sits.

2. Boiled Eggs

One couldn’t find a healthier snack anywhere, but cooking boiled eggs can render the smell of rotting food.

Boild Eggs Food Odors

The smells arise from overcooking, which releases iron from the yolks and sulfur and hydrogen from the whites.

The cooking process causes the hydrogen and sulfur to merge, which creates the chemical compound, hydrogen sulfide.

3. Broccoli Food Odors

Broccoli is considered a cruciferous vegetable, which means it contains like others of its ilk, such as cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and kale, sulfurous compounds that create a nasty odor.

Broccoli Food Odors

4. Curry Smells

While delicious to eat, when cooking curry, spices release a fat soluble oil that emits a pungent aroma that the porous surfaces of a home can easily absorb.

Curry Food Odor

Even curry cooked elsewhere and brought home can leave an unpleasant aroma in the air that is not easily removed without help of our fragrance refills.

5. Cabbage

Despite the fact that it is healthy and delicious when added to soups, cabbage is by far one of the worst food smells.

This is because it contains sulfur, which multiplies during the cooking process.

Cooked Cabbage Odors

Cooking small amounts may lessen its total impact, but our air freshener diffuser refills should be on the shopping list if cooking cabbage is on the menu.

6. Fish

It is said that the majority of Americans prefer to eat fish in restaurants due to its lingering smell.

FIsh Cooking Odors

During the winter, cooking fish can be even worse than at other times of the year because the odors becomes one with the curtains and rugs when the windows cannot be opened to air them out.

An unpleasant, ammonia like smell, it becomes more potent the longer the cooking process is delayed.

7. Micro-wave Popcorn

Leaving microwave popcorn in the oven even for as few seconds too long can be a burnt, smoky and very smelly adventure.

The culprits responsible for the malodor are the various flavorings for the oil that render that creamy, buttery taste so many of us love.

8. Reheated Chicken

Economical and eco-friendly, leftovers have their own particular place in modern culture.

A phenomenon know as the “warmed over flavor” can occur after chicken has been refrigerated for 24 hours.

This is caused by oxygen exposure, which in turn generates the polyunsaturated fatty acids needed to deteriorate the food.

This process affects both the taste and smell of the meat.

Using a sauce as a barrier can avoid this warmed over phenomenon because it protects against oxidation.

Tips On Eliminating Food Smells

The most effective way to eliminate food-based malodors in any interior lies in the use of Metazene, a vaporous odor neutralizing additive that eliminates bad smells at the molecular level, but more on this wonder product later!

In addition to Metazene, the following tips will further help to ameliorate any nasty-smelling food-related odors.

Open Windows

Obviously not a good idea when it is freezing outside, but at other times of the year this allows for circulation and removes odor.

Turning on the range hood as soon possible also helps, but lingering odors may require help from Air-Scent Diffusers and their potent neutralizer known to the world as Metazene®.

Clean The Kitchen

Wash dishes and wipe down counters when finished with eating, no matter how tempting it might be to put things off. Pots with an oil residue can worsen malodors.  when left overnight.

Clean Vents And Filters

This is important because cooking oils and other compounds can stick to the inside of vents and spread bad smells throughout the house . Charcoal filters are recommended for range hoods because they effectively trap grease and help to neutralize the air.

Plants In The Kitchen And Other Areas

A kitchen shelf or window sill adorned with plants as well as any other room adds more than a touch of green to home decor.

House plants in general absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, and serve to remove organic compounds from the surrounding air.

Some plants produce their own pleasant fragrances as well such as: creamy gardenia, minty eucalyptus and intoxicating jasmine.

Brew A Pot Of Coffee

Coffee, while offering a delicious fragrance all its own, also crushes other more potent smells at least temporarily.

Recycled grounds are useful for deodorizing the refrigerator.

Allow grounds to dry out, place them in a container and leave it in the back of the fridge. 

Use An Air Freshener Diffuser

The most effective tip of all is to eliminate kitchen odors permanently rather than just masking them by using both the fragrance refills and devices we manufacture, all of which include Metazene.

At their core, the are distinctly designed to keep the interior space smelling fresh and clean.

Air-Scent Diffusers and Metazene

We specialize in fragrances and diffusers designed for both home and commercial applications, and we provide one of the most diverse collections of superior fragrance refills, fragrance options and top-of-the-line, cutting edge diffusers.

The Aroma Beam Home Air Freshener Diffuser

By virtue of our birth having derived from the minds behind Air-Scent International and Alpha Aromatics, we have well-over seven decades of experience in fragrance creation, linear air diffusion and some of the most effective odor neutralizing products in the market today.

There is no more effective odor neutralizer today than Metazene®.

It attacks the particles that cause foul malodors at a molecular level , causing them to become deader then any doornail that ever proverbially existed.

Aroma Styler Alpha Diffuser

Most every product we sell contains Metazene®, which is miles above other additives that utilize perfume and water and depend upon enzymes to eliminate odors.

With a little help from industrial science and technology, this odorless neutralizer destroys malodors permanently by creating an atmosphere in which the foul smelling molecules attach themselves to the Metazene® particles, which then trap and lock in malodors.

These molecules become heavy and drop from the air to the floor, eventually disintegrating and leaving the air free from odors.

Aroma One Stand in Environment

The Best Fragrance Types To Eliminate Food Odors

Different rooms call for different scents and there are many Air-Scent Diffuser fragrance refill types to choose from.

Most can be easily adapted to eliminate bad food odors.

They are as follows:

Calming Fragrances

These include: soothing lavender, intoxicating jasmine and warm clary sage.

Energizing Fragrances

These refills embrace facets of woody rosemary, cozy cinnamon and zesty peppermint, which are known to increase alertness, and aid in the ability to focus and concentrate. 

Winter and Holiday

These scents are powerful memory transporters to yuletides of yesteryear. 

Aromas of home and hearth, including: apple pie wafting from a kitchen oven, pine from a holiday tree and the warmth of a crackling open fire all arise within the mind’s eye. 

Autumn Fragrances

Fall is cozy, colorful and cool and these fragrance options involve aspects of crisp, green apple; cozy cinnamon and dry, somber cedar. 

Clean and Fresh Fragrances

Citrus based scents are the most prevalent in this category and are almost always linked to aspects of cleanliness and freshness.

They are known to mask lingering food malodors.

Some favored blends include: succulent orange, inspiring grapefruit and crisp, green and exhilarating lemongrass.

Earthy/Woody Fragrances

Our newest air freshener diffuser oil refills are our Santal Collection of diffuser oils, which features five distinct earthy, exotic fragrances including: Santal, Santal Oud, Santal Black Currant, Santal Lavender Sage and Santal White Tea.

Earthy fragrances retain the aura of nature, and their notes tend to be rich and warm.

Fruit-Inspired Fragrances

These Air-Scent Diffuser refill scents render aspects of lightness, freshness and succulence. They also help to dilute the thick sweetness that often accompanies floral and fruity fragrances. The aroma of sweet smelling fruit is light, billowing, fresh and lush.

Marine (Nautical) Fragrances

Designed to evoke memories of summers long past spent at the shore, these ocean-inspired, clean notes often feature floral nuances, tropical elements and deeper woody facets such as dry cedar and earth musk.

Natural Scents

Natural fragrances are neutral and light and often preferred during the warmer months of the year.

They are made from naturally derived essential oils, floral extracts and plant-based aroma-producing ingredients.

Romantic Fragrances

There are seven Air-Scent Diffuser essential oils in this fragrance category.

They include: rose absolute; clary sage; jasmine absolute; lavender; sandalwood; ylang-ylang; and patchouli.

These special oils will linger for hours after the chosen Air-Scent diffuser is turned off.

In Conclusion

Don’t let food odors permeate your home!

Explore our fragrant solutions to any lingering and highly unpleasant food smells!

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