Cleaning Smoke Odors Furniture

The Ultimate Guide To Conquering Smoke Odors In The Home

During the course of a typical day, homeowners everywhere come in contact with all types of odors.

Some are delightful such as coffee brewing, scrumptious apple pie baking in an oven or a fresh bouquet of fragrant blooms. But alas, other odors, such as smoke, tell a different, not so pleasant-smelling tale.

It is their ability to linger, like unwanted house guests, bonding to clothing and soft furnishings in a living room, basement or bedroom that make them so challenging to eliminate.

Conquering Smoke Odors In The Home

Professional help, in the form of cost-effective, odor-control products offers the promise of a sweet smelling-oasis in the middle of a myriad of products that promise results but don’t deliver.

The following blog provides 9 professional tips to help eradicate smoke odors, along with 4 key industrial-grade odor neutralizing products, which when combined will effectively leave your home, apartment or business smelling fresh, clean and free from tobacco odors.

Our Smoke Odor Control Kit Includes:

  • End Smoke Tobacco Odor Neutralizing Spray
  • Aroma Beam diffuser (large areas) or the Aroma One (smaller areas)
  • The “End Odor” Scentsia cartridge refill or the Spill-Proof “End Odor” can refill
  • Rug Aroma (coming soon)

Smoking Smells Linger Longer

Why Do Smoking Smells Linger Longer Than Others?

Depending upon location, the toxicity levels of smoke can be very dangerous. For example, in a car where space is at a premium, a dangerous and high concentration of smoke can easily build up.

Smoke permeates residences and persists due to tiny, microscopic particles that cling to the walls, furniture, floors and clothing inside a home. Ventilation can help to remove some of the smell, but ultimately, the odor is only diluted and temporarily masked, only to darken thresholds again, without benefit of an invitation.

The average cigarette contains several different chemicals and toxins in addition to tobacco and nicotine, all of which contributes smoke odors.

The problem with these noxious substances is that they remain in the smoke that lingers in the air. When these contaminants merge with the chemicals in the smoke, the end result is a “coating effect” and the residual impingement upon surfaces.

Every subsequent cigarette contributes to yet another layer of chemicals that can impinge (adhere) to any contacting surface creating a negative odorous effect. The smoke stink will pervade as long as ambient conditions permit these volatile compounds to turn into gases.

Cigar Smoke Odors In Home

9 Tips To Remove Smoke Odors In the Home

The following tips can be very helpful and combined with our smoke odor products can help accomplish desired results.

1. Start By Installing An Air Purifier

Air purifiers are vey helpful in removing contaminants from the air and preventing the constant smell of smoke. They are also effective in shifting dust and dirt. This is a very good first step, but it won’t entirely remove the smoke odor. You need to continue with the following suggested steps for the most effective results.

2. Clean Glass And Mirrors Around The Home

The nicotine and tar levels in cigarettes often form discolored and foggy coatings or layers on glass. Removal can be either easy or difficult depending upon how thick the built up layers are. Cleaning often with effective glass cleaners can prevent this from occurring.

3. Thoroughly Wash All Walls And Ceilings

Smoke rises, and in a home with smokers this means it rests at the highest point; namely the ceiling. Nicotine can cause a home to smell like a giant ashtray. If that isn’t bad enough, the film nicotine creates turns everything it comes in contact with into a sickly yellow.

Cleaning Smoke Odors Home

Help is available by cleaning nicotine off ceilings at least once every month. Wash walls and ceilings thoroughly with warm water mixed with a small amount of a product such as Mr. Clean.

These chemicals are harsh and should first be tested on ­a small area to ensure the paint can withstand them. Wear appropriate safety protection and make sure that children, pets and wandering in-laws stay far away from the affected room.

4. Wash Any Home Soft Furnishings

Smoke easily penetrates porous furniture materials such as wood, leather, and fabric, and this can result in a persistent tobacco odor. Removing this unpleasant smell from furniture is no easy task as many market solutions only mask the malodor and are only effective on a temporary basis.

One rule of thumb is to allow the furniture to breathe a bit by first removing cushions and slipcovers and exposing them to fresh air and the ultraviolet rays of the sun for a limited time. (Research this, as bright sunlight can cause some dyes to fade and leather to crack if it is left in the sunlight for too long.)

Cleaning Smoke Odors Furniture

With sofa or chair cushions, prop them up in such a way that air can reach both sides and freely circulate around them. If soft furnishings are too far gone, it may be necessary to replace them.

After checking labels for advice, wash any and all fabric in a room affected by smoke odors either by hand or in the washing machine with a good quality laundry detergent. This includes curtains and sofa covers. This process will significantly decrease lingering ash or particles that are the source of the odor.

Any removable fabrics can be taken to a local dry-cleaner who specializes in smoke odor removal.

5. Clean All Of The Carpets In Your Home 

Carpets are like sponges when it comes to absorbing smoke malodors. Homeowners can either opt for do-it-yourself commercial carpet cleaners, or choose to invest in a professional cleaning service for a slightly higher price. (The latter option may, in the long run, save money.) 

Try also sprinkling a light amount of Rug Aroma, a non-dash baking soda formulation, throughout the carpeted area and allow to remain until next vacuuming. Rug Aroma is especially efficient with carpet odor removal.

6. Wipe Down Surfaces With End Smoke Liquid

Add a small amount of End Smoke odor neutralizer to a bucket of fresh warm water and with a wet towel or sponge apply to any non-staining surfaces, including hard surfaces, leather, ornaments, bric-a-brac, etc.  End Smoke does not mask odors, it actually neutralizes them for a most effective solution. More on this amazing product below!

Smoke End Odor Control Solution

7. Use Effective Fan Air Freshener Diffusers

The Aroma Beam or the more economical choice, the Aroma One air freshener diffuser, with their End Smoke refills are the perfect solution for eliminating continuous smoke odors in the air. One refill lasts up to 30 days and will neutralize most malodorous molecules in the air. More on each of these diffusers below!

Home Freshener Aroma One

8. Purchase A Few Air-Purifying Plants

Some house plants are powerhouses in improving the air quality in the average home because they absorb harmful chemicals such as ammonia, acetone and even arsenic in some instances. Some plants to consider where malodors are present include: Elephant Ear Philodendron, Bamboo or Reed Palm, Rubber Plant, Dracaena  (Corn Plant) and English Ivy.

Air Purifying Plants Smoke Odors

9. Prevent Smells From Gaining An Edge

Eliminating smoke smells from developing in the home in the first place can be accomplished by establishing the good habits of cleaning out ashtrays and not smoking indoors. Opening a window isn’t as much of a solution as one might surmise. Ultimately, to stop smoking entirely and develop a positive and healthy life style is far better. Cigarette smoke can adhere to both skin and hair.

Air-Scent Products To Eliminate Smoke Odors

The following represent some examples of their offerings, which are guaranteed to eliminate smoke odors in the home. 

Endsmoke Tobacco Odor Neutralizer Spray

This versatile odor-neutralizing spray is a one-of-a-kind formulation that targets the more than 7,000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke, such as nicotine, lead and nitrates. It is extremely capable in combatting all types of smoking odors including cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

Persistent malodors from ash-trays, cigarette urns and waste cans as well as residual smells from porous surfaces such as: draperies, carpets, clothing and ceiling tiles, are no match for this powerhouse odor neutralizer.

Genuine End Smoke Odor Neutralizer

End Smoke is available in trigger spray bottles and can also be applied with pressure sprayers and/or added to water base cleaning solutions. This product is VOC-compliant, which means it conforms to local and state regulations concerning the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) permitted within a single product. It is also cost-effective and has a pleasing nature fragrance.

The Aroma Beam With “End Odor” Scentsia Cartridge

The Aroma Beam vapor fragrance diffuser system with its incredible capacity to freshen large areas up to 50,000 cubic feet is a mainstay in all types of commercial settings, but its special End Odor Scentsia cartridge can be very effective in homes and residences of all sizes. Its potent, fresh, clean and neutral aromas are tinged with nuances of mint, spice, pine and subtle fruit.

The Aroma Beam Home Air Freshener Diffuser

The secret to its success lies with the infusion of Metazene, a colorless, odorless additive which attacks many diverse types of malodors on a molecular level, rendering them forever gone with the wind and other places.

The Aroma One Fan Air Freshener Diffuser

For a more economical choice, the Aroma One is a highly effective fan air freshener diffuser perfectly designed for smaller areas such as living rooms, dinning rooms, foyers, closets and other areas. With our End Smoke spill-proof can refill, say goodbye to vaporous smoke odors in the air of your home, apartment or small business!

Granular and Carpet Powder Applications (Rug Aroma®)

Rug Aroma® powder is comprised of fine particles that are sprinkled onto the affected carpet and left until the next vacuuming. This is the main difference between Rug Aroma® carpet powder and other brands, whose products for the most part are comprised baking soda and must be vacuumed up immediately after application or within a short time frame.

This carpet powder lasts much longer and a minimal amount will combat even the most stubborn smoke odors. Applied lightly, Aroma® carpet powder is very fine and almost invisible.

Even better, Rug Aroma® is gentle on carpet fibers and will not clog vacuum cleaners. It deodorizes and freshens the air in one step and is recommended as a carpet and room deodorizer that lasts for seven days, eradicating odors in hallways, living rooms, basements and more. It can also be added to ashtrays and ashtray stands.

This product is coming soon.

In conclusion

Order these products today and be sure to follow the tips presented above to permanently relieve your home from any lingering smoke related odors!

How Do I Remove Smoke Odors In My Home?

1) Start By Installing An Air Purifier

2) Clean Glass And Mirrors Around The Home

3) Thoroughly Wash All Walls And Ceilings

4) Wash Any Home Soft Furnishings

5) Clean All Of The Carpets In Your Home

6) Wipe Down Surfaces With Vanilla Extract

7) Use Effective Fan Air Freshener Diffusers

8) Purchase A Few Air-Purifying Plants

9) Prevent Smells From Gaining An Edge

Photo credits: Pixabay

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